The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best games out there, and the only thing that’s making it better is modding. But modding has its own problems. The latest update to the game, 1.9, can be a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners. This guide will help you understand all the basics, including how to install mods and how to use load order. It will also teach you how to use the console, and how to modify your settings to make the game run smoother.

There are plenty of Skyrim video guides out there, and plenty of videos of people showing off how they play the game, but there’s not a lot of guides focused on smaller things that might make your Skyrim experience a little easier. I’m here to rectify that. So, let’s face it, you’re already probably playing Skyrim. But, if you’re having trouble, or are an advanced player and don’t want to have to read any more guides, then you might find these tips and tricks helpful to you.

The most anticipated game of the year is finally out and you need to get the best Skyrim mods and cheats to make the game as good as you can. Here is a list of the best Skyrim mods, cheats and tricks, the easy and useful ones that will help you to improve your game.

There are many Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim hints, tips, and techniques available here. We made every effort to make this article spoiler-free (Minor spoilers are marked). After you’ve finished reading these hints, go over to our main Skyrim area for additional tutorials and other Skyrim stuff.

    • Save often – This may seem self-evident, but it bears repeating. You have an infinite number of save slots; take use of them. You never know what may happen in Skyrim, so be prepared with a couple alternative save files.

      When you’re “waiting,” utilize the autosave function to save your progress fast. Keep in mind that autosaves aren’t always accurate.

    • What not to sell when adventuring – Don’t sell magically enchanted armor or weapons (example effect: Target suffers X points of damage to Health and Stamina), since you may disenchant them (and learn how to enchant those effects on other gear).

      If you need to locate a “Arcane Enchanter” (who can disenchant weapons and armor) early in the game, look on the first level of Dragonsreach.

      Gather all of the soul gems you come across, since they will be needed to enchant your gear. Soul jewels are filled with spells and enchantments that capture your opponents’ souls, so keep an eye out for them as well. Also, don’t sell ingredients or resources that you may use for alchemy, smithing, and other crafts.

Skyrim Riverwood Trainer

    • Where in Skyrim can you sell weapons, goods, treasure, and other things? It may be difficult to figure out where you can sell all of your hard-earned treasure early on in the game. Riverwood is a nice location for a fresh character to sell their treasure.

      “Riverwood Trader” is the second building on your right when you enter Riverwood for the first time. Whiterun is home to yet another general goods merchant.

      When you get in Whiterun, keep running straight and pass the first two buildings on your right (Warmaiden’s and Breezehome). Belethor’s General Goods is the third structure you’ll come upon.

    • Merchants Replenish – After around 48 hours, merchants restock their gold.
    • It may seem to be a bit less at times, but it’s always safe if you:

    • 1) Alter the maps (leave the room)
    • 2) Wait for another 24 hours (48 total)
    • 3) Return to the room.
    • 4) Make money! (literally)
    • Keeping things secure in your house – Items may be kept safe in your home by storing them in containers.
    • More inventory space – As your stamina improves, your maximum carry capacity increases by 5.
    • Follower Commands & Storage – Your follower can carry an unlimited number and weight of stuff, but only if you tell them to pick them up in command mode. You can skip the dialog and go straight to command mode by pointing your reticle/cursor at your follower from far enough away that the “talk” option doesn’t appear, and holding the ‘use’ button.

      You can walk through a dwemer ruin, point at Lydia (or whomever), hold ‘use,’ point at a heavy metal item, push ‘use,’ and she’ll pick it up using these two suggestions combined. You may even tell them to “take everything” from a chest containing your belongings, and they will pick up everything within.

    • It’s important to note that this labels the goods as stolen. In Skyrim, there are two methods to sell stolen items: 1. You get access to a fence who will purchase your stolen goods after finishing the second Thieves guild task. 2. The ‘Fence’ perk may also be found in the Speech tree. You may sell stolen items to any merchant you’ve invested in with this perk.
    • Keep (1) gold ore, (2) perfect sapphires, (1) black-briar mead, (1) flawless ruby, (1) silver ingot, (1) deathbell flower, (1) vampire dust, and (1) mammoth tusk for missions.

