Over the years, we have continued to experience digital transformation in every sector, especially financial institutions. This was made quicker by the pandemic when people could not go out to initiate direct transfers, so alternative digital transfer services were established to facilitate faster and seamless transactions.

This exciting innovation is particularly great for the casino and gaming sector. There is a wide need for faster online payments to ensure businesses run smoothly for the platforms and clients. These trends center not only around speed. Security is also an essential feature that should never be compromised.

This article will discuss the top 5 gaming payment trends 2022, how payment processes have been made swift because of these key trends, and evaluate these payment trends report and insights.

Digital Wallets

If there is one trend that has made payments very easy in 2022, especially in the betting sector, it is this. A digital wallet is like your everyday wallet, albeit a virtual version. You can store your money in it, just as with your normal wallet, which can be used for different types of financial transactions.

If you are new to these wallets, you need to be informed of how it works because this is one of these trends that is not going away.

So here is how it works:

A virtual wallet is usually in the form of an app. You create an account and open a profile, which automatically becomes your wallet. This wallet then stores your personal information and credit card details. This way, whenever you want to initiate gaming payments, you can connect your eWallet, and pay instant, contactless deposits.

Suppose you’re a gambler, and this sounds like a casino payment option you will enjoy. All you need to do is find online casinos that accept this as a transaction method. To do this, you can use reviews such as Poli casino reviews. This is a great choice for a safe game.

QR-Codes Payments

One of the newest gambling trends with payments is the QR code method. One major reason it is widely accepted in 2022 is that it encourages contactless payments, which the world is striving to attain with these global innovations.

One of the biggest challenges that gamblers and everyone else faces with payments online is the aftermath of digital footprints. When you initiate deposits and leave digital footprints, your bank and personal details are left on the site. This is not a secure business strategy, and it can lead to account fraud and compromise.

With the influx of QR codes, customers can now authorize payments without contacting the websites on which these transactions are done.

We are all familiar with the square design of the QR code, but not everyone knows it’s a term for Quick Response. You can find these two-dimensional codes in almost every online store and betting site. You have to scan with a barcode reader or an inbuilt camera, and the transaction will be immediately completed.

Cryptocurrency Payments

We have seen Cryptocurrencies gradually emerge through skepticism to become one of the biggest payment service providers for gaming and betting sites in 2022. Of all available digital payment methods, crypto supports total anonymity and speed.

Similar to virtual wallets, you need crypto wallets to be able to use these currencies for trading. Like cash, they need to be stored somewhere for safekeeping, and these wallets help you store keys and addresses linked to these currencies. So, when you want to facilitate payment, just input your wallet address, and the appropriate amount will be withdrawn.

In betting casinos and gaming websites, crypto like BTC, ETH, DOGE, and LTC, is widely accepted for trading. Most of these sites act like a broker where you can initiate direct deposits or withdrawals from your account to the platform without any need for exchange service.

The need for privacy and anonymity is important, especially in the online betting market. You want to keep a low profile and ensure that you leave as few footprints as possible, which can only be made possible with crypto payment methods.

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Links and Invoices

These days, despite the many systems in the payments industry, some gamers face certain issues when it comes to finding the most suitable one in 2022. These issues can arise due to jurisdiction, banking institutions, and other reasons. To be inclusive to all forms of people, many betting and gaming sites now prefer to use links or invoices.

The website in question creates these links and invoices, then sent to the clients directly. When you click on these links, you are redirected to another page where you get to pick the most suitable for you based on availability and so many other reasons best known to you.

Links and invoices improve cash flow and help you make the customer experience favorable and speedier than usual. Thankfully, these links and invoices can be received through any channel, be it SMS, texts, messaging, or social media, and they can be created in a matter of minutes and sent to a wide variety of clients across the world.

Biometric Authentication

In this tech-savvy generation, the issue of safety can finally be tackled and controlled. The newest development in this is biometric authentication to approve or authorize deposits.

These days, safety in banking and betting sites has doubly increased. This is because anyone can get access to your passwords or banking details to initiate payments. Since this was facilitated using your password and details, the banks might not know you did not approve this transaction.

Although we have 2FA, biometric scanning and authentication is a measure that was created to combat issues like this. Without entering your fingerprints or physical identification, such transactions will not be authorized.

As we all know, no two persons can have the same fingerprints or body identification, so this is a very secure gaming method in 2022.


As the world continues to adapt to these new changes in deposits, gamers must know how to embrace which one is beneficial to their betting gameplay. One characteristic you should not compromise is the safety of the gaming methods you choose. Your digital footprints are essential to your personal and banking safety in 2022, so choose only a payment method that puts all these into perspective.


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