The Off-road genre is one of the most popular on our site, We post new Off-road games every week, and have two Top 10 lists dedicated to the category, as well as more than a dozen other lists for other games and mobile devices.

For years, video games have been the perfect playground for the concept of Off-Road gaming. While you can get off-roading in games like Driver, Gangster Squad and others, they aren’t really considered “off-road” games. Off-Road games are typically games where you can go anywhere you want, to do anything you want, to beat anything you want—and in most cases, this means racing/rally games. So, in this blog post, we’re going to talk about the best Off-road games for Android/iPhone 2020.

There is nothing wrong with ditching your commute in favor of a game of First Person Slasher. The latest release from the creators of the ever popular Subway Surfers franchise, the sequel to this year’s Game of the Year, and the long awaited spinoff from the most popular car racing franchise out there all combine to make this one of the most anticipated Android/iPhone games of the year.

Bring your monster truck and prepare to get dirty on a variety of terrain! Check out the top off-road games for Android and iPhone if you’re searching for something different.

If you’re bored of driving and racing games where you have to obey traffic laws, drive on dull roads, and deal with traffic lights, then try an off-road game where you may drive a range of customizable vehicles such as trucks and automobiles in a number of game modes. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest off-road games for Android/iPhone iOS in today’s article. So let’s not waste any time and go right to the point.

Best Android/iPhone Off-Road Games

The following is a list of the greatest Android and iPhone off-road games: –

Off-Road Trucks

ODD Games’ Trucks Off-Road is one of the finest off-road games for Android and iOS. There are several game modes in which you may drive the monster truck through various terrain. In the freestyle mode, you may drive the monster truck anyway you like. There are a variety of difficult game types in which you compete against A.I. players; the person who scores the most points at the conclusion of the round wins the match and receives cash. You may spend funds to purchase new vehicles, customize them, construct a garage, and so on. There is a career mode in which you compete in championships, gain belts, attract sponsors, and get sponsor money. Trucks Off-creators Road’s have done an incredible job with the game’s visuals.

It is about 1 GB in size on Android. Its size on iOS is approximately 2 GB.

Outlaws of the Off-Road

Best offroad games for Android iPhone iOSOff-road Outlaws is yet another excellent off-road game for Android and iOS devices. It is about 112 MB in size on Android. It’s about 400 MB in size on iOS. In the game, you’ll be driving trucks over muddy bogs, solid rocks, and multiplayer game modes against AI and actual people. There are a few maps that you’ll like. It also has a map building function that allows players to design their own map and drive the truck inside the game.


Best offroad games for Android iPhone iOSProject Off-road is one of the most popular and finest off-road games for Android and iOS. If you’re an Android user, the Google Play Store has the 2020 version of this game. However, the iOS App Store does not yet include the 2020 version. Project Off-road is a difficult game with excellent visuals, fantastic physics, and challenging stages with particular objectives to accomplish. This game’s 2020 version includes FPS controls for a genuine off-road experience.

It is about 350 MB in size on Android. It is about 800 MB in size on iOS.

Off the Beaten Path – Wide Open Spaces

Best offroad games for Android iPhone iOSOff The Road by DogByte Games is another of the finest off-road games for Android/iPhone iOS that allows you to drive freely in an open world area with plenty of places to see. You’ll have the opportunity to drive 4x4s, monster trucks, watercraft, and even helicopters! The visuals are fantastic, and the gameplay is enjoyable and intriguing. You’ll like exploring the open-world area, where you may freely drive incredible cars! It is about 200 MB in size on Android. It is about 229MB in size on iOS.

Legends of the Off-Road

Off-road Legends 2 is the sequel to the smash popular off-road game Off-road Legends, developed by the same team who brought you Off-road Legends. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has four fun game modes: demolition mode, in which you destroy things, transporter mode, in which you transfer resources, racing, and lava jump mode. The visuals are amazing, and the action is enthralling! It is about 74 MB in size on Android. It’s about 79 MB in size on iOS.

Offroad Racing MMX Hill Dash 2

Best offroad games for Android iPhone iOSHutch Games, one of the most well-known mobile game producers in the racing genre, offers a fantastic game for you. MMX Hill Dash – Offroad Racing is the name of the game. It includes a diverse range of vehicles that you will pilot across incredible racing courses such as city, desert, snow, and more. You’ll be able to play a variety of vehicles, including a buggy, a tank, a monster truck, and many more. Graphics and controls are excellent. It also has a PvP option where you may participate in offroad racing battles against other players.

So there you have it: the greatest off-road games for Android/iPhone/iPad that you can play for free, both offline and online. If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on off-road games and add any that you recommend!


There are many mobile games that cover the off-road theme, but they all suffer from the same two problems: too many bugs and too little gameplay. The good news is that things are about to change. We’ve rounded up the best games that we think you’ll enjoy.. Read more about off-road games for android download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best offline offroad games for android?

The best offline offroad games for android are those that have been developed by the company Gamevil.

What is the best offroad game for mobile?

The best offroad game for mobile is probably Asphalt 9.

What is the most realistic off-road game?

I am not sure what you mean by most realistic off-road game.


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