Skyrim Exploration Tip

    • Don’t be in a hurry – don’t be in a hurry. It’s surprising what you can discover if you don’t hurry, put the main goal aside for a bit, and simply explore.

      Skyrim has more content than Oblivion (including a radiant quest system that may generate an endless number of missions), thus there are a startling number of side quests and items to explore. Exploring is also beneficial since it allows you to access quick travel places on your map.

    • The clairvoyance spell is very helpful for new characters. It may be purchased from Farengar Secret-Fire, the Wizard in Dragonreach, Whiterun, or the spellbook can be found in Embershard Mine, which is situated between the three Guardian Stones and Riverwood.

      Simply walk towards Riverwood from the Guardian Stones, and a pickaxe and hammer symbol will appear on your “radar,” allowing you to enter. Behind a closed door, the magic book is on a table. When you use the magic book, a purple trail will appear to show you how to go to your current goal. It will even take you to the map marker you placed on the map if you have no quest goals specified.

    • Sprinting Buttons: Xbox = LB, PC = Alt, PS3 = L2, and you can even sprint when mounted.
    • Zooming in and out with the third-person camera – The third-person camera may be zoomed in and out. To move the camera in and out, press and hold the right analog stick in, then push and pull the left analog stick. To zoom in and out on a PC, press F and move the mouse up and down.
    • Free Holding Items – Instead of pressing A (or whatever your platform’s use button is) to pick up an object, you may hold A to move it about the globe.

Skyrim Inspecting Items Tip

    • Inspecting Items in Your Inventory – You may need to examine items in your inventory for a quest or for any other purpose. To do so, first pick the item, then press C on the PS3 / Xbox 360 or the right thumbstick on the PC.
    • Several Weapons / Spells on Fast Choose – If you hold left or right on the D-Pad while in the quick select menu, you may assign multiple weapons/spells. (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) On a PC, you may simply assign a hotkey to a number.
    • On the PC, you may assign weapons and spells to the 1 through 8 keys. Make the item a Favorite first. In-game, open the Favorites menu (Q), select the item you want to hotkey, and hit the desired hotkey (1-8) On all three platforms, you may also rebind all of your keys in the control panel. (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
    • Shield Bash – Hit attack while holding block to shield bash your opponent. Keep in mind that this will severely deplete your stamina.
    • Stock up on health potions – Health potions are very important early on (and are more potent than your beginning healing spells), so having enough of them on hand for difficult and unexpected battles is crucial to your survival.
    • What’s the deal with my numbers being red? Use a cure illness potion or pray at a shrine to improve your stats. If you can’t discover a shrine, one may be found in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. ( If the NPCs question you about your health (“Do you feel sick?” or “Do you feel fine?”), you have a sickness.

Skyrim Combat Skills Tips

    • Don’t Forget Combat Skills – If you level non-combat skills too early in the game, you’ll be one-shotted by sabres and other large animals. I had a thief character who spent his time pickingpocketing everyone in town, and every time I went, I’d get one-shotted by sabres and other large animals.
    • Instant replenishment – Waiting (or resting) will immediately replenish your Magika/Health/Stamina bars.
    • More experience points – Resting on a bed gives you rested status, which allows you to earn bonus XP. Resting in your own bed (within your home) gives you well rested state, which allows you to get even more bonus XP.
    • Reviving Creatures – The Reanimate spells on the Conjuration tree may be used to resurrect any living creature except dragons.
    • Summoned Creatures – Don’t dismiss summoned creatures as a viable option. Even if they just do little harm, it is their health that is being jeopardized, not yours.

      This is a fantastic method to fight difficult opponents you wouldn’t be able to defeat at a lower level since they can draw aggro while you go to safety. Keep in mind that certain opponents may be able to take your summoned monster.

