Positive self-image is the most important sidequest in Borderlands 2. Without a good self-image, you’re not going to be able to take on the most powerful enemies with the most powerful gear. You’ll be too weak and too scared to go out in the world and search for the missing pieces of your personal mission. But once you find them, you’ll be a unstoppable killing machine. A powerful one. A sexy one. A self-image that makes you confident, and not self-conscious. A self-image that makes you love yourself.

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technical battle


We’re going to try something a bit more easy this week after the difficulties and tribulations of A Dam Fine Rescue. Head to the Dust and pay Ellie a visit, no matter where the boss battle in A Dam Fine Rescue took place. The Hodunks, a bandit group with hood ornaments mocking Ellie’s look, have been riding about in their bandit technicals with hood ornaments. You’d think Ellie would be upset, but she really likes the aesthetic and wouldn’t mind having those sculptures in her garage. To acquire them, it seems that you’ll have to slay some bandits. But then then, this is Pandora, so how else would you receive it from them?

ellie statue


To acquire each statue, you must take down six of their technicals. Simply drive over the statue as it falls on the ground to collect each one up after the technical is destroyed.

statue placement


Return with the statues to Ellie’s garage and assist her in placing them around the store. Each statue’s location is marked around the garage, making it simple to locate and put the decorations. Return to Ellie after they’re all in place to get your prize for your outstanding interior design abilities.


1820 years of experience

Relic of a vehicle

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