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I want to start off by saying how much I love Exos, there was a time when I didn’t like a single thing about the game from the second I got it, but as I started to play more and I started to understand more about the game, I became more and more interested in the game and the community. Now, after a year of playing, I can say that I really think about Exos as one of my favorite games of all time, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in this year’s Exos.

Exos Heroes is a new online multiplayer game that has been developed by Exos Games. Exos Heroes is a third person online role playing game that is all about teamwork.

Exos Heroes is a LINE GAMES-published gacha RPG accessible for Android and iOS devices. Start with our Exos Heroes beginner’s tutorial, which includes fundamental tips and techniques.

Exos Heroes is the newest character-collector gacha RPG from Line Games, in which you create and set up a team of strong characters and battle in a variety of PvE and PvP game types.

Exos Heroes Guide, Strategies, and Tips

This Exos Heroes guide includes all you need to know about the game, including heroes, team building, in-game currency, and how to advance intelligently.

The First Rerolls

Rerolling for top-tier heroes is the first thing you should do in the Exos Heroes game. Having a destiny core or fated hero on your squad from the beginning provides you an advantage in both the early and late game. Here’s a short tutorial to rerolling if you don’t know how: –

Rerolling Instructions

x11 draw and selective summon are the two reroll stages. (1) Return to the tutorial at the beginning of the game and continue exploring the chapter mode levels until you have x700 Xes and are able to recruit x11 heroes. You will also get free Xes in your inbox as a beginner. So be sure to check it out and take advantage of the incentives. It’s in the lobby’s upper-right corner (airship screen). Visit the game’s “recruit” option after your account has x700 Xes. The x700 Xes will be spent on x11 drawings there. A high-tier destiny core hero is hoped for. Players may get free Xes by using the promo codes. The Exos Heroes codes may be found here.

(2) This is the second rerolling step. Exos Heroes allows newcomers to reroll in selected summoning an infinite number of times. After you’ve completed the tutorial, go to the game’s “recruit” option. Select the “selective summon” or “selection recruit” banner from the drop-down menu. Call in the heroes. Another high-tier destiny core hero is hoped for. You may reselect it by tapping the reselect button in the bottom-right corner if you don’t receive it. Continue to reroll until a high-tier destiny core hero appears. This Exos Heroes tier list may help you figure out who the most popular and strong heroes are.

Currencies Used in-Game

The Exos Heroes game takes place in an universe with a variety of currencies, each with its own purpose. Gold, Xes, crystals, Levistones, Powder of Light, Token of Heroism, Solarseal, and other in-game currency are available.


Gold is the primary money in Exos Heroes, and it is used to improve, bless, and transcend the heroes. In challenge mode (an ancient gold mine), global exploration, Shelter of Avarice, and other modes, players may harvest gold.


Players may gain Xes in Exos Heroes through watching chapter episodes, finishing whole chapters, participating in timed events, daily tasks, weekly missions, accomplishments, logging in, completing the maze, tournament, or Colosseum, or exchanging crystals.

Xes may be used to create items or summon characters via the recruit menu.


Exos Heroes’ payment currency is crystal. To receive it, you’ll need to top-up your account.


Levistone is a currency in Exos Heroes that can be obtained through exploring the global map or participating in specific game types such as Yupir’s Labyrinth. Levistones may be obtained via daily activities and events.

Light’s Influence

Disassemble the device to get the light’s power and swap it at the exchange store.

Heroic Token

To get the heroic token, disassemble heroes. It may be used at the exchange store. Note that the worthless heroes may also be used to improve high-tier heroes.


Get it from exploration and use it in the creation menu or the swap shop.

Exos Heroes Guide to Progress

If you wish to access the game’s locked material, you must complete the chapter episodes after completing the rerolls. Specific features and game types are only accessible once certain tales have been completed. For instance, in Airship Forge, advance crafts, challenge game modes, and so on. There would be combat missions or storylines to accomplish in each episode in exchange for prizes and stars. You get x330 Xes if you collect all of the stars in each chapter.