    • Atronach Immunity – Atronachs are fully resistant to spells of their own kind, thus if you often use fire spells, the ideal atronach to employ is the fire one, since you won’t have to worry about harming your minion with your spells.

Skyrim Looting Dragon Priests Tip

    • Looting Dragon Priests – Dragon Priests’ masks may be plundered. The masks feature a kickass appearance, excellent armor stats, and insanely helpful enchantments. Some provide increased damage, increased carrying capacity, and underwater breathing. Dragon Priests are a pain in the neck to dispatch, but their masks are well worth the effort.
    • Knowledge is power, therefore read every book you come across; the higher the book’s worth, the more probable it has a free skill boost or a mission waiting for you within. If you don’t want to go looking for them, use our skill book locations guide to discover the skill books that will help you improve your abilities.
    • Keep Running – If you want to keep sprinting, don’t let your stamina completely deplete since it takes a few seconds for it to begin to regenerate.
    • Using the Map to Track Side-Quests – If you just select Miscellaneous on your mission tracker, your side quests will not be tracked on the map. To begin, make sure Miscellaneous is chosen (an arrow will appear next to the text).

      Then, on the right, choose the side missions you wish to follow. When you’re following that specific side mission, a little arrow should appear. The side mission will appear on your global and local maps after that.

    • Benefits of light armors – There are a number of compelling reasons to choose light armors. – A perk that allows you to regenerate stamina 50 percent quicker. – 10% chance of avoiding an attack – Get everything helpful for 10 points, whereas heavy costs 12 points and requires two probably worthless perks (50 percent damage from falls and fist fighting) to unlock the lightweight perk.

      – Your inventory will be lighter.

      Heavy armor has a greater armor rating and 50 percent less stagger skill than light armor.

    • Dragon Bones and Scales – Whether you’re wondering if dragonbones or scales are helpful later in the game, you can use them to make dragon armor with a smithing skill of 100. However, since dragons are limitless, you may sell both items until you’re ready to make the dragon armor.
    • Tips for battling dragons –
    • – Dragons differ in strength based on their hue: green is the most frequent and weakest color, while bronze, metallic, and white are the most powerful.
    • – Dragons shed scales and bones, which are needed to make dragon armor, as previously stated (with 100 skill in smithing.) The other items they drop are at random.
    • – Dragons bestow souls, which may be used to purchase shouts.
    • – They’re similar to random encounters and may be found near dungeon gates you’ve previously visited.
    • – Fighting them in places where there isn’t enough room for them to land is a terrible idea since their fire breath strikes will snipe you. Bring them out in the open to be killed. Engage them as soon as they land.
    • – Warrior class heroes should utilize power attacks against dragons since they inflict a lot of damage.
    • – Dragon battles are more difficult for stealth characters, but they are still possible. All you have to do now is improvise.
    • Is your opponent kicking your arse? Sometimes all you have to do is flee. Coming back later when you are stronger is the greatest approach to deal with an adversary you can’t handle. At low levels, attacking stronger opponents like polar bears is a death sentence.
    • Skyrim’s narrative and prior Elder Scrolls games – Whether you’re wondering if you need to play the previous Elder Scrolls games to grasp Skyrim’s story, the answer is no. Skyrim takes up 200 years after Oblivion’s events and offers a totally new narrative.
    • If you’re tempted to decrease the level straight immediately, resist. The default difficulty of “Adept” is ideal for most individuals. Expect some battles to be difficult, so don’t expect to win them all.

      Switching the difficulty to anything lower than adept without first giving it a few tries (leveling, completing some other tasks) may possibly destroy the game for you.

    • Save before creating your character – You may have observed that you have to watch the opening for approximately 5 minutes before you can reach the character creation page.

      Create a save while the guardsman is calling out names to bypass this in the future (for new characters). If you don’t do this before he says “You, move forward,” the game will go into a cinematic and you won’t be able to reach the save game option.

