So I decided to post this guide because I have been getting asked for a build for the Arcanist class for a while now. I have done a lot of Arcanist builds so I decided I should make a guide of my own for those who may want to know how to play the Arcanist class. I have played the Arcanist class since the early days of FFXIV and from my experience, I have found that playing this class is very rewarding but also very challenging at times.

In Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), there are several classes that specialize in different roles. However, there is one class that is considered integral to the entire game: the Arcanist. It is the Arcanist that provides battlefield support and control, as well as allows players to research new and useful spells. This guide walks you through the steps of character creation and play for the Arcanist class in Final Fantasy XIV.

In this guide, I will introduce you to the role of an Arcanist in Final Fantasy XIV. You are probably familiar with the role by now. Arcanists are the only class who can use both the element of fire and lightning. They are also the only class with the ability to use two elements at a time.. Read more about ffxiv arcanist guide 2021 and let us know what you think.

Wark Kweh has created a Final Fantasy XIV Arcanist guide for groups.

The Arcanists are a subclass of the Arcanists. Basic information:

  • Limsa Lominsa is the home of the Guild.
  • Class for pets
  • ACN is an abbreviation for abbreviation of abbreviation of abbre
  • Ranged DPS is the role of this character.
  • DoT (Damage over Time)/Debuff is the role method.
  • Intelligence is the primary attribute.
  • Books and Cloth Armor are among the items available.
  • Conjuror and Thaumaturge are two more skills.
  • Alchemist[Books], Weaver[Armor], Goldsmith[Accessories] are all optional crafts.
  • Scholar[Healer-MND], Summoner[DPS-INT] are two jobs available.

The Arcanist is a DPS pet class that can be found near Melvaan’s Gate in Lower Limsa Lominsa’s extreme west end. It is the initial pet class in FFXIV:ARR, and as such, it defines several fundamental concepts for subsequent pet classes. Over the course of its leveling, the Arcanist gets access to two pets. Because the Arcanist is a pet class, it is weaker without its pet than other classes, therefore you should constantly attempt to summon a pet. Emerald Carbuncle, the first, is a DPS caster pet that can be summoned by using Summon. This Carbuncle has a basic wind spell, a knockback spell, a wind AoE spell [level 20], and a cool spell that increases the duration of its master’s DoTs [level 40] to compliment the Arcanist’s inherent DPS skills. Topaz Carbuncle, the second pet, is a tank that can be summoned by using Summon II. By serving as a tank, this Carbuncle will somewhat counteract the Arcanist’s inherent DPS, but will balance a little less DPS with the increased survivability of its master and friends. Topaz Carbuncle gets a basic attack with increased enmity, an ability that does AoE damage with increased enmity, an ability that decreases damage received for a limited period [level 20], and an ability that stuns the victim while increasing enmity [level 40]. Topaz Carbuncle’s HP has also been significantly increased (At level 20 my topaz carby had more HP than our tank). In most party situations, your Tank will not need assistance. There will be more on this later. All of these pet abilities are shown on a separate hot bat that displays only when a pet is called. There are certain commands that apply to all pets in addition to these pet abilities. These are what they are and how they work:

  • Away: Banishes (unsummons) your pet (master kilvin correction)
  • Heel: Tells your pet to remain close to you and follow you.
  • Place: Tells your pet to go to a certain place you specify [ground target].
  • Sic: Instructs your pet to attack a certain target.
  • [toggle] Steady: Commands your pet to do nothing until indorri commands a correction.
  • Toggle on Guard to have your pet attack anything that attacks it or you, or to have your pet attack anything that attacks you.
  • It will only utilize its basic attack until you order it to use a particular skill when prompted to attack, much like Sic.

