AMD has been working on a new gen GPU architecture, called Arcturus. The company is reportedly planning to release the new design in 2020, which would be based on 7-nanometer process technology.The best graphics cards 2021 is a rumor that AMD might be working on a new gen GPU architecture, Arcturus.

Many new items have already been launched, and other important hardware components are set to be released in the near future, so the computing industry is already buzzing. Following the introduction of Nvidia’s RTX series GPUs, many computer users are looking forward to AMD’s forthcoming GPU based on the NAVI architecture. However, we have another surprise in store for you: there have been rumors that AMD is working on their next generation GPUs, but they are not based on NAVI, but rather on a completely new architecture dubbed “Arcturus.”


If all goes according to plan, AMD will deliver their next GPU based on NAVI in 2019, which was developed by AMD engineers in collaboration with Sony engineers. What will they do when the NAVI-based GPU is launched in the next year? This is where the new GPU architecture, dubbed “Arcturus,” comes in. It will be the ideal fit for the period beyond 2020.

But, until the forthcoming NAVI based GPUs are launched in the middle of 2019, we won’t hear much about these “Arcturus” based GPUs, and it’s safe to assume that the excitement is now focused on the introduction of the NAVI based GPU in the coming year. As a result, it will be a long time before we learn anything about it.

However, we are certain that AMD will put some really excellent things in the “Arcturus” architecture to rival Nvidia’s RTX, and if that works, we will witness some amazing visual performance in a budget-friendly manner.


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