    • Experiment with various races and keep track of your progress – Have you ever made a “alright” Breton and wanted to test if you could do better with a different race but didn’t want to lose your progress? You’re not going to succeed!

      If you make modifications to a preset on a Breton, for example, you may go to the race screen and choose another race as long as you don’t alter the Breton’s preset. After that, you may create a face for that race, and so on. Returning to the Breton will reveal your unique face.

    • Put that weapon away – bringing a weapon into a community may be considered unfriendly.
    • Don’t kill that chicken – Even murdering a chicken may turn a town against you, so be careful what you do and who you do it in front of.
    • Don’t forget about magicka – in Skyrim, magicka may be used as both a weapon and a shield. It can even be dual wielded. Those who wish to specialize in any type of magicka should stick to one-handed weapons so that if they run out of magicka, they can still swing their trusty axe with their other hand.
    • Tips for Utilizing a Shield – For the first few levels, avoid using a shield. Blocking improves your block skill, but you get no experience in the skill of the armor you’re wearing while you block. Having the healing starting spell in your left hand and your weapon of choice in your right hand is a smart way to gain armor rating early on. A shield may easily be added afterwards.
    • Mage College – If you’re playing a mage, make a point of visiting Winterhold’s Mage College. Just be prepared for a difficult quest chain.

      You can complete the chain at a very low level (I started at level 4 and finished at level 9), but it becomes very difficult towards the end, so be careful. For a more in-depth look at playing as a mage, see our Skyrim Mage Guide.

    • When do dragons begin to spawn? (EXTREMELY MINOR SPOILERS) They only start spawning once you’ve spoken to the Jarl of Whiterun and completed a task from his wizard as part of the main quest (the Gold Claw quest I mentioned above).

      The next major mission will see you fighting a dragon, and dragons will appear from time to time after that.

    • Two-handed weapons are still feasible – Since Dragon Shouts take care of all your random magic requirements (“Man, some fire damage would be nice right now”), the only time you’ll need magic is when the potions run out. Burning up my whole beginning mana pool of 100 is enough to get me to 1/2 – 3/4 of my maximum HP.
    • Is smithing a valuable skill? Is it necessary to level it? You may use the smithing talent to modify weapons and armor you currently have, in addition to creating new ones.

      You may also get the arcane smith perk, which enables you to improve legendary and rare weapons.

      Because you can’t enhance fabric or your hands, smithing is completely worthless when you’re a pure wizard and wear robes.

    • Getting started with smithing – People who are typically located around smithing equipment may assist you in learning the trade. They’ll teach you how to utilize each piece of equipment (save the forge), and they’ll even let you retain the items you create.

      Once again, a fantastic method to begin a smithing character. This is the earliest you can do it in Riverwood (I forget the guy who runs their smith).

    • Skyrim Smithing Tips – Ingots may be found in a variety of locations, or you can mine for resources.
    • Making Iron daggers and Leather Bracers is a fast method to level up early smithing, and you may use them to improve your enchanting skills or sell them to a merchant to improve your speaking skills.
    • Mining Points – Approach a wall or ground that seems to be unusual. The option to mine will become available. Remember that you’ll need a pickaxe to complete this task.

      (It’s worth noting that you don’t need to equip the pickaxe; just have it in your inventory and interact with the material.)

    • Finding a pickaxe – Between the three Guardian Stones and Riverwood, there is a mine with a pickaxe. Simply walk towards Riverwood from the Guardian Stones, and a pickaxe and hammer symbol will appear on your “radar,” allowing you to enter.

      There are some bandits within, but after you’ve cleaned them away, you may utilize this mine for iron ore. If you want to learn how to smith, this is a wonderful place to visit.

