The Javelin is Anthem’s most powerful weapon in its arsenal. It’s also one of the most challenging to use! It’s not an easy weapon to use in the heat of battle, but it can turn the tide in a fight. After all, the Javelin is your most powerful ranged weapon, so use it wisely.

This past weekend, BioWare released Anthem on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. To celebrate the launch, we’re going to give you a guide on which Javelin to buy.

Javelin is an online game where you can build a Javelin and go on missions to get better gear and earn gold. The weapons and gear of your Javelin are what will help you along the way. Each Javelin has different stats you can upgrade and different skills you can unlock. Each Javelin has three weapons, but only one Javelin can be equipped with those weapons. For example, if your Javelin has a laser rifle but it is not equipped with a laser rifle, it will not be able to do any damage to enemies. If you want to upgrade the weapons of your Javelin, you can equip them in your Javelin’s inventory.

That iconic moment in games when you have to make that first crucial choice for your character, which will have an impact on how you play the game from then on. If you’re not sure which direction to go, decisions may be difficult – we’ve all experienced that existential crisis deciding between two kinds of ice cream (what, you haven’t?). No, you have, and so has everyone else. It’s quite natural for me to have a personal crisis over ice cream, right?).

The first crucial decision you must make in Bioware’s Anthem is which Javelin you will play as. Don’t worry, towards the conclusion of the game, you’ll be able to dress up and play as all of the Javelins. However, after you’ve decided on your first one, you’ll be stuck with it for a long time if you don’t change it, so make the best decision possible right away. While all Javelins may be modified to some extent, there are several important distinctions to be aware of before getting started. In GameTruth’s Anthem Javelin class guide, we’ll examine at the four Javelin classes you may select from.


The Ranger is a character in the film The Ranger

A diverse set of abilities – not sure where to begin? The Ranger may be the right fit for you. This class allows you to test out several kinds of play techniques seen in other Javelins, making it Anthem’s jack-of-all-trades option. It is one of the most agile suits, coming in second only to the Interceptor (which we’ll discuss next). It also has significant offensive and defensive capabilities. Its unique skills, such as double-jumping, healing, and mid-air barrel rolls, contribute to its varied play style, making it a slick and dynamic class. The Ranger is perhaps the best Javelin for players who are new to the game and want to get a feel for all of the classes without committing to any of them.

Ranger’s Skills:

Micro-Missiles are the ultimate ability.

Assault your opponents with a barrage of lock-on homing missiles that will track down and destroy their targets.

Shock Mace is a melee ability.

Get close to your foes and stun them with the Ranger’s trademark electric baton.

The Interceptor is a device that intercepts signals.


Catch me if you can – The Interceptor Javelin flies about the battlefield, hitting opponents in melee range and then fleeing in true hit-and-run fashion, excelling in speed and attack. The Strike System (inflicting high-level damage), the Assault System (for a more conventional attack), and the Support System (for a more supportive assault) are three of the Javelin’s equippable abilities (which provides a bit of additional help to allies). Chain dashes, barrel rolls, and acrobatics that are a step higher — literally — than the Ranger, the Interceptor boasts an incredible triple leap! The Interceptor is the quickest Javelin available, and it packs a punch, with them being just a few of its abilities. As an Interceptor, you won’t want to be caught, yet it’s the most evasive class and may leave your opponents dazed.

Capabilities as an Interceptor:

Venom Bomb Assault System

A corrosive strike that hits opponents with a blast of poisonous acid, inflicting massive damage.

Targeting Beacon as a Support System

Assist your friends by causing their attacks to do additional damage to an opponent you choose.

The Storm

Anthem Javelin Classes

Stormy, you’re a genius — The Storm summons energy from the Anthem itself and utilizes it via its unique Seal methods. The Storm is Anthem’s response to the traditional elemental mage class seen in other games if you’re looking for a similar gaming experience. This Javelin places a strong emphasis on energy-based attack in exchange for being able to absorb less blows in combat. The Storm’s unique abilities include a kinesis shield for fighting off physical assaults, teleportation capabilities that enable it to move about the battlefield, and the ability to hover for the longest period of any class, thus making it the unofficial “mage Javelin” of the group. Blast Seals inflict explosive damage, Focus Seals for targeting opponents (similar to the Interceptor’s Targeting Beacon), and Support Seals for assisting teammates are the Storm’s signature equipment. To play successfully, this class requires the expertise of a more experienced player, yet it will reward those who are willing to engage in its complex mechanics.

Storm Prowess:

Elemental Storm is the ultimate ability.

The Storm, using the Anthem’s raw force, unleashes nature’s fury as deadly elemental energy rains down on foes.

Frost Shards are the focus seal.

Ice over your foes with a barrage of ice shards, freezing everything they come into contact with.

4. The Colossus of Rhodes


The Colossus, a heavy metal band, rounds off the list. The juggernaut of Anthem’s classes, with the thickest armor, the slowest agility, and the greatest damage, is the only Javelin in the game who can carry heavy weapons, making it a devastating physical force on the battlefield. It has the ability to equip up to two attack slots and one support slot. Flamethrowers, assault mortars, lightning coils, and other offensive powers are among the Colossus’ arsenal. This Javelin also possesses a double-jump (despite its weight), ground damage to opponents upon landing, and a ground and aerial shield. Break through opposing lines, crush any who stand in your path, and rip everything apart with a ferocious ferocity. This is the Colossus’ route, and it’s for those who want to go in there and swing like the Anthem himself.

Capabilities of a Colossus

Flame Thrower is a heavy assault weapon.

Blaze a searing torrent of fire across the battlefield, charring your foes to a crisp.

High-Explosive Mortar (Ordnance Launcher)

A high-explosive projectile missile with a large explosion radius that does substantial damage to any opponents caught inside its blast radius. A projectile missile explodes on all opponents inside its blast range, doing massive damage.

Anthem offers a broad range of gameplay options across its four classes. Which Javelin are you going to try? Consider what you like to do in a game or what you’d want to try out, then utilize the information in this guide to help you dress and load up.

Anthem is the third game in the Bioware franchise, and it’s also the first to be announced for PS4. Anthem is an online multiplayer game, where gamers can form a team of up to four players and join forces to defeat the enemy.. Read more about anthem javelin tier list and let us know what you think.

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The Javelin is the most powerful weapon in Anthem.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which Javelin is most popular?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Javelin is the most popular rifle in the world.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which Javelin is the most damage?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Javelin is a weapon in the game, Warframe. It has a variety of different stats that affect its performance.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful Javelin in Anthem?

The Javelin is the most powerful weapon in Anthem.

Which Javelin is most popular?

The Javelin is the most popular rifle in the world.

Which Javelin is the most damage?

The Javelin is a weapon in the game, Warframe. It has a variety of different stats that affect its performance.


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