Gaming communities are filled with many releases to enjoy in the modern world. From Call of Duty and its combat-focused elements to augmented reality favorites like Pokémon Go, there is something for everyone in today’s climate. Browser games are another go-to option that doesn’t seem to be waning in popularity, with gamers being able to sample a wide range of titles through an internet browser.

Accessible on laptops, smartphones, and other devices, browser games are impressively diverse. A gaming category specializing in retro releases and even titles that independent developers have given a makeover, the landscape of browser games has experienced change due to the death of Flash. It’s still mightily impressive, though. In fact, thousands of products can be sampled, although some releases are better than others.

If you’re keen to explore browser gaming in more detail and make the most of an accessible gaming option that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, below are some leading titles from the genre.

A Dark Room takes place in a post-apocalyptic town.

We’ve been treated to a huge selection of games that occur in a post-apocalyptic scenario. While some need to be more original, others warrant serious attention.


A Dark Room is certainly one of the better products, with this strategy adventure masterpiece providing hours’ worth of entertainment. It is a challenging release; it’s up to you to manage your resources properly, all to survive in a period of time where death is everywhere.


FreeCiv is a great alternative to Civilization.

Although Civilization is also worth checking out, there is a strong argument to suggest that FreeCiv is even better. An online turn-based strategy product where you play the role of an explorer with a small force of workers, it’s up to you to grow your empire across the game’s huge map. A challenging product that you’ll struggle to put down, this engaging release has clearly been inspired by Sid Meier’s classic.

Joe Danger is seriously fun.

If you’re after a fun-filled release with a more lighthearted aspect than A Dark Room, then Joe Danger is the game for you. A stunt platformer where you’re essentially tasked with riding a bike through a selection of obstacles and performing tricks as you advance, this charming release by the makers of No Mans Sky contains crisp graphics and serves up plenty of fun.

Wolf Night by 3 Oaks provides plenty of atmospheric intrigue.

A title that has been gathering momentum in recent times, Wolf Night by 3 Oaks provides plenty of atmospheric intrigue as people enjoy a game set among the twinkling stars of a purply-blue skyline that illuminates the rugged woodland terrain below. Also offering a catchy soundtrack, the howling of a wolf, and an all-round fun gaming product to tuck into, this slick release specializing in tension and mystique is hard to fault.


The game’s makers, 3 Oaks, have certainly nailed this one, with gamers everywhere venturing into the moonlit wilderness.

i-Spy is a relaxing game to session

Once you’ve performed stunts on a bike and escaped the howling wolf, then it might be time for a more relaxing gaming experience in i-Spy. A title where players are tasked with finding specific characters in varying illustrations, it’s like Where’s Wally? But far more visually pleasing. You are being timed, though, and sometimes you have to find fish, but that shouldn’t put you off what is a truly excellent game to dip in and out of.


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