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It’s been a while since I’ve last left a game after a long session, but this weekend I thought I’d come back to the Borderlands 2 game. When I was first getting into games I always used to leave a game after many hours, but now I have become that guy that leaves as the final boss is about to die. I have become that guy that sits there talking to his friend just before he dies, which is kinda a bummer.

The cold shoulder. That is what the first few hours of Borderlands 2 can be like. In the game’s first act, you’ll have to wait for a scripted event to start the game. In between, you’ll pick apart the weapons you’ve gathered, kill wave after wave of enemies, and try to keep your health up high enough to survive. It’s a lot of waiting and poking at your screen, and it can be rather confusing.

The Cold Shoulder lacks Scooter’s “Girlfriend.” Assist her in escaping the underground rats.

the cold shoulder


Scooter, our close buddy, is in need of some assistance with some lady issues he’s been experiencing. Laney, his lover, has been indoctrinated into joining the Fridge’s cannibalistic tunnel rats. Scooter believes that giving her five of Laney’s favorite flowers would restore her to her former self. Scooter also wants you to keep an eye out for any stray pornographic magazines. Just in case he ends up alone after all of this, you know.

the cold shoulder


Traveling to the Fridge in a Hurry All three girlie magazines may be discovered at the bridge area, which is littered with damaged vehicles and boxes. Two of them may be discovered amid the damaged vehicles, while the third is on top of one of the boxes in the bridge’s center. Continue east until you reach the next location with an objective marker. The five flowers may be found here. Several of these may be discovered along the frozen lake’s border. Keep an eye out for the volatile crystalisk as well as the rakks in this region.

the cold shoulder


After you’ve picked all five flowers, it seems that you’ll need to get some of Laney’s favorite food, pizza, to coax her out of hiding. Pizzas will also be available in a small area in the frozen lake’s middle. Except for one, which is on some cracked concrete, they’re all pretty simple to locate. To get to this last slice, you’ll have to drop down from a cliff above it.

the cold shoulder


Return to the south, towards the goal point, to the location where you’ll entice Laney out. Fill the bright green markers with flowers. Laney is tempted by both and grateful for the offer, to the point that she is reconsidering her decision to join the rats. But as soon as she realizes Scooter is the one who sent you, she gets enraged. Scooter was her stalker, not her lover, it seems. She’ll attack right away, but she’s not very tough to defeat. A swarm of miniature tunnel rats will appear to help her. They’re also simple to work with once again. You’ll be alright if you simply utilize your finest weapons.

Return to Scooter and inform him of the bad news. At the very least, he has those girlie magazines.


$774 in cash

Skin of a character

3527 hours of experience

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Borderlands 2 is a game that can bring out a lot of emotions from you. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it’s a unique game. It’s a game full of characters who seem to have ups and downs but stick together. It’s a game that makes you laugh for the random pop up messages or the ‘funny’ animation with a character in a wheelchair.. Read more about borderlands 2 walkthrough pdf and let us know what you think.

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