The death of a game character can be a significant event in a game. It can be a dramatic plot twist or a shock, it can be a sad ending to a long-running story, or it can be a simple but powerful moment of realization of how important a character is to the player’s overall experience.

Take a moment to reflect on the months and years of gaming (and life) you’ve had up to this point. What a ride! Some games, movies, books, and even people in your life are a huge part of your past—and you’ll be sad to see them go. But you can also be glad to see those things go, because no matter how they changed you, the important things remain the same.

As the title suggests, this article is a tribute to the dearly departed, in the form of Game Informer’s  Borderlands 2 guide. With the game’s recent launch, Game Informer sadly no longer exists, but the man who ran the journal (and, as many will tell you, its best feature) has remained a rock in our community, and his legacy will live on.

Borderlands 2 Guide

 Creating a cult hasn’t been Lilith’s only stumbling block while posing as the Firehawk. She needed to go undercover, so she pretended to die in order to fool Hyperion. Unfortunately, a bandit in Three Horns Valley knows she’s still alive and is seeking information from Hyperion. This guy must be silenced if Lilith is to be saved.

Leave Sanctuary and go to the Catch-A-Ride station at the town’s entrance to get a ride. To locate the bandit Boll, who is seeking to report Lilith to Hyperion, go south towards your new objective marker. The entrance is marked with a “Beware” sign and is located near the bridge that leads to Frostburn Canyon. As soon as you pass through, Boll and his henchmen will begin assaulting you.

Borderlands 2 Guide

He has a number of snow skags battling for him, some of them are alphas. Set some heavy fire on the skags first to free up your time to deal with Boll.

Make circles around him and utilize your abilities to gain a leg up on him. He wields a rapid-firing shotgun that packs a punch. When he dies, he’ll leave behind an echo recorder with a message from Hyperion, asking for proof that Lilith is still alive.

Borderlands 2 Guide[]

Three ECHO recorders were utilized by Lilith and are part of the evidence. Now you must locate all three recorders before Hyperion discovers them. The first is immediately behind you in the tiny bandit outpost where you are now.

The recorder is connected to an anchor dangling from a chain, so you won’t have to battle the robbers. Send the anchor falling to the ground by firing a shot. Take out the recorder and go to the next one.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Lilith and Roland’s funny conversation.

The second recorder is situated near Sanctuary, farther north. There’s a steam pump nearby, as well as some extra piping. To get the next recording of Lilith and Roland, go up to the additional piping and turn the valve. Although there are few skags nearby, the region is mostly free of adversaries.

Borderlands 2 Guide


The final one lies a little farther south, along the beach where you landed when you came from the Southern Shelf. The bridge to Frostburn Canyon widens as you fall into the gorge. Follow the route until you reach an oil pipeline on the other side of the canyon.

When you get out of your car, you’ll see several boxes near the pipeline. To get to the ladder at the top of the pipe, climb up the crates and perform some platforming. At the opposite end, near the rifle chest, you’ll discover the final recorder (which you should loot).

Return to Lilith with all of the recorders in hand and get your prize. You’d best acquire one after rescuing her from Hyperion and covering up what you heard on the recordings.


$196 in cash

1820 years of experience

Item: Customization of a random head

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Over the last several days, we’ve been discussing the loss of our co-worker, Dan, in the Borderlands 2 community. He was a tireless supporter of our team, and was always kind enough to listen to us, and help us with any problems we might have. He was a guy who was always there for you, and put in a lot of work for the team.. Read more about borderlands 2 mighty morphin and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete memoriam in Borderlands 2?

You must kill all the enemies in a room.

Where is the second echo in Borderlands 2 in memoriam?

The second echo is in the area known as The Dust which is located in the north-east of Sanctuary.

How do you turn on echoes of the past in Borderlands 2?

To turn on echoes of the past in Borderlands 2, you must first complete the main story. After completing the game, you can then go to your vault and select a mission called Echoes of the Past.

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