With the last two editions of D&D now out, and players looking to expand their horizons, this guide shows what it takes to build a Warlock for Fifth Edition, with a combat guide for 5E Dungeons & Dragons.

While many players and GMs are warping their mind and body with the magic of the Core Rulebooks, it is possible to build a character from scratch with the new 5th Edition rules. In this guide, we will show you how to build a warlock.

I recently purchased a copy of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition from Amazon. The terrain is phenomenal, and the book has a lot of fantastic artwork and diagrams that actually help you visualize the rules. The only problem is that my 5th Edition game group is comprised of friends from my university, and they don’t really play that often due to real life responsibilities.

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Dungeons & Dragons is a very popular role-playing game. The role-playing behemoth, which has been operating for almost 40 years, has just undergone another revival. Players are once again rolling their dice and diving into Gary Gygax’s masterwork. In light of this, we’ve chosen to provide a comprehensive build guide for one of Damp;D’s top tier classes.


A game of Dungeons & Dragons has a lot of different aspects to it. The experience varies from one gamer to the next.

For others, Damp;D offers an opportunity to practice their acting skills while role-playing their way through a fantasy environment. Others, on the other hand, think of Damp;D as a game about exploring deep, dark dungeons and fighting fantastic creatures. We’ve created a comprehensive build guide for one of the game’s top tier classes for people who like to concentrate on fighting. Take a look at the video below.

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If correctly constructed, the warlock may be very lethal. The warlock’s abilities to tank, deal melee damage, and deliver range damage will be highlighted in this build. Other methods to customize the warlock exist, although they mainly concentrate on non-combat usefulness.

If you want additional versatility, the Raven Queen archetype has a special set of skills that may help you advance. The pact boon “Pact of the Chain” may also provide some intriguing benefits. On the other side, this build will have you swinging swords like a pro.

Optional Characters The Best Option Description
Race: Tiefling This race provides a +2 charisma benefit, which will help you cast spells more effectively.
Patron of the Otherworld: Hexblade This patron will enable you to successfully utilize a melee weapon while also giving a number of very helpful powers to help you improve your combat proficiency.
Boon of the Pact: The Blade’s Pact This agreement guarantees that you’ll always have a weapon on hand.
Feat #1: Caster of War This achievement grants you a bonus to concentration tests, which will in in handy once you start using smite spells.
Feat #2: Master of the pole arm You will be able to get an extra attack by utilizing a pole arm weapon. The actual advantage is that you may use the damage from your smite spell a third time.
First, improve your ability score. Charisma +2 Your charm is your most valuable asset. As a result, before you complete your build, you’ll want to max it out.
Improvement of Ability Score #2: Charisma +2 Your charm is your most valuable asset. As a result, before you complete your build, you’ll want to max it out.
Feat #3: Tough By level 20, this accomplishment will give you an extra 40 maximum health.

There are a variety of races to choose from when it comes to this construction. For example, dragonborns increase your charisma bonus by a little amount. The tiefling, on the other hand, is a particular favorite owing to its huge increase to charisma, as well as the abilities “Hellish Resistance” and “Infernal Legacy.” If none of those options appeals to you, go with the variant human race. As a racial benefit, you’ll receive an extra feat, which I recommend choosing the Sentinel feat. This feat pairs nicely with the master of the pole arm feat.

The selected feats are all geared at increasing your damage and endurance. You’ll be able to use a pole arm to do severe damage with this construct. You’ll then boost your melee damage with your smite spells, while increasing your sustain with mirror image.

Your character may use their extra action to attack an additional time at a reduced damage die thanks to the Pole arm Master feat. Furthermore, since opponents will trigger opportunity attacks when they reach your danger range, you will notice an increase in the employment of assaults of opportunity.

Optional Characters The Best Option Description
Weapon: Halberd This weapon functions like a pole arm, enabling you to use the Pole Arm Master feat to its full potential.
Armor: Half of a plate This is the toughest armor you can wear if you don’t know how to use heavy armor.
Proficiencies in the following areas: Intimidation and deception Both of these abilities rely on charm, thus they’re good choices for this build. Aside from fighting, these abilities will be helpful in a number of circumstances.

The majority of the warlock’s damage will come from their smite spells, thus increasing your attack bonus and number of attacks is more essential than increasing your overall damage each attack. On their own, the smite spells will deal a lot of damage each strike.

Ability Allocation of Ability Points Description
Strength: 10 This is a character’s dumping stat.
Dexterity: 13 This is a crucial ability for many characters. Dexterity, on the other hand, will take a back seat in this construct.
Constitution: 15 Your maximum health and one of your most crucial saving throws will be determined by this ability.
Intelligence: 8 This is a character’s dumping stat.
Wisdom: 12 This is a character’s dumping stat.
Charisma: 20 (14+6) This skill will influence how effective you are at casting spells. Your melee damage output will be determined by your charisma, thanks to the “Hex Warrior” ability. A +2 racial benefit and two separate +2 ASIs were used to enhance this number.

Warning: If you don’t want to roll your stats, you may use the normal 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 ability allocation in the graph above. However, rather of allocating your ability points manually, your dungeon master will most likely have you role for your stats.

This build requires a lot of charisma. It will decide your offensive battle efficacy. Because your constitution determines your maximum health, it is critical for any excellent construct. Keep these skills in mind if you have to roll your numbers.

Spell Description
Blur: This spell will significantly improve your ability to maintain yourself.
Reverse Image: This spell will significantly improve your ability to maintain yourself.
Smite’s Banishment: This spell is in charge of the majority of your melee damage, as well as offering some crowd control.
Shield: This spell may help you survive longer.
Blast of the Eldritch: Almost majority of your range damage will come from this spell.

These spells are very important in this setup. The fighting efficiency of this character is mainly dependent on banishing smite and eldritch blast. When you need to tank for your squad, mirror image, shield, and blur will come in handy.

Invocation of the Eldritch Description
Anguish-inducing Blast: Eldritch blast’s damage will be increased by this ability.
Blast of Repulsion: With eldritch blast, this talent will enhance your kiting skills.
Blade of Thirst: You will get an additional attack as a result of this.
Lifedrinker: This increases melee damage.
Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagon Your hex ability’s damage will be increased as a result of this.
The Shroud of Shadow is a paraphrase of the phrase “Shroud of This will enable you to become invisible whenever you choose.
Hadar’s Grasp: With eldritch blast, this talent will enhance your kiting skills.
Lethargy’s Lance: With eldritch blast, this talent will enhance your kiting skills.

All of the edlritch invocations listed above are aimed towards increasing the class’s ranged damage and kiting skills. You should be able to tango with any opponent unlucky enough to come into your path if you use eldritch blast and melee attacks correctly while boosted by banishing smite and mirror image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to build a warlock in 5E?

The best way to build a warlock in 5E is by taking the Warlock class.

Which pact is best for warlock?

The best pact for a warlock would be the Pact of the Blade.

How do you make a warlock DND?

A warlock is a type of character in Dungeons and Dragons.

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