In Beat Saber, you’re a robot who wields a saber to slice up and eliminate increasingly complex pieces of music. If you’re a music lover, you can display your musical genius by playing the game for hours on end. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can do to improve your high score and become better at the game, so here are 10 of them.

Beat Saber, one of the best rhythm games on Steam, was released this year and quickly gained popularity. I remember that I played Beat Saber at the end of 2016 and my score was just over 2,000. But, after releasing Beat Saber on Steam, and watching the community grow, I noticed that my score had improved to over 6,000. It has now been three months since I started Beat Saber and I can reach over 8,000. I can’t stop playing Beat Saber. It keeps giving me the highest score and I want to keep improving.

Beat Saber is a game based on the music rhythm game genre and developed by Beat Games. Beat Saber is the official game for the Beat Saber tournament that takes place annually at the Beat Games conference. The tournament is held in China, where over 2000 participants compete for the top spot. Here are the 10 tips I use to improve my high score in Beat Saber:

Let’s be honest. It’s difficult to defeat Saber. If you allow it, this game will grab you by the scruff and drag you through the muck. Having said that, it is possible to master it. It’ll simply take a lot of work, patience, and some helpful hints to overcome it.

One of the most common errors novice Beat Saber players make is failing to concentrate on their basics. Aside from that, the game’s sophisticated scoring system is kept hidden from players. To make matters worse, in order to play this game at its best, many players must adjust everything from their controller grips to their in-game floor height.

Don’t worry if it all seems a little overwhelming. We’ve got your back. If you want to improve your high score in Beat Saber, check out these 10 game-changing techniques and tactics.

1. Adjust the height of your floor

The virtual reality game industry is far from ideal. As a result, one of the first difficulties you’ll encounter in Beat Saber is dealing with the peripherals.

The game recommends that you match the height of your in-game floor to that of your real floor. However, this isn’t always the most effective strategy.

The normal floor height may make avoiding obstructions more difficult, or it can even put blocks too far out of reach to connect with comfortably. Your height is the cause behind this.

Physiologically, everyone is a bit different. As a consequence, some players will find the game much simpler if the in-game floor height is adjusted to knee or even waist level. Everything is determined by the length of your arms, legs, and chest.

Experiment with different floor heights to ensure that you have the least amount of difficulty playing the game. This piece of advice may seem little, but it may have a significant impact on your high score.

2. Relax and unwind


This game may be physically demanding. It may seem to be a minor physical strain at first. However, the wear and tear accumulates.

If you want to be the greatest in Beat Saber, you’ll need to be in top physical condition. Playing for a long amount of time may cause shortness of breath and achy muscles, which is a particular issue in VR gaming.

Take a 15-minute rest to guarantee that you are constantly performing at your best. This is more than just a way to prevent oneself from becoming weary. It’s also important to make sure you’re constantly practicing with proper technique. After all, the more fatigued you are, the more sloppy your technique will become. If you use poor technique, you will most likely pay the price in the long term.

3. Play Slower Songs to Improve Your Fundamentals


It’s all about the basics when it comes to Beat Saber. When playing this game, having a lightning quick response speed comes in handy. However, you should first grasp the fundamentals before working on your speed.

Concentrate on striking the center of each note and aiming for a score of 100 or higher each time. This may make a significant impact in your technique, which will be critical if you want to increase your high score on quicker tracks.

“Midnight City” is a fantastic slow tune to workout to. Below is a professional rendition of the song.


4. Make the most of your gaming time


Many of Beat Saber’s clever lighting effects and backdrop visuals may be very entertaining for onlookers. However, they may also be a source of distraction for players. Furthermore, these functions may put undue strain on your computer. You’ll need to go to the settings menu to take use of a few handy options in order to minimize these distractions.

Use the “Static Lights” option once you’re in the player settings. During songs, the platform will no longer flash or move.

Activate the “Reduce Debris” option if you’re performing tracks that are more chaotic and fast-paced. Dissected blocks will vanish instantly as a result of this. Consider turning off this function if you’re listening to slower music. Knowing how you cut each block may help you figure out whether you’re cutting the notes dead center or if your technique needs to be tweaked.

