In the past Borderlands, the sequel to the original Borderlands, was praised by critics as a violent and hilarious loot shooter that rewards teamwork and strategy. However, a lot of people didn’t like it. Do you want to know why? It’s because the game was completely unbalanced and didn’t have good enough content to maintain the hype.

Explore the most dangerous planet in the entire universe! Find the outmanned, outgunned and outdressed soldiers who fight for the survival of humanity! Uncover the most mysterious, over-heated and under-worked security agents who protect money and the people who make it!

What’s a game boss?  Some people call them bosses, some call them monsters, some call them baddies, some call them creeps, but it seems that people generally agree that they should be defeated.  After all, a boss is a large, powerful and difficult enemy that you have to defeat in order to progress in a game.  The boss is the most important part of the game, and is often a very difficult part of the game.  The boss is usually the main character of the game, or an important member of the cast, and well, it’s just really hard to kill them, so you have to do it, or they will kill you.  But it’s not just. Read more about borderlands 2 best side quests and let us know what you think.


varkid nest bartleby

While we’re still at Tundra Express, pay Tiny Tina another visit. The 13-year-old explosives expert wants to throw a tea party for some of the area’s “locals.”

She particularly needs your assistance in picking up her date, Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby. His mother does not seem to want him to leave the home for the party.

madame bartlesby[]

Sir Reginald’s house is located in the Tundra’s northeastern region. You’ll arrive to his home when you reach the top of the steep hill… It is really a nest of varkids. That’s correct, you’ll have to assassinate Sir Reginald’s mother as a result of this.

Her son may be seen resting on the nest when mom goes down (she’s a tough insect). Pick him up, and it’s off to fetch Princess Fluffybutt, the next honored visitor.

bandit outpost


Getting her is going to be a task in and of itself. By blowing up buzzards throughout the region, you’ll be able to get all of the components required to build the Princess. To put Princess Fluffybutt together, you’ll need to shoot down three of them.

Because the local bandit base isn’t far from your present location, locating buzzards shouldn’t be too tough. With the pieces in hand, you may assemble her and get her ready for her party.


If you want to finish it, there is an extra goal. Tina also asks that you get some crumpets to eat. These tasty buggers may also be found at the neighboring bandit encampment.

Simply pick them up and return them to Tina, along with everything else, to start a crazy tea party.


$43 in cash

2069 years of experience

“You Are Cordially Invited” is a party quest in Borderlands 2. It can be started by talking to Mordecai.. Read more about borderlands 2 checklist and let us know what you think.

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