Blizzard Entertainment is hosting a new event in Overwatch, Retribution. The event will feature characters from the game’s lore that were originally thought to be dead. Players are able to play as them for a limited time, but some players are claiming they are not playable. Retribution event characters are playable in Overwatch. This is a bug or hack that has been present for a while. When was the game released? Read more in detail here: when was overwatch released.

Not long ago, the Overwatch event Retribution was released, and sooner than anybody could have predicted, someone was able to exploit a flaw or fault in the Retribution and utilize a special event character in competitive gaming, which was never supposed to happen.

Retribution, like the special operations in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a current limited-time event that introduces a slew of new AI-controlled adversaries, including the Assassin, Snipe, and Heavy Assault. And although these new opponents are supposed to be exclusive to the new arcade mode, some players have discovered (or rather, exploited) a glitch that enables them to bring those unique characters into competitive multiplayer, which is presently spoiling many gamers’ games.


According to a Reddit post, a Redditor summarized specific instances when they experienced these exploits and was able to get some visual proofs, and due to him, these evidences may now be utilized by the developers to assist them fix the bug and preserve a fair gaming. The redditor had first uploaded a photo and a video. is the source of this image.

Here’s a link to the video:

Both the snap and the video seem to be from the Korean version of Overwatch, but the major issue with this bug or hack is that it is unquestionably to blame for this result, which may not be restricted to Retribution alone. And the use of this kind of glitch or bug is indeed can be considered as an obvious problem for Blizzard as well as its players, and the main reason is that the Heavy Assault unit is responsible for dealing some serious damage and has a massive pool of hit points for bringing it down, and to make it short, precise, and easy to understand, it has huge offensive as well. Blizzard was quick to respond to these sorts of problems, and according to Polygon’s newest report, they’ve also issued a patch to solve the problem.


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