Day 7 of YS IX, and so far I’ve completed the main story, but I still have a ton of side quest lines to complete before I can turn in my quest. As always, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to complete all the side quest lines from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5, and beyond.

This is a guide for YS IX – Monstrum Nox : The Errant Knights, a side quest in Ys: IX for the PlayStation 4 and PC. This guide will guide players through the story line of Ys IX in an easier to understand and more detailed manner, as well as giving weapons, items, and recipes, as well as tips and tricks to complete each stage.

YS IX is a series of action RPG games that has been released for both the Playstation and the Playstation 2. YS IX: The Errant Knights is the sixth installment in the series and what links them all together is the fact that they all star an amnesiac knight named Kai who is trying to discover his memory, and hopefully have a happy ending.

The Errant Knights is one of the numerous side missions available in Ys IX: The Beginning. Nox Monstrum

It entails tracking down the last of the Gilbert Knights. It is located and finished in Chapter 9 – The Final Chapter.



  • 1626570802_511_YS-IX-%E2%80%93-Monstrum-Nox-The-Errant-Knights-Side
  • CLIENT: Lucien
  • DEADLINE: Short
  • 2/3 PRIORITY (2 Stars)
  • Slash Crown is the reward.
  • LOCATION: Bulletin Board at Dandelion
  • After finishing Belger’s Request (story related), go to the Dandelion – Bulletin Board to obtain this side quest.
  • Then make your way to the Entertainment District (which is probably the easiest and fastest way to get to our actual destination). Follow the route to the Groaning Grotto from the Entertainment District.
  • It is here that you will meet Lucien, who will inform you that since that Chatelard is no longer present, the Hieroglyph Knights are adopting a political stance. To make matters worse, Gilbert seems to have vanished.
  • You’ll now be within the Groaning Grotto looking for Gilbert; fortunately, the places you’ll need to visit will be indicated on the map.
  • 1626570803_837_YS-IX-%E2%80%93-Monstrum-Nox-The-Errant-Knights-Side
  • The first site is simple to locate; just follow the route. You will be compelled to battle a few Hieroglyph Knights when you arrive.
  • 1626570804_811_YS-IX-%E2%80%93-Monstrum-Nox-The-Errant-Knights-Side
  • The following site is a little more difficult to get since you’ll have to descend to the lowest levels of the region.
  • It shouldn’t be too difficult to get there because we should have been here before; just go towards the region on the left from the last battle with the knights.
  • Then, in order to access the upper level, continue up the trail and climb the little wall here.
  • Then take that route up and around again.
  • When you reach the location indicated in the image below, you may securely descend to the lower levels, since you should have arrived safely at your goal by then.
  • You’ll have to battle yet another group of knights immediately.
  • Okay, we’re nearly there; there’s only one more location to go, and fortunately, it’s a very simple path.
  • Good day, Gilbert…
  • Needless to say, the situation will ultimately escalate into a brawl.
  • The side quest will finish after the battle and the next few scenes. For your achievements, you will be awarded a Slash Crown.


We’ve had a problem where the Hieroglyph Knights have been placed on probation. If at all feasible, I’d want Adol and the others to assist me with this.

I’ll be waiting for you at the Groaning Grotto’s entrance.





Get to the Errant Knights, stop the Monstrum, fight the shadows, and the party is finally over. The adventure of YS IX is over, and you have beaten the final boss, the Monstrum. The only thing that remains is to complete the side-quest, the knights’ quest.. Read more about ys 9 final chapter and let us know what you think.

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