Deckard Cain is one of the most famous characters in the entire Diablo series. In this series, he is an archeologist, a scientist and an adventurer who happens to be one of the strongest and most popular characters in the entire game series.

When it comes to creating a new character in World of Warcraft, there are several options. For the experienced player, there are the guides on how to create a character from scratch. At the same time, there are several great guides that show you how to create a new character from scratch with a combo of all the character you want to play.

I recently set out to build a new Deckard Cain. Building is a huge passion of mine, and I’ve been reading up on all the information I can find of people who have built their favorite characters. I decided to start with a build that I had been following around for a year, so I would be building the exact same character as they were. The character was Deckard Cain, and I decided that I would use the Fan Build Legion as my base.

The inaugural season of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is now underway. Here’s a short tutorial for all you Deckard Cain gamers out there that want to stay ahead of the pack this season.

MOBA games have become a billion-dollar business in the gaming world. For years, gamers have banded together to dole it out in combat arenas, from SMITE to League of Legends. Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment is a good example. Heroes of the Storm, which has tens of thousands of players, is a unique take on the MOBA genre.

Players may handle some of the most famous characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s many properties in the game. The game’s heroes come from Overwatch, Diablo, and a variety of other properties.

Deckard Cain is now one of the game’s most popular heroes. Deckard Cain is a strong support hero from the Diablo series. Cain is a popular option for any skilled support player since he has a wide range of skills and tactical benefits for his teammates.

With that in mind, here’s a short guide on making the most of your Diablo scholar.


Deckard Cain originally appeared in one of Blizzard Entertainment’s franchises, Diablo, in 1996. Cain appeared in Diablo II and Diablo III as well. Finally, Cain has been added to Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm as a playable character.

The older figure, a scholar, gives Diablo players guidance, including information about the legendary Horadric staff. In Heroes of the Storm, on the other hand, the Diablo task giver foregoes the sidelines in favor of grabbing a piece of the action.

Deckard Cain is mainly a healer and a support hero. The hero, on the other hand, is well prepared to choreograph the battleground with some real crowd control (CC). Cain’s strong support skills, however, come at a cost.

While Cain can substantially heal party members and CC opponents, the Diablo native hero is severely limited in his mobility. Cain may be very effective if you just need to battle in one location. When attempting to travel long distances fast, however, the hero encounters certain challenges.

Advantages and Drawbacks

1. Cain’s healing gives your squad a lot of endurance. 1. Cain is unable to provide efficient burst healing.
2. Cain has a good AoE crowd control. 2. Cain has a limited range of motion.
3. Cain’s skill selections provide him the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances. 3. Cain’s waveclear isn’t very good.
4. Cain’s attribute is very beneficial. 4. Cain has done a lot of harm.

Deckard Cain is a very gifted healer. As a result, you’ll probably want to prevent Cain from doing any clearing or inflicting damage. The hero’s abilities are concentrated elsewhere.

With his healing potion, Cain keeps your party going for a long time. The Diablo native, on the other hand, doesn’t have much in the way of burst healing. As a consequence, you’ll want to take a step back from heated discussions.

Cain is also a sluggish person. His healing potion needs activation and must be targeted before being thrown, requiring the player to slow down a little in order to use the ability effectively.

Scroll of Sealing provides a lot of area denial, while his Horadric Cube ability provides a lot of delays. You may make it very difficult for anybody to pursue you using them.

When playing Cain, it’s crucial to get into the right position. In addition to being susceptible to murder, the hero has limited mobility. Deckard Cain, on the other hand, may be a top-tier support healer if he is correctly positioned.

Capabilities List

Deckard Cain has a diverse range of talents, each capable of wreaking devastation. Cain’s skills are shown in the video below.


Deckard Cain’s ability is very beneficial. Cain will receive 10 armor and a 50% increase in his ability recharge rate if he stays near two units of at least one ally.

Cain’s normal recharge rate is very sluggish, so you’ll want to take use of this feature to ensure that your healing potions last as long as possible. In conclusion, Cain’s characteristic is another another reason why his hero’s location is critical.


Deckard Cain’s healing potion ability is an excellent way to provide long-term support. Before applying the potion to an ally, it must be tossed. When a potion is dropped on the ground, an ally may activate it by walking over it. A competent Cain player, on the other hand, may toss the potion on top of an ally to activate it faster.

