On April 6th, 2019, DOOM Eternal was released for Xbox One on March 15th and for PC on March 22nd. The game’s official release date is June 30th, 2019, but you have to unlock all four mission packs to get all the content. The secret is to complete the missions in a specific order, each mission affecting the other.

Welcome to the second secret mission of the game, where you will be able to take on a new challenge. You will be traveling to an alien planet of the same name. It’s purpose is to produce energy that all the monsters on the main planet need to survive. You will face many different types of alien organisms that are more powerful than the ones you’ve faced so far. You will also have to face no less than 4 bosses.

Hello everyone, I’m here with my second guide for DOOM Eternal. This time we are going to be playing Exultia, a secret mission in DOOM Eternal.  This guide will be much different from the first one, with this one being a “GUIDE” where I will be showing you the “best way” to complete this, or other, missions.  I will be going over the level, the special abilities, the spawns, and what I think is the best way to complete it.

I work with them every day, so I know how good the trainers are.

Today you will meet one of them: Jen Cooper. So that you too can discover it.


Jen Cooper didn’t always have red hair. But she has always had the proverbial cheerfulness of red hair.

Everything about her – from her quick, determined gait to her infectious smile – exudes an optimistic and determined energy. Talk to them for five minutes and you’ll feel like old friends.

But beware: Jen is not the kind of friend who can be cuddly and comfortable, but she pulls you down, down, down.

Instead, she is a fun, wild and brave friend who challenges you to dream, dare and cross all your boundaries to become the person you really want to be.

And when you think about it, isn’t that what you want from a coach?

Being your best self doesn’t mean looking a certain way, it means living a certain way.

This is Jen’s training philosophy.

You must always remember – and believe, right down to your manicured and pink-painted toes – that sexuality, health and strength are not dependent on size, she says.

It comes in an aura.

If you fear fitness classes will doom you to endless plates of steamed broccoli or countless climbs in a smelly gym cave, Jen is your antidote.

I like to have fun, she says. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or repulsive. It means you feel brave, alive and ready for new achievements.

Fitness has always been an important part of Jen’s happiness.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, where she still lives, she practiced dance and gymnastics. At university she studied physical education and sports science and then physiotherapy.

It got its mastery… in the economic recession. There were only a few jobs for physical therapists.

So she found a job with a pharmaceutical company, where she worked as a sales representative for eight years.

The work was related to health. More or less. And even though it wasn’t exactly what she had hoped for, at least it offered a decent salary – and the finesse of success.

I was a hothead with a Fendi handbag and a company car, Jen recalls.

At the same time, she was a superwoman who had completed marathons and Ironman triathlons, who attended the gym like a newspaper, and also offered fitness classes and personal training.

And when her acquaintances had questions about health and wellness, Jen was the person they turned to.

She was happily married. She lived in a great neighborhood. She had an important and well-paying job, a nice wardrobe – and a slim body. In fact, some people probably thought Jen lived a perfect life.

But in reality, she was hiding a dirty little secret: Not only was she a serious organizer, but she was also put to the test, with frequent and unpleasant injuries and constant fatigue.

From the outside it looked completely put together. But everything about her was confused and full of nerves.

Many women experience this feeling.

One day Jen was talking to one of her managers who came to her for advice on fitness or sports.

While she briefly forgot her sales reports, she remained responsive and quickly made friends with her interviewer – asking the right questions, offering resources and suggesting options. He could hear the excitement in her voice, feel the glint in her eyes. Her muscles tingled with joy at the thought of sharing what she loved.

If only you were half as passionate about the pharmaceutical sector as you are about health and well-being, the director sighs.

The comment baffled Jen. But it also turned out to be a turning point for her – one of those awkward but very powerful moments that determine the future direction of our lives.

By all objective standards, his working life has been a success. She has developed and implemented influential sales strategies. She trained others, managed the budget and launched several key products, exceeding the company’s goal several times.

But she was really interested in fitness and health care. Do not sell medical solutions to pre-existing health problems.

Shortly after this conversation, Jen took some important steps.

What am I doing, she wondered? What am I to do with my one precious life?

She quit her job, got her car back, traded in her work suit for yoga pants and stopped trying to be Superwoman.

It was scary, she said. My income has fallen sharply.

It also had to find a way to redefine success – by its own standards, not those of others. And that means taking care of herself and listening to herself, just like she would listen to any of her clients.

Deep down, I knew I was incredible and that my body and I deserved all the care and attention I could give.

The problem was that she had no idea what care and supply looked like, what it felt like, what it tasted like.

For the record, she jokes, I knew full well it didn’t taste like 72 tons of cabbage soup, and it’s not like you train so much that your body demands it.

I knew I wanted something different, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like.

