The Game Awards 2017 is going to be the best show in the gaming industry this year. It is going to be a great way to see the best of the best in the gaming industry. This year, From Software will be teasing their next project. This could be a new game, a new DLC, or a new IP. The only thing we know is that it is coming in 2017.

Games are meant to be fun. Sometimes, the fun is in the journey, where you experience something novel, something that was created just for you. In the other case, the fun is in the reward, and that’s where the real fun comes in. We live in a world where we get rewarded for our skills and effort, and when you have fun playing a game, you’re bound to have a good time. There’s nothing wrong for a gamer to enjoy the journey meant for fun, but there is something wrong when you get bored with the reward.

After the announcement of Project Death Star, the most anticipated game of 2017, gamers went crazy with the news. Some speculated that the game was a new project, while others believe it was just a teaser for something much bigger. What exactly is Project Death Star? According to the game maker From Software, it’s a free-to-play RPG that takes place in a dark post-apocalyptic Earth that’s been ravaged by a mysterious meteorite, a bleak future where humanity has been divided into clans, and the epic battle between the clans for survival.


From Software debuted a teaser for their next project at the 2017 Game Awards. What was briefly seen above, clocking in at less than 30 seconds, hinting at it potentially being a sequel to the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

Because there isn’t much information at the present, this may still be a new Souls series or perhaps a new Armored Core, which is still possible. Fans were recently reassured by From Software through Twitter that a new Armored Core game might be on the way.


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