In any case, although Cain’s healing potion has a lengthy recharge period and takes a lot of skill to utilize, it may offer substantial burst healing. Even at level 20, the healing potion can heal for more than 500 health, and Cain may holster up to 5 vials at once.

You’ll want to put healing potions down before your friends even need them. Your squad will be susceptible to burst damage unless you have left some potions laying about for them to utilize since you can’t toss potions quickly enough.


The Horadric Cube ability will be your first line of defense against crowds. Because Cain’s movement is severely limited, it is critical that you use the Horadric Cube to make pursuing you more difficult for your opponents.

The Horadric Cube slows opponents by 35% for 1.75 seconds, but this delay comes at a price. It takes some time for the ability to explode, as well as some time for it to travel before it detonates.


In most cases, Scroll of Sealing will be utilized in conjunction with Horadric Cube. Scroll of Sealing, like Horadric Cube, is readily telegraphed. This ability is best utilized in conjunction with Horadric Cube since players may readily avoid it.

The ability roots opponents for 1.5 seconds, effectively controlling crowds. Despite the fact that Scroll of Sealing and Horadric Cube are both readily telegraphed, both abilities are nonetheless fantastic for zoning opponents. These two methods are fantastic if you need to flee and keep attackers off your back.


Lorenado is perhaps Cain’s weakest ability. Lorenado provides modest CC but at a high cost, with a long cooldown period and a short impact duration. When attempting to CC opponents on a frequent basis, it is better to adhere to the combo strategy of utilizing Horadric Cube followed by the Scroll of Sealing.

Lorenado may still be useful in some situations, such as when opponents have been grouped into small areas. However, in competitive play, this skill is still seldom used successfully.


Stay Awhile and Listen is a powerful crowd management tool in and of itself. Stay Awhile and Listen is capable of putting several opponents to sleep, giving your squad a chance to get out of a difficult situation. Stay Awhile and Listen, on the other hand, has a lot of uses since it has such a high degree of CC.

Build Your Talent

Rather of spending time in an item store, as in games like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm enables players to concentrate their efforts on developing each character’s skills. Players are given the option to enhance their characters’ abilities at various levels. Each skill adds a new, distinct, and tactical element to the game.

When it comes to Deckard Cain, the goal is to maximize his CC while simultaneously boosting the pace at which his abilities recharge. Take a look at the whole talent pool down below. was used to generate this picture.

Cain’s Countermeasures

When utilized by the proper player, Deckard Cain may be a formidable support. However, there are certain team combinations that may swing the fight in favor of or against the Diablo native. See which heroes are ideal partners for Deckard Cain, which heroes are weakest against Cain, and which heroes pose the greatest danger to the character in the image below.


Cain’s Favorite Maps

Deckard Cain can adapt to almost every map, which allows for a lot of flexibility while playing the high-tier support hero. There are, however, a few maps that are very difficult for the Diablo native. Below you’ll find a list of Cain’s worst and greatest maps.


Last-Minute Advice

While you now have a thorough knowledge of Deckard Cain’s strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield in Heroes of the Storm, there are still a few helpful hints to learn if you really want to master the top-tier support healer. Check out these suggestions for improving your support game.

  1. If you successfully land a shot with your Horadric Cube, remember to follow up with a blast from your Scroll of Sealing. Your complex crowd control will undoubtedly sabotage your adversaries’ intentions.
  2. In battle, Stay Awhile and Listen may be difficult to employ. Because the ability is readily stopped, it’s not a good idea to utilize it in the midst of a fight. Instead, focus on isolating specific adversaries.
  3. Stay close to your teammates at all times. When you’re near your friends, the pace at which your skills recharge is substantially decreased, so stick close to them. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself dealing with a lot of problems right away.
  4. Remember to dump your healing potions anywhere your squad is likely to swap. To offer burst healing, you can’t distribute potions quickly enough. Your friends, on the other hand, may use previously fallen potions to heal themselves as required.
  5. If you’re up against a squad that dives you a lot, save your Horadric Cube for when the pressure becomes too much. Horadric Cube is a wonderful method to escape away from the fight.

In this Deckard Cain Build Guide, we will be going over how to build Deckard Cain in Diablo 3. Deckard Cain is a powerful Wizard (Cleric) in Diablo 3. He is a very versatile character who can be built around the ability to increase the damage output of his teammates and himself. We will be going over the following six skill build:. Read more about kharazim build and let us know what you think.

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