EK stated on February 23rd that the water blocks for the world’s fastest graphics card, the Titan V, would be available in a few days. EK has created a couple water barriers for this new beast, allowing it to run cooler and more efficiently. Titan V is already very costly, costing $3000, but if you’re going to purchase one, you need also get a water block to keep your system cool.


The EK-FC Titan V full cover GPU water block will help you get the most out of your Volta-based graphics card while also keeping the system quiet. The water block is designed in such a way that it will immediately cool the GPU, HBM2 memory, and VRM, since they will all be in direct touch with it. VRM is another component that receives less cooling than other sections, yet cooling it improves overclocking.

The center inlet split-flow cooling engine design of the EK-FC Titan V water block also works perfectly with reversed water flow without compromising cooling performance. According to EK, this design “provides excellent hydraulic performance,” enabling the device to be utilized in liquid cooling systems with less powerful water pumps.

This water block’s base is nickel-plated electrolytic copper, while the top is acrylic or POM Acetal. Pre-installed screw-in brass standoffs make installation a breeze.

EK-FC Titan V base

In case you wish to set up additional graphics cards to retain adequate clearance, EK is also supplying a single slot I/O bracket for the card, which will replace the original twin slot. The pricing of the various variants of the water block are shown in the table below.


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