I am doing most of this from memory, so I may have forgotten a skill or two. Please let me know if I have left something out. Also, I will only cover tips and info up to level 20 as that is all I could play in P4. If people find this helpful for party play, I may update this after the game is released and I get a chance to party up to 50. On to party advice. In a party setting the Arcanist fills the role of DPS. In the duty finder you will queue up as a DPS class, though in the first few dungeons you should also be capable of being the healer in premade parties due to your sizable MP pool and your not insignificant heal spell Physick. I will write this guide in the assumption that you are playing the role of DPS, since that is what you queue up as in DF. Know your method: The Arcanist is a DPS class that does damage primarily through DoTs(Damage over Time). Once the tank has established enmity(threat, hate, aggro) you should want to apply your DoTs to that target. Up to level 20 you will natively have Bio and Miasma, though you can cross-class into Aero[CNJ] or Thunder[THM] if you have them. This does not mean that you should only cast Ruin while you wait for DoTs. You should only cast Ruin if you have absolutely nothing else to do. DoTs take priority, and DoTs on the Tank’s target take priority over DoTs on secondary targets. When a DoT burns out, you will want to renew it. This is the essence of a DoT based DPS class. You will not see huge numbers like Thaumaturge or Archer but your total DPS will be similar if a bit less due to your secondary-role. You will also find that some enemies are simply too frail to waste time on DoTs. For those enemies you would be best served just casting Ruin and letting your Carbuncle attack. Know your secondary Role: We know about the primary roles in parties [Tank, Healer, DPS(or Damage Dealer if you prefer)], but there are secondary roles as well. You don’t form a party around these like you would the primary roles, but they are important to know regardless. The secondary role of Arcanist is Debuffer. This means that in a party it is your job to put debuffs on the enemies to make them weaker. You only have a few but they are quite potent and it is important to keep them up as much as possible. Miasma applies a debuff that reduces the healing a target receives AND a 40% heavy. This is a significant debuff and it is applied on everything you cast Miasma on, which is most things. Virus applies a unique debuff that reduces base Attributes by 15%! Up to level 20 it only reduces STR and DEX but after a trait gained in higher levels (Super Virus) it also reduces INT and MND. This is huge as it significantly reduces the capacity of a target to deal damage for a time. It is on a long cooldown so you will probably only be able to apply this one to one mob per two groups or so and you will always want to apply it to the strongest mob. You will also want to try and time it so that the debuff is active when the target is most aggressive. Later, Arcanist gets a spell called Eye For An Eye. When cast on a party member or pet, if they are attacked there is a chance the attacker will suffer a 10% damage decrease debuff. Pet tips and tricks: As a pet class, the strength of an Arcanist is split between the character and the pet. So to maximize your strengths, a level of understanding and control over your pet is required. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the appropriate pet for the job: Emerald Carbuncle will boost your damage output, while Topaz Carbuncle will provide you and your friends a better chance of surviving.
  • Keep your pet alive: The summon spells are both costly and time consuming so you want to avoid needing to cast them as much as possible (sometimes it is necessary though!) You are given a couple of tools to keep your pet alive (Physic & Sustain), and while it is nice if a healer chips in it is NOT their job. They need to keep the tank and other players alive and your Carbuncle doesn’t even show up in the party list for them. So be mindful of Carbuncle’s HP.
  • Listening to requests does not imply being obedient. A Tank will often request that you convert to Emerald Carbuncle. Because you already have a tank, Emerald Carbuncle will optimize your DPS, which is your job, this is a good option. But don’t be scared to go back to Topaz Carbuncle if the situation calls for it. We’ll talk about this further later. The idea here is that if someone asks you to do something, it’s generally for a good cause, but you should always be prepared to make the best choice you can on your own.
  • Utilize your pet’s abilities and commands:
  1. If you need to utilize Topaz Carbuncle to assist a tank, make sure Carbuncle is placed where the tank is. This keeps all of the mobs where the Tank wants them (remember, the Tank is in charge of tanking, so make sure Carby is synced with him) and prevents his primary target from rotating (and thus making AoEs harder to dodge and making it harder for LNC and PUG to get their positional bonuses). As a general guideline, your Topaz Carbuncle should stand where the Tank stands and do the same actions as the Tank.
  2. To deal with adds (mobs that join the battle from the outside) or mobs that the tank loses control of, use your pet. It’s better if you let the other person know what you’re planning ahead of time. If a mob breaks away from the tank and attacks your healer, you may Sic Carbuncle on the mob and then Place him near the tank to drop the mob. This may be done with either Carbuncle or any other wandering mob. This allows the Tank to remain stationary while the Healer continues to heal.
  3. Keep Emerald Carbuncle away from your Tank’s target: Emerald Carbuncle has a knockback ability that causes your Tank’s target to flee, which is very annoying. Keep Carbuncle far enough away from the victim to prevent it from using its knockback spell. Heel him to keep him close to you, or place him at a safe distance. You may also set his disposition to Obey, which means that until you instruct him differently, he will only use his default attack spell.
  4. Keep in mind that when performing a spell, ALL pet instructions are disabled. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

