Yakuza Kiwami 2, Yakuza 2nd Genned Souls, Yakuza Kiwami 2: Shogi (No Take Back) Guide. The title of this blog is a reference to a famous quote – “There is no take back in this game.” I’m glad to be able to share with you my experience with this game. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Shogi ( 将棋 , shogi; literally, “Japanese chess”) is a strategy board game for two players, generally called a “shogi game” (shōgi) in Japan. The game is also known as Chinese chess. It is played on a board of eight rows and nine columns. The game is known as makruk (مکروك, lit. “magician”) in Arabic countries. A shogi variant is used to play Iranian Chess. Like chess, shogi is among the oldest Chess-like games.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is a Japanese role-playing video game developed and published by Sega. It is the direct sequel to the original Yakuza 2. The main feature of the game is its “Shogi (no take back)” system, which allows players to play the game indefinitely without penalty.

Playing Shogi and winning with 0 Knock/Take backs is one of the things on the complete list. This isn’t tough if you know what you’re doing, but I’m guessing you’re here because you don’t. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll attempt to include pictures, but like with all of my previous tutorials, you can also find a video guide below if you prefer.

What I would suggest is that you play Shogi in Sotenbori and have the NPC play first when the game rolls at random at the start of the game; this will make following this tutorial much simpler. Continue leaving and reentering until this occurs. It also doesn’t matter whether you keep the ‘Take Back’ option turned on as long as you don’t do any Take Back moves!

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No matter how many times you restart, the opponent will always put the same piece in the same location. So, with that in mind, we’ll simply concentrate on where you need to position your pieces; your goal is to achieve ‘Checkmate,’ which will give you the victory; but, we must do so without using any Knock Back movements, since this is similar to Japanese Chess.

Please forgive the poor quality of the sample images, but they should convey the concept.

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STEP 1: Move the second-to-right piece up a notch. As seen in the illustration.

  • 1626570837_157_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 2) Move the back piece in the center up and to the left. As seen in the illustration.

  • 1626570837_808_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 3) Place the same piece to the left of the other piece. As depicted in the illustration

  • 1626570838_405_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 4) Go back to the first piece you moved and move it up one position.

  • 1626570839_996_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 5) Move the 3rd piece from the left one space up.

  • 1626570840_733_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 6) Move 3rd piece from right one place up

  • 1626570841_848_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 7) Move the 4th piece from the right to the left.

  • 1626570842_207_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 8) Move the second piece from the bottom right up twice and then to the left. Check!

  • 1626570842_438_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 9) Raise piece “S” and replace it with “B.” It’s now your turn to play B!

  • 1626570843_890_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 10/11) Take one step forward with your farthest ‘P’ piece. Now it’s time for the opponents’ turn. (This is one move and was supposed to be Step 10, but I changed it incorrectly; I’ll refer to it as Step 11 from here on.) REMEMBER, THIS MOVE COMES AFTER STEP 9!

  • 1626570844_184_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 12) Move the ‘R’ piece from the second row four spaces to the right. Capture the piece of your opponent.

  • 1626570846_391_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 13) Move piece ‘S’ from the second row left to one step up and between the two ‘P’ pieces

  • 1626570846_943_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 14) Reposition the ‘R’ piece you moved in Step 12 five places to the bottom.

  • 1626570847_733_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 15) From the third row on the right, move the ‘K’ piece up twice and to the left. opponent’s piece has been captured

  • 1626570848_814_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 16) Move piece “P” two spaces below the piece “K” you moved in Step 15 to the position just below the “K.” Your piece is taken by your opponent.

  • 1626570849_910_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 17) Remove the ‘S’ from the middle row and replace it with the opponent’s ‘K’ piece, which has just taken yours. The ‘K’ component is now yours to keep.

  • 1626570850_54_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 18) Place the captured ‘B’ piece on the fourth row adjacent to the opponent’s piece.

  • 1626570851_178_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 19) Place the captured ‘K’ piece next to the ‘P’ piece in the row of ‘P’ pieces and above the ‘S’ piece in the row of ‘S’ pieces. Check!

  • 1626570851_855_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 20) Take the captured ‘P’ piece and place it between the opponent piece and the ‘K’ piece you moved in Step 19. Check!

  • 1626570852_152_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 21) Move your farthest ‘B’ piece (the one nearest to the opposing side) to the opponent side’s bottom row. Spread the word about your work!

  • 1626570854_430_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 22) Take your ‘R’ piece, which is close to the ‘L’ piece at the bottom. Take your opponent’s ‘S’ piece, which is seven spaces higher. Spread the word about your work!

  • 1626570855_9_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 23) Pick up the ‘S’ piece surrounded by three ‘P’ pieces. Just above it, place this piece between the ‘P’ and ‘K’ pieces. Check!

  • 1626570856_364_YK2-Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Shogi-No-Take-Back-Guide

STEP 24) Take the captured ‘S’ piece and place it above the ‘K’ piece and under your opponents piece in the middle of the board. Checkmate!

Phew, and assuming you followed the steps properly, you should now be through with this task!






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