So she began an extensive rehabilitation process and dedicated herself to learning everything she could about nutrition, functional movement, anatomy, physiology and strength training. And this time, instead of working from the outside in, she decided to work from the inside out.

Knowing was less important than doing. There wasn’t enough information for them. She wanted a deep understanding.

This led them to .

When she entered the six-month program in 2009, she initially didn’t know what to expect.

She wondered how it would fit into her endurance training. Although she hoped for a change, she also clung to the person she was before.

This is common behavior among customers, as Jen is discovering. But all she knew was that she was upset. She worked so long and hard, but didn’t see the results she thought she deserved.

Many people may have wondered what she does in the NP coaching program, says her trainer Christa Schaus.

She didn’t need to lose much weight. Still, she felt the same fear that drives other weight-loss enthusiasts to embark on the program, and she harbored a strong dream of truly being the best she could be.

Krista was quick to recognize Jen’s potential. But she also saw a woman who was exhausted, who needed nourishment and a solid foundation more than anything else.

Why don’t you try the program? She suggested. Do the opposite. Do more strength training instead of endurance training.

So Jen put her skepticism aside and went for it.

Admittedly, it was hard for Jen at first. I had to let go of my old life, she says. I had to say goodbye to the triathlete Jen.

It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to the part of me that excelled and glorified endurance sports.

But with PN coaching I started to see results very quickly, she adds. Not just in terms of body composition, but especially in terms of how it feels.

Eventually, Jen became so passionate about bodybuilding that she started competing and even won the title of Miss Natural Philadelphia at the NGA Mr and Miss Natural Philadelphia Bodybuilding Championships in 2012.

However, improving well-being is not just a matter of replacing one sport with another. Jen felt better because she was living more in alignment with her core values.

PN coaching has allowed me to correct imbalances in my life, lack of integrity. It changed who I was and who I wanted to become, both personally and professionally.

Even before enrolling, Jen was on the path to change, but by the end of the programme she had redoubled her efforts and completed her qualifications in personal training and physiotherapy with certificates from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and .

At the same time, she volunteered with the homeless in her city, teaching them how to walk to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. She later founded a successful coaching company for women.

And every study, every new experience underscored the same message:

The way you live your life changes everything.

I realized that being healthy, strong and sexy isn’t just about biceps and broccoli, it’s also about relationships, hobbies, career and spirituality, she says.

In retrospect, it seems obvious. Of course, fitness and health were his constant passions. Of course she had to work full time in this profession! She even met her husband John at the gym.

He asked me to marry him during practice, she laughs. And for their first vacation, they biked across the Big Island of Hawaii. Four hundred miles, she said, smiling at the memory. It was an incredible race!

But necessity – or fear – can keep us from our deepest dreams. As someone who has been through this herself, Jen understands. She knows that sometimes clients need help to see what they take for granted.

She also knows that there is no quick fix.

I know you want one, she said.  And I want a sparkly pony who does chores! But neither exists.

Instead, she recommends building habits gradually. The resulting changes are slow but lasting. And instead of working from the outside in, it manifests from the inside out.

Jen specializes in helping her clients identify their limiting factors.

One client struggled to go to the gym in the morning – that was the only time she could go.

For two weeks, we made a nightly ritual of making lunches, getting ready for the day, and getting clothes ready for the family. And you know what? For the first time since giving birth to her children, she went to the gym.

Another client’s flexible work schedule made it difficult to establish routines in all areas of her life.  This has become the main focus of coaching work.

By sticking to a consistent work schedule, she was able to plan healthier meals, go to the gym, spend more time with her family – and keep the pounds off.

It is this kind of intelligent and practical problem solving, combined with her upbeat and optimistic nature, that makes Jen such an effective trainer.

It was only natural for her to join PN, says Christa Schaus. She is well versed in the principles of NP and having taken big risks and gone through big changes herself, she understands the fear, hope and excitement her clients feel.

It’s like she was born for this kind of work.

Known as MiniCoop and MiniCooper, Jen more than earns her nickname. Like the famous British car, it is small, attractive, efficient and surprisingly powerful.

She is unpretentious, smart and not afraid to get messy. She will take you to your destination at record speed and in legendary style. And it will make you laugh every mile.

When Jen’s around, the smile never leaves your lips.

This guide will offer you a mission guide for DOOM Eternal, an unofficial game extension for Bethesda’s DOOM, the 2016′ re-imagining of the classic FPS.. Read more about doom eternal exultia demonic corruption and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get secrets in Exultia?

You must find them.

How do you beat Exultia?

Exultia is a boss in the game that you can only beat by using a certain combination of weapons.

How do you beat the second mission in Doom eternal?

You need to find a key, and then kill the demon that is guarding it.


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