The Z490 and Z590 chipsets are both designed for gaming, but they have some differences and similarities.

The b460 vs z490 vs z590 is a comparison between the Z490, Z490A, and Z590 chipsets. It will show you the differences and similarities of these three chipsets.

Intel’s Z590 chipset enables for overclocking of both 10th and 11th generation Intel CPUs. When compared to the Z490, the new chipset offers some enhancements, although they are mostly modest.


The Z590 has the same LGA 1200 socket as the Z490, which is a plus. Although Intel has made the Z490 motherboards compatible with 11th generation CPUs, you will be limited in a few areas.

The differences between the Z490 and Z590 chipsets

In comparison to the Z490, the Z590 has four additional PCI lanes to utilize with the CPU. That implies you’ll receive a total of 16+14, rather than just 16. This improves support for the main M.2 connection, which is now independent of the PCI lanes on the chipset. In comparison to the Z490 chipset, the Z590 chipset features an X8 DMI (Direct Media Interface) between the CPU and the chipset, which doubles the overall bandwidth. The Z590 chipset supports PCI-E Gen 4 natively, however it will only operate with Intel CPUs from the 11th generation. In comparison to the Z490, Z590 motherboards will feature faster USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports with speeds up to 20Gb/s, compared to 10Gb/s on the Z490. In comparison to the Z490 chipset’s memory capability of 2933MHz, the Z590 chipset can handle up to 3200MHz out of the box.

Z490 and Z590 chipsets have a lot in common.

Unlocked Intel CPUs may be overclocked on both chipsets. The chipset provides an equal number of PCI lanes to both. Both sockets, LGA 1200 Z490 and Z590, are compatible with 10th and 11th generation CPUs. In terms of display, both can handle up to three monitors at once through the motherboard display outputs.


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The b560 vs z590 is a comparison between the Z490 and Z590 chipsets. The differences and similarities of both are discussed in this blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Z490 support 11th Gen?

Yes, Z490 supports the 11th Generation Intel Core i3, Pentium and Celeron processors.

Can you use 10th Gen Intel on Z590?

No, the 10th Gen Intel CPU is not compatible with the Z590.

Is Comet Lake compatible with Z590?

The Z590 is not compatible with the Comet Lake.

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