Each level has three tasks for you to accomplish; completing all of them will get you three stars. If you don’t earn all three stars, you may always replay the episodes. It’s worth noting that repeating the episode narrative missions will not result in prizes. Tap the “message bubble” symbol in the top-left corner to choose the chapter episode. This will bring up the chapter menu, where you may choose between chapters or stages.

After a time, you’ll have access to a variety of different game types where you may harvest a variety of material goods for hero development. Don’t ignore them and try to get as many materials as possible. Do dairy tasks for free Xes, gold coins, EXP scrolls, Exodium, and other items.

Guide to Battle Strategy

The first step is to put together the squad and configuration. Navigate to the “team” menu. Select “formation” from the drop-down menu. Balanced rear row, emphasized back row, balanced front row, and emphasized front row are the four kinds of formations. In most phases, a balanced person is preferable. Front-row heroes should be “defense” characters, while DPS, healers, and mage heroes should be in the rear row. Go to the “manage hero” option -gt; pick the hero if you don’t know what kind of hero he is or what role he plays. Tap and hold or long-press on the icons in the upper-left corner to get additional information about the element, guardian stone, role, and DMG type (physical or magical). Alternatively, go to the journal menu to get a list of all heroes and their biographies.

You may also just press the “suggest” button, and the game will assign the finest characters from your inventory to you.

The Breaking Effect

When the unit’s guardian stone is destroyed, a break effect is triggered. When units are assaulted by units of matching elements, the Guardian stones are smashed. Fire, frost, nature, machine, light, and darkness are the six elements. On the combat preview screen, you may verify the opponents’ guardian stone before starting the encounter. Each of these components has its own heroes and foes. Long press on the four icons in the top-left corner of the hero profile page to verify the element.

Stone of Protection

In Exos Heroes, each character has their own guardian stone. Fire, frost, nature, machine, light, and darkness are all possible components for a guardian stone. The hero’s guardian stone may be found in the upper-left corner of its profile page. (Hero -gt; manage heroes -gt; long press on the four symbols on the top-left.) In the Door to Creation menu, go to -gt; combine/convert -gt; guardian stone element change -gt; pick the hero -gt; change to alter the guardian stone element. It will set you back Xes.

Gameplay of Battles

You will be able to use the hero’s basic attack or abilities when it is your turn. Mana is required for skills, and heroes acquire mana as the fight progresses. After selecting the skill, tap on the opponent. The secret to success is using the appropriate talents at the right moment and in the correct sequence. For instance, CC skills may be used to halt opponents, healing skills can be used to heal friends, AoE DMG can be used to target all enemies, and back-row DMG skills can be used to target back-row foes.

Creating a Team

With so many characters to select from in Exos Heroes, players may create unique combos to annihilate the opposing team. If you want to put together the greatest squad, you’ll need to learn about the heroes’ skills. Check out the heroes’ abilities by going to the diary or using the hero menu. By clicking the magnifying glass icon, you may get a glimpse of their abilities. For a balanced squad, we suggest having x2 tanks, x2 DPS, and x1 healer. You may remove a tank and replace it with a damage dealer for greater firepower. Add more tank and leave off DPS or CC/Healer/Buffer for greater defense.

Getting Mana

Heroes need mana points to use their abilities. When a particular condition is met, heroes earn mana. When you hit a basic attack with an attack type or a Chaos type hero, you gain mana. When an opponent strikes you, heroes of the Defense and Support types earn mana. Heroes with five stars or above receive mana depending on the element they are fighting; fire, machine, ice, light, nature, and darkness. Check the condition -gt; pause the fight -gt; battle guide -gt; special passive -gt; Exos Heroes

Character Development Guide for Exos Heroes

The heroes may be recruited via the game’s “recruit” menu or the “Door to Creation” option. Attack, defense, support, and chaos are the four responsibilities assigned to the heroes. Fire, frost, nature, machine, light, and darkness are among the elements they possess. Additionally, they may inflict both magical and physical assaults. Follow these steps to improve your Exos Heroes strength. –

Heroes should level up.

