Call of Duty and Halo are both popular first-person shooters, but they have some significant differences. The game developers behind these two games have had to take different approaches in order to achieve the same level of success.

The difference between halo and cod is a popular question that many people ask. There are 5 significant differences in the games.

PC gaming has progressed to the point where the majority of current games will please players in every way conceivable. When it comes to FPS gaming, however, only a few games have risen to the point where they have become icons for dominating the industry.


Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, and other FPS games are some of the titles that a player will love from the bottom of his heart. The majority of them are shooting games with excellent storylines, graphic effects, and gameplay mechanics.

Today, we’ll compare two famous gaming franchises, the Call of Duty and HALO series, to see which one is the greatest.

Story of the HALO Series

Halo story

HALO is a 2001 military science fiction film that was released in theaters. The plot centers on an interplanetary conflict between mankind and the Covenant, an alien alliance. A great species known as the Forerunners battled an extraterrestrial race known as the Flood in the past.

The Flood was responsible for the proliferation of sentient life over most of the Milky Way. They came up with the Halo Array, a ring-shaped megastructure with weapons of last resort that would destroy all sentient life in the galaxy to stop the Flood, and then they simply vanished.

In the year 2525, a theocratic alliance of alien civilizations known as the Covenant attacks human planets. The Spartans, an elite squad of upgraded supersoldiers, were Earth’s last chance. The primary emphasis is on an elite soldier called Master Chief and his artificial intelligence to stand strong and hold the line against the Covenant, who plan to activate the HALO rings and avert the Flood menace.

The Story of the Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty story

The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular first-person shooter military shooting games of all time. The COD series, on the other hand, has a tendency to be abrupt in its narrative. The majority of the story centers on historical wars. The first episode of Call of Duty aired in 2003, and the game’s setting was World War II.

The game covered numerous various situations throughout time, beginning with events during the Cold War and progressing to outer space. However, the game has received positive reviews, and players all around the globe are anxiously anticipating the next edition.

Differences between the Call of Duty and Halo series

Both games are distinctive in their own way, but if we are to compare these two big titles and determine who will win, we must consider a few factors.

Halo has a unique and intertwined narrative.

halo cortana

Both games feature narrative player modes and provide a good tale for players to enjoy. The Call of Duty series’ narrative, on the other hand, is abrupt. They aren’t linked to one other in any way. The majority of the episode introduces new plots and characters.

The HALO series, on the other hand, has a well-developed narrative with a well-defined cast of characters and a plot that is interconnected. As a result, a player will be more immersed in the experience.

As a result, in terms of plot and backdrop, HALO is unquestionably the finest game available.

Call of Duty Multiplayer has a lot to offer.

Call of Duty warzone

If we’re talking about online multiplayer, both of them have the ability to play with others online. The Call of Duty series’ multiplayer gameplay session, on the other hand, has reached new heights. Due to its excellent gaming mechanics, the Call of Duty series allows players to improve their skill level while also providing a variety of matching possibilities. As a result, in the multiplayer arena, the Call of Duty series definitely has the upper hand.

The single-player campaign mode in Halo is unrivaled.

Halo single player

In HALO’s single-player mode, a gamer may expect to spend around 9-10 hours immersed in the game. It also has a number of in-game elements, such as the ability to utilize tactical vehicles, and requires a player to use the finest strategies possible.

The single-player campaign in the Call of Duty series, on the other hand, provides a gamer with about 7-8 hours of gameplay. However, in narrative mode, a player encounters fewer challenges in terms of battling AI opponents, and the game seems to be fairly boring in the long run.

As a result, HALO is obviously the winner in single-player mode.

More weapon modifications are available in COD.

call of duty weapon customization

If we’re talking about in-game customisation, HALO, although offering futuristic weaponry, falls short. The creators of the Call of Duty series, on the other hand, provide players with many weapon modification choices. They provide gamers the option of customizing their weaponry to fit their play style.

As a result, Call of Duty has a distinct advantage in this round.

Halo even made it into comic books.

halo is the source of this image.

The HALO series has grown in popularity. They continue to provide players with a large amount of single-player action, and the HALO brand has expanded in many ways. Beyond that, the game has appeared in many novels, comic books, live-action adaptations, and action figures. Even Microsoft’s Cortana AI is based on the AI from HALO.

Apart from a few comic novels, there has been virtually no branching in Call of Duty.

Storyline with a nostalgic feel Weaponry that is unique Gameplay based on science fiction

Themes for various timelines Customizations of weapons are fantastic. Multiplayer modes that stand out

Final Thoughts

Although we have highlighted the main distinctions between the games, it is clear that both are the finest in their respective categories. It will come down to the player’s choice as to whether they want to enjoy a nice story-based game or hone their abilities in a multiplayer game.


The halo vs destiny is a comparison between two popular video game franchises. There are 5 significant differences between the two games that make them different.

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Halo is a first person shooter game and Call of Duty is a third person shooter game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why is Halo better than Call of Duty?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
This is a subjective question.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Whats more popular Halo or Call of Duty?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Halo is more popular than Call of Duty.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Halo and CoD?

Halo is a first person shooter game and Call of Duty is a third person shooter game.

Why is Halo better than Call of Duty?

This is a subjective question.

Whats more popular Halo or Call of Duty?

Halo is more popular than Call of Duty.


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