Greatswords are a staple for any character in Dark Souls 2, and are a popular go to for players who want to push the envelope. Although the class is not the most desirable class in the game, the Greatsword has the ability to clean up any other weapon as well as hit like a truck.

Dark Souls 2 is still in its early days but there’s already a lot of guides and tips online. You can find all the information you need on the Internet, but not all of it is exactly accurate. That’s why we decided to create this Dark Souls 2 guide. In this article, you’ll find detailed information about all the weapons in the game, including the stats, the usage in Multiplayer and much more.

Greatswords are a great type of sword. Because they are larger and more versatile than normal swords, they are much more useful than other types of swords. This guide will show you how to use greatswords effectively.. Read more about dark souls 2 greatsword and let us know what you think.

HappierShibe has put up a greatswords tutorial for Dark Souls 2. It displays a comparison of all of the game’s greatswords.

Swords of the Best: (All around best greatswords list)

1. Greatsword of the Black Knight

It has the same power and speed as the Drangleic Sword, but with a longer range and greater fire damage and scaling. With a fire infusion, you can quickly scale into the 600+ total AR range with very little effort. Although you’re in super greatsword territory, you still have some significant speed benefits, much reduced stamina expenditure, and a lot more practical moveset. The scaling is strong, and the infusion spreads it out just enough to prevent the softcap from restricting you too much. It also features a beautiful 1 handed strong forward thrust assault.

2. Greatsword of Mastodon Slower, but with massive amounts of raw physical damage and excellent str scaling to let you to pile additional damage on top of that. Has a very long range and a plethora of huge broad sweeping strikes to take use of it. With the proper build, it’s a good target for infusion, but nothing special. Mentions of Merit: (These are great swords to use for certain conditions) 1. The Sword of the Ruler If you don’t mind carrying 1 million souls with you at all times, this might be the finest Greatsword in the game. Is it possible? Yes, and it isn’t that difficult later on, but it’s another item to deal with, and you aren’t gaining THAT much progress for your effort. 2. Greatsword of the Moonlight It hits like a ton of bricks if you’ve been accumulating int, but it won’t compare well to other greatswords; furthermore, an attack speed nerf is on the way for this one, so we’ll have to wait and see. 3. Greatsword Defender Powered by lightning This is the greatest faith-based greatsword ever; it strikes hard and has a great moveset, and the 2HL2 adds a boost that increases lightning damage even more. As if that weren’t enough, it also has a quick, useful moveset that includes long thrusts and broad sweeps. Greatswords in the Early Game The Drangleic Sword and the Bastard Sword When completely improved, both of these swords are capable of carrying you all the way through your first game. They are also surpassed by weapons obtained later in the game, but since they are available so early in the game (both may be obtained on your first visit to the forest of the fallen giants), they are deserving of particular attention. Outclassed I’m not suggesting they’re worthless, but there are better options… Greatswords of the Bluemoon and Black Dragon First, let’s get them out of the way. There is no scaling, and even with a raw infusion, there isn’t nearly enough basic damage to compensate. Claymore There are just better Greatswords out there, such as the bastard sword, which delivers only slightly less damage yet is considerably quicker…. Flamberge The bleed damage isn’t enough to compensate for the reduced base damage, and it’s also too sluggish to accumulate bleeding. Greatsword with thorns The defending greatsword clearly outclasses it. It can fire lightning bolts, but if you have enough confidence in it to be good, you already know how to shoot lightning bolts in a variety of ways. Mirrah / Mirrah / Mirrah / Mirrah / Mirrah Dex scaling is decent, but it’s much weaker this time around, and there are much better dex scaling weapons in other categories. Its moveset also seems to be a bit clunky. Greatsword of the King Too many weapons are just superior. The royal greatsword has almost no distinguishing features. I suppose there aren’t any obvious flaws either… Greatsword of the Old Knight It’s not awful, but it’s also not very excellent. It’s essentially a cheaper variant of the mastodon Greatsword, with lower durability and a 5% risk of exploding when broken. Greatsword Watcher At the present, the Moonlight is just superior in every aspect; but, if it is sufficiently nerfed, it may be able to replace the Moonlight. The Embedded System’s Key No, no, no. I’m just adding this because if I don’t, someone will complain. Please share any more suggestions, tips, or techniques for greatswords in Dark Souls 2 in the comments section below. Thank you for your donations and for taking the time to visit the site. Return to the Dark Souls 2 page.

Dark Souls 2 builds on the gameplay from its predecessor, Dark Souls, but with new mechanics, weapons, enemies, and a new world that is faster and more intense. For example, the combat is much faster—much more fluid—now that you’re able to block and counter-attack. But that doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Enemies still have a few tricks up their sleeves, and there are some bad guys you’ll want to avoid at all costs. (added: Slow motion). Read more about dark souls 2 greatsword infusion and let us know what you think.

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Greatswords are good in Dark Souls 2, but they are not the best weapon. That would be the Claymore.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you upgrade greatsword in Dark Souls 2?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Greatswords can be upgraded in Dark Souls 2 by using Twinkling Titanite.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Where is greatsword Dark Souls 2?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The greatsword Dark Souls 2 is located in the Cathedral of the Deep.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Greatswords good in Dark Souls 2?

Greatswords are good in Dark Souls 2, but they are not the best weapon. That would be the Claymore.

How do you upgrade greatsword in Dark Souls 2?

Greatswords can be upgraded in Dark Souls 2 by using Twinkling Titanite.

Where is greatsword Dark Souls 2?

The greatsword Dark Souls 2 is located in the Cathedral of the Deep.

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