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This is an unfinished guide to help you find the quest Blindsided in Borderlands 2, which is located in the Concordia Wastes region.

In Borderlands 2, there are many quests that can serve as great training for players wanting to make it through the game. While some of them are meant to be challenging and difficult, some of them offer more straightforward challenges that are meant to be completed. This quest guide will take you through the Blindsided quest in the game.. Read more about borderlands 2 side mission list and let us know what you think.

Borderlands 2 Gunzerker

Blindsided in Borderlands 2

It’s time to go locate Claptrap’s eye now that you’ve got your first gun. He’ll show you the way out of his house, thinking you’re his new minion. Follow him to the right of the cabinet where you got your first pistol, through the door. Before following Claptrap through the door, collect as much ammunition and money as you can in the backroom.

To begin your quest for Claptrap’s eye, follow him across the chilly, unforgiving surroundings. He has an excellent sense of direction despite his blindness, so stay close to him and he’ll guide you in the correct way. A pack of bullmongs will assault you in a clearing not far from Claptrap’s location. Make the most of your new gun by pumping nasty creatures full of lead. Keep a watch on bullymongs at all times since they are agile and strong animals. Fortunately, the most of the bullymongs here are lesser monglets, so eliminating them shouldn’t be too difficult.

More bullymongs break through the ice barrier and assault. The monglets will be accompanied by brat bullymongs. They’re a little tougher, and they can hurl rocks as missiles as well. If you don’t move while firing at them, you’ll become an easy target. Continue following Claptrap down the tunnel the blue furred gorillas just built for you after killing the remainder of the bullymongs. As you travel through the ice tunnel, the earth shakes for a brief time. In order to unlock this new vault, Jack has been mining eridium on the planet. Continue along the tunnel after the earth stops shaking, gathering treasure from the containers along the way. Claptrap, of course, slides down and becomes trapped in the snow as the tunnel reaches a steep drop.

Once you’ve down the rock face, you’ll be attacked by more bullymongs. Start shooting and remember to aim for their heads to swiftly take them out. Claptrap is buried in the snow close to the cliff after all of the bullymongs have been slain. Continue on your journey once you’ve dug him out. Claptrap will take you up to another area packed with broken down trash and vehicles on a cargo barge. Knuckle Dragger, too.


Knuckle Dragger is the boss.

Bullymongs are difficult, but Knuckle Dragger is an other matter entirely. Taking him on is a difficult task, but one that you can do with only a handgun. The blue beast, like other bullymongs, may charge you and hurl missiles in your direction. The distinction is seen in the projectiles. He doesn’t only hurl pebbles at you; he also launches huge icicles and even the vehicles surrounding the boundary. In this arena, he may quickly surround you, thus the goal is to remain on the move and fire at his head for critical strikes.

If you run out of health or ammunition during the battle, you may shatter pieces of ice throughout the arena area.

Knuckle Dragger will withdraw to high ground and let the weaker bullymongs to assault after whittling down his life bar to half full. Claptrap refers to the creatures as “wall sphincters,” since they creep out of holes in the wall. Kill them, and Knuckle Dragger returns for a second round. If you stick to the same approach you used in the first round, he’ll be dead in no time. Collect the money and Claptrap’s eye that fall off him.

You won’t be able to put Claptrap’s eye back in him by yourself, it seems. He says that once you get to Liar’s Berg, his buddy Hammerlock will be able to assist you. Claptrap will lead you up a twisting slope to a Hyperion cargo dump. Claptrap fails badly in his attempt to unlock the door, but the ever odd guardian angel assists in the hacking open of the door. A shotgun and ammunition are kept inside a chest. Before reporting the assignment to Claptrap, get the pistol and plunder the remainder of the room. Then it’s on to Liar’s Berg…


53 years of experience

Money: ten dollars

 If you need assistance with the first mission, Stiv has “My First Gun” to help you out.

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