    • Where to locate mining points – Mining points may be found in dungeons, caves, and mountains; just climb about and you’ll discover some veins. To locate ores, see our ore locations guide.
    • Animal skins are used to make leather; just click on a tanning rack, pick your hide, and presto, you have leather. To create new weapons, click the forge, and to enhance your weapons, use grindstones. The workshop may also be used to enhance your armor.
    • Where to Buy Spells in Skyrim – If you’re searching for new spells early on in the game, Whiterun and Dragon Search are excellent places to look. There is an alchemist that sells a variety of spells there. The caveat is that you must first complete a narrative task there.
    • Are you having a difficult time out there? Get a companion (follower) – In Skyrim, companions are more useful than they have ever been in the Elder Scrolls series. Use one of your first followers, Lydia, in Whiterun (Lydia), to accomplish tasks you can’t finish on your own.

      Followers may also carry certain items for you, freeing you some much-needed inventory space. To select a follower that fits your playstyle and learn more about followers, see our followers / companions page.

    • When you exchange armor with your followers, they will immediately equip it if it is better than what they already have.
    • Houses of Followers – You may get keys from certain of your followers in order to gain entry to their homes.
    • Have you lost a follower? If you got too far ahead of your follower (for example, riding your horse), you may use the “wait” command for a few in-game hours to catch up to them. Your follower will appear next to you after you’ve done so.
    • Which Magicka causes the greatest damage: fire, ice, or lightning? Fire does the greatest raw damage, whereas Ice and Lightning deal the same amount of damage but deplete stamina and magicka.
    • In Skyrim, there are tips for stealth, archer, thief, and assassin characters.

      – Daggers offer a 6x damage multiplier on sneak attacks, thus they’re the way to go if you want to be a melee assassin.

      – Daggers are the greatest stealth weapons overall.

      – While Khajiits and Argonians excel at stealth, other races may also be successful.

      – Get a bow and learn how to use it as soon as possible. Remember that you may utilize sprint to flee from opponents, hide, and then kill them in stealth mode.

      – If you’re hitting with a bow from afar, consider sneaking before attacking to double your damage. (This works even if you’re not playing a sneaky character, as long as your opponents are unaware of your presence.)

      – When using the bow, try to aim for the head. It may take some practice to get the aiming perfect with the drop off, but once you do, stealth headshots may swiftly kill opponents.

      – For stealth characters, the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves guilds are excellent places to start.

      – To join the Thieves Guild, go to Riften (southeast of the map; take a carriage from Whiterun) and speak with Brynjolf in the market place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

      – Stay away from large, showy devastation spells.

      – Stick to illusion spells since cloaking spells are found there.

      – Focus on stealth perks and abilities like Sneak, Archery, Lockpicking…even perks like Alchemy can help a lot.

      – Be careful to inquire about rumors with your local innkeepers. Check out our innkeeeper locations page if you’re looking for additional innkeepers.

      – Performing sneak attacks is an excellent method to improve your stealth talent.

    • Lockpicking is easier if you hold a torch up to an item before you start lockpicking. It’s even stated in one of the in-game manuals, where it says to “heat up a lock before picking it.” I guess a fire spell might be used instead, but I’m not sure.
    • Leveling Alteration – Buying/mining iron ore and using the transmute spell to convert it to silver and eventually gold, smelting into bars, crafting into jewelry, then selling it to vendors is an excellent method to level up alteration and make some gold currency.
    • You may dismount a horse in the water and then ride it again to maintain a constant pace.
    • Is it possible to lose your horse? Horses in Skyrim aren’t able to vanish indefinitely. If you lose track of your horse and need to find it, all you have to do is go quickly to any location and your horse will be waiting for you.

      If you fast travel to a city, your horse will be located in a stable outside of the city or in a nearby area if the city does not have one. However, one way to lose your horse is if it dies. Fast traveling will not bring your horse back if it goes away and then gets into a fight and dies.

