The game was cracked before its release, and it’s not the first time this has happened. These games are often called “cracked” because they have been hacked to allow for cheating or to provide an early look at the game.

The final fantasy 15 review is a game that was released in the past and has already been cracked. Gamers are playing it before its release date.

Final Fantasy XV, the year’s most anticipated game, will utilize the well-known Denuvo Anti Tampering software to guard against early piracy following its release tomorrow. However, despite such high-end security, the has been broken even before it is released, according to certain Reddit posts.


But there’s a catch: this isn’t a standard crack; instead, it’s more of an evasion. According to notes released by renowned Chinese cracking group 3DM, in the case of this game, the EXE file from the demo, which was not protected by Denuvo, it was made feasible and really enabled by the EXE file from the demo, which was not protected by Denuvo. As a result, it seems to operate in tandem with the preload files to blow everything wide open.

According to 3DM, the unprotected version of the game is confirmed to work through chapter three, but there have been reports from many users on Reddit that they have been able to progress beyond that chapter, with at least a couple of users claiming to have progressed to chapter nine, while others claim that the new DLC content from chapter 14 is not playable. The following is a link to 3DM’s Reddit post.

To summarize, they were able to break it before the launch since Origin didn’t put in any sort of restriction or check to prevent it from working with the published game files, and they also failed to encrypt their preload, which would have come out later if they hadn’t forgotten. This is also why the DLC isn’t functioning, since it wasn’t encrypted in the original download, thus they couldn’t do it.

So it’s more of a take advantage of the chance of a simple oversight rather than a genuine crack, but the end effect is the same. It’s very successful, but it hasn’t put a stop to the Denuvo era. On Steam, you can get Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.


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