Creeper World 4 is an action-adventure game that was released in April of this year. This game is an interesting take on the “creeper” genre, with gameplay that feels and plays a lot like Minecraft, but with a few interesting twists. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get the most out of this game, including tips, achievements, and a walkthrough.

As you know, Creeper World 3 is a (semi-open world) game in which your goal is to find a way through the monster-infested world to the end, and complete your missions. Today, as a Creeper World 4 gamer, we will help you get through the game with some tips, achievements and mini-walkthrough.

Welcome to my very first post on g15tools! If you’re new here, you may be wondering why I chose this particular game to write about. Well, I’ve been playing this game for a few months now, but I never got around to writing a guide for it, so I decided to remedy that.

Creeper World 4 is the newest chapter in Knuckle Cracker’s long-running Creeper World series. It converts a conventional “2D” top-down fluid simulation into 3D, which is really very beautiful. I like the game and believe it’s a significant upgrade over CW3, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to help! Let’s get started.

Tricks and Tips

  • Prioritize power above anything else. To construct items and power weapons, you’ll need energy. All of the exciting gadgets that help you push need additional resources, but you just need electricity to survive, therefore you must first set up a power grid.
  • When there is enough of energy coverage, it isn’t always economically efficient to construct a tower. You’ll have to wait to recoup the energy you used to create it.
  • Mortars are very effective in dispersing creepers and only require energy to use. Cannons are excellent for getting rid of creeper on the ground level (i.e. keeping it back from the mortars). By simply pushing guns and mortars ahead, you can complete virtually any level, even custom maps. It’s simply that it’s sluggish.
  • Build a tower in front of a cannon so that you may continue to move ahead while flying a gun in front of it.
  • Anti-creeper is incredible, even in little doses. Make frequent use of it.
  • Use the TERP for more than simply “constructing a massive wall to defend yourself.” With the TERP, you may create choke points to funnel creeper in via an entryway. If you’re on high ground, you may use it to make sinks that the creeper will have to fill in order to go ahead. The TERP may be used in a variety of ways.
  • Platforms are also important. Use them if you have the opportunity. You can sneak around and strike deeper creeper, and they’ll be safe out in the void since creepers seldom leave the ground. Creeper eggs and nests may still spread creeper to non-land locations, so have a sniper and a missile launcher ready.
  • On a poor start, don’t be scared to utilize quicksave (F5) or just restart. In Creeper World, you may win or lose in the first 5 or 10 minutes of a game.
  • Make good use of 1x/2x/4x. At 4x, things may get out of hand fast, but if you’re already doing well, it can help you reach to the finish of the game quickly.
  • If there are sacs or blobs on a map, snipers and missiles are extremely necessary. You’ll also need a large number of snipers as well as missiles. Their location should also be spaced out. Missiles should cover at least two locations since they do not fire until the projectile enters their range. Snipers should be stationed in front of any nests.
  • Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always Even against massive flood barriers, it can buy you time.
  • If you need to, you can switch off items that are using resources.
  • An ern may be placed into a weapon to enhance its rate of fire and range. Simply alter Ern’s setting to “wish.”
  • When a totem is triggered, it creates a shield.


Each of the game’s major environments serves as a tutorial for the game’s key troops. There are a few more troops (along with custom units) that you may employ in custom maps, but each map is basically an introduction to a new tool.

Surprisingly, each map likewise follows the same pattern. One of the most important suggestions is to use the TERP more frequently as a way to halt creeper or force it into choke spots. Creeper is slow to raise or lower the earth, and it’s much slower to get higher than it is now until a wave comes through. Multiple TERPs may be used.

On the last stage, the game isn’t completed. By zooming out, you may play the epilogue.

Wallis is the most difficult assignment you’ll encounter, and it’s also the only one that requires a walkthrough. To defeat Wallis, you must be cautious with your resources early on, since the wall will fall later and a wave of creeper will attack you. At initially, just engage one of the temples that generate the bouncing ball to get more arg. Then, at the front shield, construct a slew of guns to keep your side safe.

Snipers will be the only way to solve this problem. You’ll be safe once the door closes and you have enough snipers to cope with anything that comes at you.

I utilized the TERP to provide a little more safety and to slow down some of the creeper.

When you have the arg, connect to the other orb spawners and you should be ready to go.


The narrative of Creeper World 4 is unusual in that it is more of a prologue than a sequel to the previous games. There are major Creeper World 3 spoilers coming.

So, the game begins with you on Mars, where you are besieged by creeper and must utilize your experimental rift engine to survive. You arrive on a “strange planet,” and your system is damaged. You pick up an AI, rift hop, and repeat until you have the hippie, sarge, and a cultist-like AI with you, as well as “ada.” Now all you have to do is keep fumbling about until you come upon a letter from your colleagues on Mars.

They tracked you down and discovered you were time traveling between dimensions but were stranded on Mars. They gave you some powerful equipment to repair your rift engine and let you do anything you want on three planets that would take you to the main world.

You arrive in the main world, perish as a result of an EMP device, get the rift engine repaired, ADA restored, and everything working properly, are resurrected as an AI, and then you’re essentially stuck battling the creeper everywhere.

By the way, the people from Mars discovered their own type of society that wasn’t under assault from the creeper and moved there.

Achievements of Note

The GoG version has achievements, however they are only available inside the game. Achievements on Steam are supported.

In a parallel universe, destroy your creeper stronghold. The map is reset, and you must complete a regular mission on that map.

Connect the temple on the upper right to the liftic on the bottom in Farsite Farside. It was originally intended to be ran out of liftic to the bare minimum required to win the map, but I received the accomplishment after connecting the temple to the liftic.

21 Sniper Rifles Salute: Visit the Before Time map and construct 21 sniper rifles.

The remaining accomplishments are earned by completing the narrative.

Creeper World is a Role Playing Game (RPG) that is a sequel to Creeper World 3. It has been developed by the team at DWE. Creeper World is a top-down adventure game that lets you play as a teenage boy named Brian who has to find his way out of the mysterious Creeper World. Along the way, you will meet other characters who will help you throughout your adventure.. Read more about creeper world 4 wiki and let us know what you think.

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