    • Horses are excellent climbers – The horses in Skyrim are skilled climbers, capable of scaling mountains that are impossible to scale on foot. (Perhaps they were mountain goats once at a time?) You can mash leap to scale more higher cliffs and mountains, but be careful! As previously stated, once your horse dies, it is permanently lost.
    • Fast travel when overburdened – You may move quickly while overburdened while riding a horse.
    • Wagon to a new city – Every major city has a wagon that you may use to go to new cities.
    • New dragon shout words – Talk to Argenier the Greybeard leader in High Hrothgar to learn new dragon shout phrases. He will offer you a short side quest and guide you to a new world wall one at a time.
    • Putting your hard-won armor, weapons, and other things on display in your house – Drop the object from your inventory, then hold A (Xbox 360) (or whatever button Use is on your platform) to move it around and put it wherever you wish instead of looting it.
    • Enemies respawning – It takes 3-5 game days for previously cleared regions to repopulate.
    • Where is the Spell Creation? Unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim does not offer the ability to create spells.
    • Unrelenting force will silence any opponent casting or channeling.
    • Dual Wielding in Skyrim – Depending on how you play, dual wielding is a fantastic option. Because you won’t be able to block, purchase a lot of potions (strength and health) and build some excellent armor for yourself if you wish to utilize it successfully.

      Then, before each battle, get your alteration up and cast a stoneflesh, which adds +60 to Armor Rating. Dual wielding is effective, but only when done correctly. It’s also worth noting that dual wielding increases melee damage output by a factor of two…but precludes any sort of blocking.

    • Skyrim has a level and perk cap. There is no “maximum level” (i.e. level 50) that you must achieve. If you increase all of your abilities to 100, you’ll ultimately reach approximately level 80. You can only pick one perk each level up, and there are far over 200 skill-based perks, so don’t get too hung up on getting them all.
    • How to prevent early overleveling – After the tutorial, do not accept a blessing from the guardian stones on the way to Riverwood to avoid early overleveling. It’s recommended to start by leveling slowly so you can explore certain places at a lesser level. These places will then be “frozen” at a lower level so that they may be utilized as “easy” training zones when you return.
    • Skyrim Respec / Skyrim Respec (Updated) – Respec your perks and talents Skyrim now has the option to respec thanks to the Dragonborn DLC. After you’ve finished the main quest line, you’ll be able to reset your perk points for particular abilities (or all of them if you want).

      Players will also get access to the Black Book: Walking Dreams after completing the narrative, which when read will enable them to return to a location where they may reset their perk points as frequently as they want for the purchase of a Dragon Soul.

    • Yield – If you sheath your weapon while being assaulted by the guards, they will stop assaulting and instead attempt to arrest you.
    • Locations of Daedric Shrine –
    • – Windhelm is NE of Boethia Shrine.

    • You’ve received the Ebony Mail.
    • – The Peryite Shrine is located to the northeast of Markarth.
    • Spellbreaker Shield is your reward.
    • – Molag Bal’s journey begins in a Markrath abandoned home.
    • You will be given the Mace of Molag Bal.
    • – Sheogorath is from the Solitudes bar’s bartender – Clavicus Vile’s journey begins with the discovery of his dog Barbas.
    • Hircine’s quest begins with a conversation with the werewolf Sinding in Falkreath Barracks, where you may get Masque of Clavicus Vile or the -Rueful Axe.
    • You may obtain Savior’s Hide or the Ring of Hircine. – Malacanth’s shrine is near the orc camp Largashbur. – Hermaeus Mora’s shrine is at Septimus Signus’ outpost in the far north of Winterhold.
    • Casting the same spell again and over again in earlier Elder Scrolls games, such as Oblivion, would level it. This is not possible in Skyrim. In Skyrim, you must utilize your magic abilities in a scenario where they are really helpful in order to level them. Casting Firebolt on the ground, for example, will have no effect, but casting it on an opponent would.
    • Is it possible to level up too quickly? Don’t worry if you feel like you’re leveling too quickly; it slows down significantly after level 10.
    • Purchasing a home – To purchase a home in Skyrim, speak with the Stewart of the town’s chief. This is true in every town. To locate them, go to our purchasing homes locations page.
    • Decorating freedom – Because the majority of the things you place inside your house will remain there, you may decorate it as you choose.
    • Save your gold – Buying equipment and things with gold is often pointless since you may discover enough while exploring dungeons and defeating random opponents. Save your gold instead and spend it on things like training, a horse, a home, and so forth. If you find yourself in possession of a large amount of gold, the first thing you should do is purchase a home in which to keep your valuables.
    • Purchasing your first home (MINOR SPOILERS) – After you’ve killed the dragon at the small tower outside Whiterun where the guards exclaim “Hey, you’re the dragonborn, the man from legend” and “never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself,” go speak to the Jarl at…

