Recently, I was browsing the Borderlands 2 wiki and found a mysterious locked door. There were no descriptions, just a few blurbs about it, plus a hint that it links to a hidden area. The item was reported as missing and I started my quest to find it. What I found was unexpected and I’ve tried to share the story with you all.

The team behind “Borderlands 2” has thrown in a twist: all characters are now playable and need to be healed by you, the player. The game isn’t easy, but how hard is it to heal them? I’ll answer this and more in this guide. Check out the video below for tips on how to heal your teammates in “Borderlands 2” without getting killed in the process!

At G15Tools, we love Borderlands. We also love puzzles. And, we love Borderlands 2. As a result, we decided to combine all three of those things, and this is the result. This guide will walk you through completing the game on any difficulty level, with a focus on obtaining all possible achievements and trophies.


It’s time to return Dr. Zed’s favor. Some of his patients have developed strange bullet wounds that were not caused by bullets. Dr. Mercy, an old adversary of his, might be the culprit. Don’t be fooled by the name. Despite the fact that Dr. Mercy is everything but compassionate, she has more medical qualifications than our dear buddy Dr. Zed.

You’ll need to go south to Three Horns Valley to locate the crazy doctor. Take a light runner to the location. There are a few skags on the opposite side, but they aren’t worth worrying about. If you’re still in your car, just fire several bullets from the machine guns connected to your vehicle to eliminate them.


Dr. Mercy’s lair is just around the bend from the area’s access point. Arrive, exit, and go inside. When you reach the lair’s center, turn right and you’ll see many bandits patrolling. The presence of a few psychos and nomads in the group adds to the difficulty of the scenario. Attempt to stay undetected while throwing a grenade into the crowd. Several of them will be badly wounded, making them easy targets.

To conquer your opponents, use your finest weapons and skills. If the battle becomes too intense, there is plenty of cover to hide behind. Collect the treasure and proceed up the ramps they were guarding after they’re all dead. Continue ahead until you reach a large oil barrel with a gateway cut into its side. Dr. Mercy will emerge when you get near enough.

He’s basically a nomad, and he’s armed with a huge phalanx shield. To really harm him, you’ll need to go behind him. Zero players should have little trouble doing so, but other classes will have to come up with more creative ways to inflict damage. Use grenades or an explosive weapon to knock him off his feet, then shoot him while he’s vulnerable.

Continue to utilize your finest weapons and abilities to do as much damage as possible, but remember to take cover if the battle gets out of hand.

Go to Dr. Mercy’s corpse to turn in the quest after he’s dead.


$55 in cash

791 hours of experience

Borderlands 2 is now available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms. This is the sequel to 2008’s popular Borderlands, which was a huge success for Gearbox. This game features all the tropes that Borderlands is known for, including rag-tag groups of characters (and their gear) that are tasked with saving the world.. Read more about borderlands 2 starting area and let us know what you think.

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