There’s a lot to recommend Borderlands 2. The overarching story is great, the game mechanics are excellent, and the art is terrific. But the best thing about this game, for me, is the way it handles guns, or the way it ignores guns. After playing for several hours, I was happy to find myself in a situation where I could use every gun in the game. I was ready to go in guns blazing. But then I noticed a colored orb on my map. I picked it up and used it to teleport to Sanctuary (the place where I’d been playing for the last hour). I went in, and it was a level-one gun merchant, just like I’d killed a couple of hours before. I was happy,

The second spin-off of the popular Borderlands series is a brand new addition to the franchise, and is an action RPG with RPG-like elements. The game takes place in the middle of a technological war between robots and humans, in which you take control of a group of trigger-happy bandits who have their sights set on taking over the fortified town of Rhys, Arizona .

The world of Pandora is a dangerous place, full of dangerous people—and there are lots of them. While walking down the streets of The Hub, you could run into bandits, slavers, and other assorted monsters. The same goes for the alien base of the Gunters, who have a nasty habit of picking off intruders in their midst. So, use your skills to your advantage, and fight back.


This mission is really divided into smaller quests, however due to their tiny size, this quest will only be one post. At the bottom, I’ll add up the number of years of experience.

It’s time to pay a visit to Marcus Kincaid, everyone’s favorite gun dealer. His business is located in the town’s easternmost section. Marcus is assisting a client who is seeking a refund for a damaged firearm. Marcus’ pistol seems to be in excellent working order based on the round he places in the man’s knee. But that isn’t why we’ve come.


Marcus want to instruct you on the use of elemental weaponry. Follow Marcus to the shooting range via the door on your right. The elemental weapons of fire are first on the list. These weapons are great against flesh, but they fall short against protected opponents. Try out the weapon on the Hyperion target dummy, who is surprisingly alive.



Shock weapons are next on the list. These weapons shred through opponent shields to reach their fleshy portions, where they may do serious damage. Fire a couple bullets at the next Hyperion target and watch as his shields are completely reduced.


Now we’ll look into corrosive weaponry. These are without a doubt my favorite elemental weapons. They can wreak havoc on armored foes like Hyperion machines and troops. Even better, they can still inflict some tough harm on flesh. By the time you finish shooting the final bullet, the Hyperion robot’s armor will have been metaled through.


Marcus teaches you to the new elemental weapon on Pandora, slag, after going through the traditional elemental weapons. These weapons cover your opponent in a purple ooze that renders them more susceptible to all other types of attacks, thanks to the usage of eridium. Here, we’re discussing both elemental and non-elemental weapon kinds. Fire a few bullets at the “shoplifter,” then switch weapons to watch the slag’s magic in action.


$172 in cash (total)

1932 is the year of experience (total)

Borderlands 2 is coming out later this month, so you may have already preordered it or even played the game more than once before. We know you’d like to get the most out of your gaming experience, and you can’t win without skill, so here is a great guide for you. We may not be able to help you win, but we can sure help you get a better game when you do.. Read more about borderlands 2 zones by level and let us know what you think.

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