Fornite is the most popular game on iOS, surpassing other top-rated games like Candy Crush and Pokemon Go. This could be because of its accessibility for players who are not tech savvy, or it could be due to its lack of in-app purchases.

Fornite has surpassed many popular games on iOS. It is now the most popular game in the US, surpassing Candy Crush and Pokemon Go.

Fornite is the most popular game on virtually every platform right now, and it hasn’t slowed down since it peaked a month ago. PUBG had a significant lead over the most popular PC games, but Fornite, which was based on the basic idea of PUBG, grew in popularity thanks to its cartoonish visuals and free-to-play model. While the Free to Play model seems to be how Fortnite generates money, you’ll be surprised to learn that it has outperformed big games like Candy Crush and Pokemon in terms of income.

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According to Sensortower, Fortnite has already earned over $15 million on iOS. It’s just been three weeks since it became a huge hit on iOS. It earned $6.4 million in the previous week, which is a record when compared to the most popular games like Candy Crush, which has been around for six years and generates $5.8 million each week. Not to mention the fact that Candy Crush has been around for a long time. is the source for this information.

One of the reasons for the game’s popularity is because it is free, however the way it generates money differs from that of other mobile games. Candy Crush makes money by enabling you to pay to advance to the next level, while Fortnite gives you cosmetics in exchange for money. The game makes money through your purchases of cosmetics and in-game dancing animations. It’s all very simple.

Another reason why people like Fortnite so much is because game is accessible on many platforms. Regardless of whether you play on a mobile device, a console, or a computer, your progress will be stored across all platforms. This functionality is not present in PUBG, the forerunner of Fortnite.


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