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The YS IX: Wanted (Side Quest) is one of the main quests for YS IX, and as such is a 4-part quest that spans the length of the game. Before you can tackle this quest, you must first complete the tutorial area and find your first job. You can find your job by talking to the man in the cape in the town of Glenwood. Once you find your job, you can start the quest by talking to the boss in the quest area.

Lost in a desolate land, you awake to find that you are being hunted by a band of bandits. They caught you by surprise and have you cornered in the woods. You scramble to find a place to hide, but it is too late. They are coming for you, yet you find out too late that you are over your head. You are defeated and left for dead. You desperately look for anything that can help you get away, but you find nothing. Your only hope rests in a book of old fairy tales. You find a way to escape, and you do.

Wanted: Maretudos is one of the numerous side missions available in Ys IX: The Beginning. Nox Monstrum

It entails tracking down a particular foe. During Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search, it may be discovered and finished.


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  • CLIENT: Aprilis
  • DEADLINE: Long
  • 1/3 PRIORITY (1 Star)
  • PRIZE: Fool’s Gloves
  • LOCATION: Bulletin Board at Dandelion
  • Chapter 4 – The Search for the Dolls
  • By examining the bulletin board inside the Dandelion HQ, you may start a side quest on Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search. Keep in mind that, unlike many others, this one is classified as a ‘Long Quest,’ which means it may be finished anytime you choose.
  • Simply teleport to Cloaca Maxima – Depths whenever you’re ready to continue with this task.
  • It is here that you will come across the Maretudos, who are frog-like foes.
  • 1626570772_142_YS-IX-%E2%80%93-Monstrum-Nox-Wanted-Maretudos-Side
  • To go on with the mission, just beat them all.
  • After you’ve defeated all of them, you may go ahead and report to Aprilis.
  • The Central District is where Aprilis may be located.
  • Simply talk to her on the top of the tower to accomplish the task. Subjugation should be reported.


In the depths of Cloaca Maxima, an army of Maretudos has emerged.

We would be remiss if we left them alone. As a result, I need your assistance in subduing them.

Once you’ve had any success, please let me know. I’ll be waiting for you in the Central District’s destroyed belfry.





It’s been a while since I last played YS IX, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this romp through the demon world of Yharnam. As the game slowly ships out to everyone, I thought I’d write up a guide to help you on your way.. Read more about ys 9 chapters and let us know what you think.

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