AMD has released a boot-kit for users of Radeon graphics cards who are experiencing issues with the latest driver release. The kit helps users to access their operating system and install an older driver that resolves the issue, without having to uninstall or reinstall Windows.

AMD is providing a boot-kit solution for affected users. The kit will be provided to the user by an AMD representative and will fix the issue at hand. Read more in detail here: amd ryzen 7 5800x bios update.

You must have encountered or heard of a situation when someone purchases a new CPU and installs it in a motherboard that is claimed to be 100 percent compatible with the processor, but it does not start up. The most frequent issue is an outdated bios that prevents the new CPU from running. If the CPU released after the motherboard was manufactured has a different architecture, you’ll need to update the BIOS on your motherboard.

Many others have had similar issues in the past, such as the incompatibility of certain FX processors with motherboards based on the AM3 970 chipset. Similar to when AMD released its new generation of Ryzen APUs, which are fully compatible with the X370, B350, and A320 motherboards, those who are purchasing a brand new motherboard along with the Ryzen APU may experience this issue, as opposed to those who already had a motherboard or a first-generation Ryzen processor. The latter can simply update the BIOS by obtaining it from the official manufacturer’s website, while those who purchased an un-updated motherboard will need to first acquire a first-generation CPU to start the system and then update the BIOS to run the 2nd Generation Ryzen APU.


This is a problem because who will be the first to purchase a first-generation processor? AMD has stepped up to help and has chosen to provide the “Boot-Kit Solution” to individuals who are impacted. Those who need a bios update will get a low-cost AMD A6-9500 processor in this package, which will aid in the Ryzen APU’s correct operation. AMD is providing this kit for free, however you must return the CPU after your motherboard has been updated.

You must meet certain criteria in order to get this boot-kit solution. You must fill out this form to get it, however AMD recommends that you also attempt other options, such as going to the store where you purchased the motherboard to have the bios updated, or returning the motherboard to the ODM to receive a new one with the updated bios.


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The ryzen 5000 motherboard without bios update is a solution that AMD has released for users with affected Ryzen CPUs.


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