      Dragonreach in Whiterun will bestow the title of Thane upon you and grant you a home in the city for 5000 gold. The property is ideally located near a Whitehall fast-travel stop.

    • Locations of Skill Books – For a complete list, see our Skill Book Locations Guide.
    • Purchasing a dog in Skyrim – For a modest fee, you may purchase a dog from a breeder outside of Markath.
    • How to persuade a town to like you instead of hate you – Make your way to the capital of the current hold. You will almost certainly be detained by a guard. If they don’t, speak with one of them. You should be free after you’ve paid off your debt or served your term.
    • You may go back inside the cell and recover your stolen goods after spending time in prison or paying out the reward. They’re typically kept in chests labeled “Prisoner Evidence.”
    • What is the total number of quests in Skyrim? The radiant quest system has the ability to create an endless number of quests.
    • The Companion Quest-line in Whiterun will teach you how to become a werewolf in Skyrim. Keep an eye out for the Jorrovakr.
    • Finding fresh Thu’ums – Approach random townsfolk and demonstrate your Shouts (but do not harm them). They’ll shout their astonishment or anything if they’ve never seen it before.

      A courier will deliver a letter from an unknown individual offering you a miscellaneous mission towards a word wall when you arrive in any large city. You may also speak with Arangeir, who can direct you to additional word walls once you complete his duties. The primary mission is the only way to learn certain language.

