Battlefield 5 is a game with microtransactions, but it doesn’t seem to be the pay-to-win type of game that many are worried about.Battlefield 5 may not have pay to win microtransactions. EA has been accused of using the Battlefront 2 controversy as a way to promote their new game. Read more in detail here: battlefield 5 ps4.

EA and DICE have confirmed that Battlefield 5 will be released this year only with a World War II setting, succeeding Battlefield 1 which had a World War I setting. However, you may be concerned, as I am, about the microtransactions EA is accused of using, which have ruined many games, most notably Star Wars Battlefront II, EA’s biggest failure ever.


Battlefield 4 is one of my favorite first-person shooters, and I still play it when I have free time, but because of the methods used by game publishers to increase profits, players are concerned about whether or not their favorite series will live up to the expectations. However, I’m certain that, unlike Star Wars Battlefront II, EA has learnt its lesson and will not include pay-to-win microtransactions this time.

According to a report from Kotaku, instead of implementing pay-to-win microtransactions, the game publisher would just implement aesthetic microtransactions. Jason Schreier, the Story Editor at Kotaku, has verified the news via sources close to the Battlefield team, and has cited one of them as follows:-

“No one is going to do any more pay-to-win things, and we didn’t take the loot box issue lightly.”

However, not everything has been completed. According to two additional people he spoke with, the plans for microtransactions in the upcoming Battlefield have already altered twice, and they may change again before the game is released. However, the studio is attempting to stick to cosmetics, like it did with Battlefield 1.

I am certain that EA will not take any risks this time, or they will go bankrupt and not return.


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