Tricks & Tips for Improved Skill You now have a rudimentary understanding of how to play in a party and how the Arcanist and his Pet fit within it. So, let’s get started with some Arcanist-specific skill advice.

  • DoTs deal damage depending on the “tick” of the mechanism. The game communicates in “ticks” in order to minimize server load and synchronize as much data as feasible. In actual time, one system tick happens every three seconds. When a tooltip states a DoT does 30 potency damage over 15 seconds, it implies the damage is dealt 5 times (or every 3 seconds) for a total of 150 potency.
  • Because your DoTs have a low initial potency (though they gain moderate to high potency over time), you may start using them as soon as the tank gains enmity against a target. Your DoTs won’t be able to take the tank’s enmity until he builds up a significant quantity.
  • The Aetherflow mechanism is a mechanic accessible to Arcanists. Aetherflow is a talent that you will learn early on. This ability recovers some MP, but it also provides a stack of Aetherflow (after the Aetherdam trait is learned). Some of the Arcanist’s abilities need a stack of Aetherflow to be used before they may be utilized. You will acquire the talent Energy Drain shortly after this mechanism is implemented. Energy Drain lowers your Aetherflow stack by one when utilized. As an Arcanist, you’ll want to get a stack of Aetherflow as quickly as can and hang on to it. This will enable you to take advantage of its HP/MP regeneration whenever you need it. To avoid wasting this, use EngeryDrain followed by Aetherflow while the skill Aetherflow is off cooldown to maintain the stack up at all times. This will increase your DPS while also allowing you to have a stack of Aetherflow on hand in case you need it.
  • When an opponent is going to become extremely aggressive, or when the Tank is in danger, use Virus to further reduce his damage received, allowing the Healer to regain his HP.
  • You wield a healing spell with the same potency as Cure. Make use of it. Maintain your pet’s health. From time to time, assist the Healer (but only when necessary). Toss a Physick in there if the tank takes a heavy blow that would need a number of Cures to repair. It will save both time and MP for your Healer, and you have some very good MP restoration abilities.
  • Make a list of your DoTs and prioritize them. Continue to do so. The green timers on your DoTs distinguish you from an ally’s DoTs (hopefully they make this a little easier to determine at a glance). Check to see whether your pet is okay and performing what it’s meant to after DoTs. Check your Aetherflow cooldown after that. Burn your stack with Energy Drain (and subsequently Bane) if it’s ready to go, then replenish it with Aetherflow. Keep the ability on cooldown and your stacks high in case of an emergency. If there’s nothing else to do and your DoTs don’t need to be renewed, cast Ruin. Simply cast Ruin on weak opponents that die too fast for your DoTs to be useful.

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Arcanist is a DPS class.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What race is best for arcanist Ffxiv?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best race for an arcanist would be the human.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What can an arcanist become ff14?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

An arcanist is a person who has learned to use magic. They can become anything from a mage, to a cleric, to an alchemist.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is arcanist DPS or healer?

Arcanist is a DPS class.

What race is best for arcanist Ffxiv?

The best race for an arcanist would be the human.

What can an arcanist become ff14?

An arcanist is a person who has learned to use magic. They can become anything from a mage, to a cleric, to an alchemist.


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