AMD has been working on a new RX 600 series card that will be better than what was originally planned. The company is also developing a new version of the Vega GPU to make it more powerful and efficient.

AMD is working to make the RX 600 series better than what was planned. The company has released a new driver that will make the performance of the cards better.

We previously reported on AMD’s next GPU series, which is expected to launch in 2019 with the newest GDDR6 memory and provide high-end gaming performance at a mid-range card price. However, there is one more GPU series that must be released before the NAVI line of GPUs may be released.


The RX 700 series graphics card will be used in NAVI, while the RX 600 series graphics card will be used in its predecessor. Both will be built on the Vega architecture, but with faster clock rates and greater power efficiency. AMD is hard at work on the new RX 600 series of graphics cards, which should be released this year with the assistance of key engineers who worked on the Ryzen CPUs.

Things changed when Raja Koduri, AMD’s Chief Architect and Senior Vice President, left, and AMD’s CEO Lisa Su instructed the “ZEN” Team to concentrate on a new project called “ZEN Project,” according to Wccftech. According to the latest report, the engineers behind the success of Ryzen CPUs will be working on the new RX 600 series GPUs, and they aim to improve the new GPU line up much above what was anticipated in the GPU roadmap.

When the leader of AMD’s GPU department leaves the business, it’s clear that someone will have to step in to fill the void. AMD makes every attempt to offer something new to the table, and they do it well, while Nvidia takes a big lead with their GPUs without even announcing it. Anyway, we anticipate AMD to release more power-efficient graphics cards, since this is one of the main factors that consumers consider when deciding between AMD and Nvidia when both manufacturers’ graphics cards provide comparable performance at comparable prices.


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AMD has been working on the RX 600 series, which is a new graphics card. The company decided to make it better than what was planned. Reference: radeon rx 6000.


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