The developers of FarCry 5 have teamed up with the developers of de_Dust 2, a popular Counter-Strike map. This is a major step in the process of creating a full-fledged video game on blockchain.

Far Cry 5 now team up with de_Dust 2. This is a new map that will be released for the game called de_Dust 2. Read more in detail here: far cry 5 map.

It has already grown big and is basically every news since the official release of FarCry 5 on the 27th of this month. The FarCry series has always been popular, and the newest installment, FarCry 5, takes place in America rather than its predecessor’s setting in the past. One intriguing aspect is that the map-making equipment took almost a day to generate gold, and they have already been put to good use. The legendary Counter-Strike level de dust2 is now available in Far Cry Arcade’s competitive multiplayer map pool, thanks to user Izoolee’s excellent replication. Widdz, a YouTuber, plays a match on the custom map in the video below.



FarCry 5’s arcade mode is one of the most intriguing aspects of the game, enabling players to build their own maps and share them with others to challenge. Playing through community-created maps may also win you in-game money and benefits. Of course, gamers are remaking their favorite games with these tools, and the results are rocketing to the top of the mode’s rankings. This game’s expandable nature is very unusual, and given that Far Cry 5 was only launched yesterday, it is really amazing work.

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As creative gamers discover how to truly use the tools for new maps and methods to surprise other players, the arcade mode is likely to continue to spew forth surprises. The standard bomb-defusing objective mode isn’t available, but who cares when it comes to de dust2? Only one thing stands out….. Rush B. If you want to test the map but don’t have time right now, you may store it and play it later.

The game is now available for purchase on Steam in three different editions: Standard, Delux, and Gold.


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