ESGS 2016: Project Xandata, A Shooter From Secret 6 |

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Today’s post is about the upcoming project Xandata, a shooter from Secret 6, or shall we say Secret 6 or Secret 6 Games. They have been working on this project for a while now, and here we are. Xandata is an action-packed first person shooter which will be released to the public the 1st of June.

There are many things that make a game great, but at the forefront is the solid foundation that the game has to make it great. In Project Xandata, the framework is sound, with good controls, a tight and responsive shooting experience, and a setting that is very much in line with the themes of the game itself.

Secret 6 is a popular gaming community, featuring a vast collection of game mods and other creative works. One such game is “Project Xandata”, which is a modified version of the popular first-person shooter “Tron”. This is the story of how Secret 6 managed to make a game from scratch, as we journey with them through the development of the game.

Secret 6 has to be the developer who has shocked us the most this year. During ESGS 2016, they debuted Project Xandata, a 6v6 Team-Based Shooter developed in Unreal Engine 4. We went down to give it a go and were pleasantly surprised by the present state of the game, which they referred to as a Public Alpha build to gauge player reaction. There are powers, standard weapon kinds, double leaps, and a concealed handgun that has rescued me far too many times throughout my battles.

To learn more about this upcoming title, we spoke with Gene Gacho of Secret 6.