    • Torches on the wall – In caverns, torches may be pulled from the walls and used. This is also helpful for avoiding detection while you’re attempting to sneak about. By removing the light sources, you will be able to move about without being seen.
    • If you offer your followers a torch, they will use it when it gets dark! When you’re attempting to sneak, just remember to remove the torches away from them or have them wait elsewhere, since the light will make creeping much less efficient.
    • Oil on the Ground – If you find oil on the ground, there is typically a bulb nearby that you may tap on to light the oil.
    • Unexplored Map Markers – By clicking on each tiny flag on a ruler’s battlemap (found in keeps), you can acquire map markers that disclose places on your map.
    • Follower Commands – By glancing at your followers and pressing A, you may instantly issue a command to them.
    • Power Assaults – Power attacks may stun your opponent, stopping them from countering right away, but only if they aren’t blocking.
    • Characters that aren’t archers – Have you grown tired of seeing your quiver on your back but not your weapon? Simply go through your inventory and remove any quivers you may have.
    • Is it possible to move it since a follower is in the way? A follower may sometimes obstruct your way and refuse to move. Talk to them, then choose “I need you to do something,” and then instruct them to move out of the way by clicking (or pressing the use button) anywhere on the ground.
    • Fighting Strong Mages – If you find yourself totally outmatched against a mage (i.e. an opponent that only utilizes magic), attempt to hide behind cover. If you can remain hidden long enough while the opponent casts magic at you, their magicka will ultimately deplete, allowing you to finish them off while they are defenseless.
    • Fighting Strong Melee Warriors – If you’re a mage or archer up against a melee-only foe, you may take use of the terrain. If you find a cliff, leap on top of it. Your opponent will generally be unable to follow you, allowing you to inflict damage while evading the enemy. If you have enough time and kiting skill, you can easily take out giants and mammoths with the spells you start with.
    • Melee Characters Tip: If you have a “Absorb Stamina” weapon enchantment, you can enchant it and drag the slider all the way to the left to only give you 1 stamina each hit. This allows you to launch an unending stream of power strikes as long as you hit your target, since power attacks only need one stamina to execute. You will get 3,929 charges if you are 100 enchanting with a magnificent soul. Heliotrooper sent us a tip.
    • Shooting a fireball straight at a mage with an active ward renders it useless, however shooting a fireball to the ground around the mage ignores the ward and does full damage.
    • Blessings – Giving money to a beggar grants you a blessing that boosts your speaking ability by ten points.
    • Free +15 percent Magic Resist – Get a free +15 percent Magic Resist. Dinya Balu in the Mara Temple in Riften offers you a task that grants you an additional 15% magic resist if you complete it.
  • The Warrior Stone from the Guardian Stones boosts combat abilities by 20%. The Thief Stone – Increases stealth abilities by 20% quicker. Magic abilities develop 20 percent quicker with the Mage Stone. All abilities develop 15% quicker with the Lover Stone. The Apprentice Stone enables you to recover Magicka twice as quickly while also making you twice as susceptible to magic. The Atronach Stone grants 50 Magicka points, 50% Absorb spells, and a 50% reduction in Magicka regen. The Lady Stone – Increase your health and stamina by 25%. The Lord Stone has a damage resistance of 50 points and a magic resistance of 25%. The Ritual Stone – Once every day, summons all the dead in your vicinity to battle for you. Once every day, use The Serpent Stone to paralyze the victim for 5 seconds and deal 25 points of damage. Once each day, use the Shadow Stone to gain 60 seconds of invisibility. The Steed Stone – Increases carry weight by 100 pounds and removes armor’s mobility penalty. Once each day, use the Tower Stone to unlock any expert level lock (or below).
  • Grelka arrives in Riften after joining the thieves guild and is a great merchant to sell to. She has over 3300 gold pieces and is willing to buy whatever you wish to sell.
  • PC version with an Xbox 360 controller – If you’re going to play Skyrim on the PC, you need have a wired 360 controller. Skyrim, unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, works very well with the controller and has a dedicated interface. Even if you’re a die-hard keyboard and mouse user, you should give the Xbox 360 controller a go with the PC version of Skyrim.

    Note: It has come to my notice that plugging in a controller when playing Skyrim on the PC decreases your FPS while using the keyboard and mouse. So, if you’re experiencing frame rate problems with your PC version of Skyrim, consider disconnecting your controller and playing with the keyboard and mouse instead.

  • Hiding your UI while taking screenshots (PC) – Type tm in console () to conceal your UI while taking screenshots, then type it again to restore it.

Don’t forget to go over the entire Skyrim area for additional information on guides, places, and more.

Skyrim is one of the greatest games of all time. For a long time, I thought that this is the only game I would play for the rest of my life. I am not saying that there won’t be a new game that will redefine the RPG genre, but I am saying that Skyrim will be the one that I will always play through.. Read more about skyrim secrets and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best race to be in Skyrim?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best race to be in Skyrim is the Nord.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What should I do first in Skyrim?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You should start by taking a look at the map and seeing where you are. Then, go to the nearest town or city and talk to the guards there about what you can do in Skyrim.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I get the most out of Skyrim?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The most important thing to remember is that you are not playing Skyrim, you are playing a role.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best race to be in Skyrim?

The best race to be in Skyrim is the Nord.

What should I do first in Skyrim?

You should start by taking a look at the map and seeing where you are. Then, go to the nearest town or city and talk to the guards there about what you can do in Skyrim.

How do I get the most out of Skyrim?

The most important thing to remember is that you are not playing Skyrim, you are playing a role.

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