Last week I had the pleasure of playing Borderlands 2 for the first time. While I have yet to try all the main missions, what I’ve been doing is doing side quests, to supplement the main story. I enjoy the side quests because they offer nice rewards, good loot, and of course, fun.

I haven’t played the Borderlands 2 DLC “Handsome Jack’s Son of a Gun” yet, but from what I’m hearing it’s a great expansion for the game. Some recent fans have been taking to the forums to voice their concerns regarding the inclusion of a platforming chapter that doesn’t feature Handsome Jack. The Borderlands 2: Handsome Jack’s Son of a Gun DLC is a side quest-style adventure in which the player takes control of Handsome Jack’s mind and tries to escape from a facility. “Plunder the facility for clues on a cure while fighting off the minions of the villainous Jack. Fight your way through multiple areas of the lab, including the simulation chamber. Search for clues and solve puzzles to reveal

Welcome! I am a solo developer and have been looking for a good guide to help me find my way in the Borderlands 2 universe. I am hoping to meet other people who feel the same, and I am hoping that this guide will help us. In this guide, I will give you a walkthrough on how to complete a side quest in Borderlands 2 that will grant you the Out Of Body Experience skill power.

loader 1340

We’ll return to the bandit headquarters since you still have some unfinished business in the Bloodshot Stronghold. When you were searching for the Splinter Group, you may recall seeing a pair of bandits beating up on a Hyperion loader. You should have approached the broken down bot after killing the bandits and taken his AI core. Now, loader 1340 wants you to transfer his AI core to a new body in exchange for his not killing you. Ideally, on the stronghold’s ramparts, in a Hyperion constructor.

constructor 1340


Make your way to the Bloodshot Ramparts by fighting your way there. The constructor 1340 mentioned is not far from the stairs you exit on. If you put his AI core into the constructor, it will come to life…and attempt to murder you. From behind the monster, a swarm of EMP loaders will charge at you.

Stay as far away as possible from them and fire before they detonate. Use a corrosive weapon to swiftly dispatch the constructor. Pick up 1340’s AI core after the constructor is destroyed. He apologizes for attempting to murder you and requests that you transport him to another defunct robot where he can be plugged in.

bloodshot ramparts[]

This time, it’s a WAR loader discovered near the ramparts’ center. When you plug him into the bot, it comes to life. It seems that 1340 is more adept at breaking promises than fulfilling them. With some GUN loaders and repair units at his side, he begins assaulting you once again. Simply use a decent corrosive weapon to swiftly murder him once again.

Pick up 1340’s AI core after it’s been killed. He begs you to put him inside a radio in Sanctuary since he no longer wants to murder.

radio 1340


Travel quickly to Sanctuary and go to Moxxi’s tavern. On the opposite side of the bar, there’s a radio. When you insert 1340’s AI core into the radio, he seems to be at ease. He then plays the most godawful music you can imagine in one last effort to murder you. With a single shot from your rifle, silence him.

He chooses to let you decide what to do with him since none of this is working out. Return this task to either Zed or Marcus for a shield or an amazing rifle. Because both are based on the AI core of the 1340, anticipate a lot of needless speech from whatever one you create. Enjoy.


2333 hours of experience

Item: a shotgun or a shield at random

A couple of weeks back, I had the pleasure of talking with the creative director for Gearbox Software, Randy Smith, at a Gearbox studio event. We had a lot of fun talking Borderlands 2, and even more fun talking about the Borderlands universe.. Read more about borderlands 2 out of body experience find radio and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I put the AI core in Borderlands 2?

The AI core is located in the back of the ship, near the turret.

Where is the radio in Borderlands 2?

The radio is a device that allows you to listen to music.

How do you solve the Bloodshot Stronghold puzzle?

The answer to this question is not available.

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