If you’re looking for an interesting way to figure out which casino games to play, then why not base it on something fun, like your favorite Harry Potter (HP) characters? Of course, it won’t tell you all that much, but it’s as good a method as any other to decide what to play, and this way, you can have some fun connecting the games back to your favorite characters as well.

This article aims to make some suggestions to get you started, but if your favorite character isn’t on this list, why not try to follow the same logic and figure out your own?

Fred And George Weasley

Yes, it is great to start with the first “character” actually being two characters. But come on, you can’t treat Fred and George separately for something like this!

Probably the most iconic characters of the whole HP series, Fred and George (or Gred and Forge, as they might say), are witty, ruthless, and fun, all of which make for a great basis to start looking for casino games to try.

  1. Wagers on Sports: Again, this might not strictly be a casino game, but it suits the twins perfectly. In the fourth book, they place a perfect wager on the outcome of the Quidditch World Cup, which should have made them rich if it wasn’t for Ludo Bagman. If you don’t remember this, then actually read the books rather than just watching the movies and pretending.
  2. Poker: Poker might not seem like the best fit for the tomfoolery and antics of the Weasley brothers, but the game requires a level of wit and charisma that the twins have in spades, which is why a good game is sure to fit their style perfectly.

However, if you want to avoid getting Bagman’d like the twins, you need to ensure you engage with a high-quality website with proper certifications and a high level of security. Sites like Spin Casino that use proper encryption are a good call. of


Luna Lovegood

Quirky and wholesome, Luna Lovegood is often seen as one of the purest and most lovably good characters in the entire HP series. Despite being treated as an outcast by many, Luna retains her genuine nature and wonder toward the world and pretty much instantly wins over the entire fan base along the way.

So, which games best suit this delightful character’s unique personality?

  1. Dreidel: An unusual game with a strong connection to learning an interesting and not commonly spoken language? Yeah, Luna would be all over Dreidel, and chances are she would somehow clean house with this game of chance, too.
  2. Pachinko: Another wonderfully Luna game, Pachinko takes the ideas of pinball and slot machines and slams them together in a wonderfully weird way. The end result is a fun and unusual game; sound like Luna to you? Before you have a go at Pachinko, though, you should make sure you’re really familiar with pokies online; sites like Spin Casino have a huge range, so you’re sure to find lots on a theme you’ll enjoy. As they follow safe betting practices, you also know that you can sit back and have fun without worrying about over-spending.

Hermione Granger

In terms of books and cleverness, Hermione Granger is hands down the single most impressive member of the Golden Trio in the HP series. Despite being thrust suddenly into the world of magic, Hermione quickly became the most capable witch of her age and proved over and over that she possessed the kind of bravery valued by Gryffindor as she became instrumental in her efforts to defeat Voldemort.

Intelligence, ability, and bravery are the attributes that make Hermione shine, so why not see if you can find some games that suit those traits?

  1. Roulette: This might seem a strange choice considering Hermione’s logical prowess and strategic skill, but roulette is a great fit for her. There are plenty of times in the books when Hermione is ready to risk it all on a single risky maneuver, one that often seems like chance, and she consistently shows the strength of will be needed to see her bets through to the end.
  2. Blackjack: If anyone has the nerves and skill to play Blackjack to their advantage, then it has to be Hermione. This game requires skill and timing but also nerves of steel, and Hermione has all of that and then some.

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