5. The Beat Saber Scoring System in Action


Beat Saber doesn’t go into great detail about how it grades your performances. As a result, understanding the scoring system is critical to improve your game.

It’s critical to hit each block. It’s a bit more complex than that, however. Overall, every time you strike a note, Beat Saber is searching for three characteristics. Finally, depending on your technique, you may get up to 110 points for each note you land.

  • It’s important to think about how you’re going to attack. Each block should be approached at a 90o angle. You may get up to 70 points each note by swinging at the correct angle.
  • Make sure you finish your swing. Continue swinging for at least another 60o after you’ve sliced a block. You may get up to 30 points each note if you do this.
  • Each block should be cut exactly in the middle. The closer you go to the dead center of each block, the more points you’ll get. You may gain up to 10 more points by completing this task.

For a visual explanation of the scoring system, see the video below.

6. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse some more


In Beat Saber, there is a practice mode. However, not many players are aware of it. You should be using this feature if you want to take your high scores to the next level.

Choose a song first. As previously said, it is recommended that you begin by practicing with a slower tune in order to learn the game’s basics. For example, “Midnight City” is a fantastic option. However, there are numerous slow tunes to pick from.

After that, choose your level of difficulty. Once again, it’s critical to put your basics ahead of difficulties. Start with a level of difficulty that you are comfortable with.

Select the mortarboard symbol to display the song’s practice choices, as shown in the image above. This will offer you more control over the song’s many difficulties, allowing you to concentrate your training.

Warm Up No. 7


Beat Saber may be quite a workout with all of the ducking and swinging of arms. You’ll want to warm up before you play, just as you would before a real exercise.

Warming up may be as easy as playing a slower tune with a lower difficulty level. You may also spend some time doing some simple arm stretches. Warm up your upper body with some of the healthy stretches shown in the image below. This may help you avoid injury while also improving your performance.


Slow down and don’t overthink it.


One of the most common errors novice Beat Saber players make is hyping themselves up to play as quickly as possible. This will, more often than not, be harmful to your game.

Beat Saber is a game with a lot of fast-paced action. However, the game requires more patience and rhythm than frantic speed. Professional gamer Tetsu Kuro recently shared his thoughts on the subject with

“For those who wish to achieve a high level of play, my personal advice is to not overthink the patterns.” Kuro remarked. “When I see individuals who I think should be able to play high-difficulty maps but don’t believe they can, I’ll have them attempt Speed of Link, a song with (for the most part) easier patterns but high speed. I always hear “It’s too fast!” or “I’m too slow!” as a reaction, yet I see them swinging the notes too quickly at the same time. When I tell them this and they slow down, they can ultimately defeat it with practice, even if they didn’t think it was possible before.”

9. Experiment With Your Grip


When it comes to increasing your Beat Saber skills, the first step is to increase your comfort level. While most games benefit from the typical controller grip, Beat Saber players may actually gain from using their controllers in unorthodox ways.

Many of the top 100 players in Beat Saber use one of the grips shown in the images above and below. Try out any of the grips shown here if you want to improve your high score. There is no one-size-fits-all grip, so it will likely take some trial and error until you discover the one that works best for you.


10. Make Use Of Headphones


Lag is one of the most aggravating issues that a Beat Saber player may face. This may cause the sound from your television and the game’s graphics to degrade. Because the game is highly rhythm-based, experiencing a latency may be detrimental to your enjoyment. Having said that, there is a simple remedy.

Make sure you’re wearing headphones instead than watching the game on the television. You will reduce audio latency and most likely enhance your gaming experience if you use headphones. Every advantage matters when it comes to improving your high score.

Beat Saber is a game that mixes rhythm games and first-person shooters into one killer package. The result is something that is both a fun game and a technical accomplishment. I’m going to show you how to get higher scores in Beat Saber.. Read more about beat saber highest possible score and let us know what you think.

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