So here is a guide to help you get all the trophies in the “Lost World” Chapter of YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA. If you don’t know what are the trophies this game have, here is a list :

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana [Part 4] is the final chapter in a game that started it all. The story of Ys VIII is quite beautiful, with a wide variety of characters and situations that brings a variety of feelings. While the gameplay is fairly simple, this doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

Y’Shtola and Dana have finally found their way to the Lost World, but Trabia has been completely overrun by monsters. Are they safe here?

Within YS VIII Lacrimosa of Dana, you may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, including Precise Orders and Prosperous Kingdom.

Players must accomplish many different side quests in both Castaway Village and Eternia in order to achieve Precise Orders and Prosperous Kingdom. However, be aware that some of these are easily missed.

This page will be dedicated to finishing all of the many instructions featured in Chapter 4 – The Lost World.

Below is a guide that should be of assistance.



0:00 – 7:10 : Pikkard Pikkard Pikkard Pikkard Pikkard Pikkard Pikkard Pikkard Pikk 7:10 – 15:04 : God’s Prayer 15:04 – 22:50 : Master’s Gift 22:50 – : Nutritious Dish





YS VIII – Lacrimosa of Dana is a Japanese video game series developed by Atlus and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. In the game, the player controls a young boy named Dana while he explores a prehistoric world with his pet dragon, Yuki. The game is a mix of action role-playing and adventure game elements, and features an original battle system in which the player can perform attacks with elemental magic.. Read more about ys ix trophy guide and let us know what you think.

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