EXP scrolls obtained through the challenge(world -gt; challenges -gt; experience sanctum) or crafting may be used to level up Exos Heroes characters (door to creation). Navigate to Manage Heroes -gt; choose a hero -gt; level up -gt; and utilize EXP scrolls. Alternatively, members of the squad may earn EXP as well as free exploration by participating in fights.


Enhancing may be a success or a failure. You may employ heroes or spirits to enhance your game. To enhance your chances of success, choose heroes or spirits of the same element. The world -gt; challenge -gt; spirit sanctum mode provides players with boosting content.


In the Blessing Sanctum mode, cultivate blessing material (world -gt; challenge). It may be used to boost a hero’s star rating.


You may utilize the transcend feature to increase a hero’s maximum level. It necessitates the use of gold and a duplicate hero.

Guide to Purchasing Equipment

In the “manage hero” option, you may equip the gears to heroes. Equipment may be obtained via challenge modes (solar trade route, lunar trade route), exploration, or crafting in the early game (airship forge). Common, magic, uncommon, legendary, and fated are the levels in which gears are categorized. The ones who are destined and legendary are the finest. You may improve your equipment and get additional stats by polishing it. Additionally, you have the enhancement choice, weapon awakening option, for additional enhancement. The guardian stone set effect may be activated by equipping a specific number of gears with matching guardian stones. two or more

Exos Heroes equipment recommendations include avoiding spending Xes on forging gears at the blacksmith (that x700 pull). After clearing a particular episode; at or after chapter 9, you’ll start obtaining purple/legendary items through exploring. At higher-rank chapters, the game rewards you with greater equipment and rewards.

Also, keep an eye on the exchange store; you may get legendary tier gear by trading the power of light. The bargains there are updated daily; turn on the notification (it’s turned on by default – if it’s not, switch it on) to be notified anytime a legendary item becomes available.

You may acquire equipment from Door to Creation in addition to the exploration and exchange shops (equipment gacha there).

Modes of Play

This section contains a collection of game modes that may be played for free.

  • Farm material things to improve the heroes in Spirit Sanctum.
  • Farm EXP scrolls or leveling goods that you may use to level up the heroes in the Sanctum.
  • This is an ancient gold mine where you may cultivate gold.
  • Farm equipment or equipment upgrading materials – solar trade route
  • Blessing Sanctum Is a farm where you may find blessing ingredients to bless the heroes.
  • Exploration – when AFK, use Levistone to start exploring and grinding rewards.
  • Dispatch – send the heroes out to collect prizes when a certain amount of time has passed.
  • PvP fights in Zebenstunier
  • Boss fights in the Holy Dragon Grounds. This is one of the most difficult game modes; acquire relics and destiny stones here.
  • Dungeon mode in Yupir’s Labyrinth. It comes with two difficulty settings: easy and hard. Every month, the hard mode levels are reset. This mode allows players to acquire Xes.
  • Coliseum – assemble a squad and battle foes for prizes.

Discount Codes

Line Games’ main website is where coupon codes are activated. The codes may be found here.

Free Bonuses

For free prizes, complete the daily, weekly, and event tasks.

Guide to the World

You can move the characters across the global map. By completing the daily tasks, you may unlock a number of hidden events. Take a look at the following: –

Airship in Disarray

When you complete all of the daily missions, a broken airship will emerge on the global map. It may provide you with benefits.


When you accomplish the daily missions, travelers emerge on the global map. To earn prizes or uncover secret tales, you must engage with them.


On the global map, golems emerge; defeat them to get EXP scrolls and material goods.

Totem of the Ancients

Ancient Totem, like Golems, may be found on the global map. To get equipment, reforge materials, and abrasive, destroy it.

The Universe’s Holy Water

It’s available in the exploration or blessing sanctum. It’s very uncommon.

This is an Exos Heroes beginner’s tutorial with some helpful hints and suggestions. You may leave your suggestions in the comments section.


With the launch of the Exos Heroes, here is a guide for you. This guide contains tips, tricks and strategies to help you reach the top in the game.. Read more about exos heroes guide 2021 and let us know what you think.


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