Have you ever wanted to play GreedFall but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a game designer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a puzzle designer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a gamer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a puzzle designer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Well, guess what? The Secret of GreedFall is out!

The week of June 9th, we’ve got a new selection of puzzles for you. They’re called the “Stone & Drum Puzzles” and are a set of four puzzles which are much harder than the previous ones.

GreedFall is a puzzle game that is available on all major gaming platforms. This is a true sequel to the previous version which is called GreedFall 2. The game is currently in it’s alpha stage, and as such, there are no in game objectives or real goal. The object of this game is simply to solve all the puzzles in the game. There are no passwords or hints or cheat codes to be found. Solve all puzzles in the game, and you’ll be awarded with an achievement.. Read more about greedfall drum puzzle and let us know what you think.

GreedFall is a fast-paced thriller with gripping narrative. However, there are two riddles in the game that snare some players, preventing them from enjoying the remainder of the game. The Stone Candle problem and the Drum puzzle are two of the most well-known examples among these players.

Fortunately, each of these clever conundrums have an easy solution. Check out the instructions below to see what you’ll need to do to solve these problems.

How to Solve the GreedFall Stone Candle Puzzle


You’ll be entrusted with completing a riddle involving a collection of stones, each loaded with candles, during the Demoniacal Cult main narrative mission. You’ll be given entry to a secret entrance inside a nearby tree after you’ve finished the challenge. However, the answer to the problem may not be apparent right away.

You will finally return to your senses and see a sequence of candles before you after being taken to an altar and seeing a vision of a burning tree. Each stone with a flame inserted in it is labeled with a different symbol. You will not, however, need to know what each sign represents.

Simply approach each stone individually to display a button prompt identifying each stone as one of six components. To complete this puzzle, light each candle in the correct sequence depending on the element of the stone it is connected with. You will be assaulted by a swarm of bats if you ignite the candles out of sequence.

The following is the proper candle lighting sequence:

1. Stone of the Wind 2. Stone of Lightning 3. Stone of Fire 4. The Stone of Death Water Stone No. 5 6. The Stone of Life

You can see a video of the problem being solved above.

How to Solve the GreedFall Drum Puzzle


You’ll come across a puzzle throughout the main mission Face to Face With the Demon. You must first answer the riddle in order to go further in the game. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to crack.

Eventually, you’ll come across an elderly hermit in a marsh throughout the journey. This hermit will disclose an old ceremony to you, and you’ll be forced to explore the marsh for two crucial components.

Simply go to the marked locations of the swamp to find a fragment of a diary entry and a demonic potion. Return to the hermit after you’ve collected these two things.

The hermit will tell you to go play the drums nearby after chatting with you and providing some important information. This is the puzzle you must complete.

You just need to play three drums to complete the task. The puzzle will be completed if you play them in the right sequence. If you make a mistake, though, you will be surrounded by foes.

It’s easy to figure out how to solve the problem. Play the drums in the following order:

Yellow Insect No. 1 2. Frog in the Dark Red Snake No. 3

You will be able to go through the game’s narrative after you have finished the sequence. However, you’ll have to fight your way through a short battle first. Fortunately, after the fight is finished, you will get a Memory Crystal.

You can see a video of the problem being solved above.

We already wrote a GreedFall Puzzle Guide for your gaming pleasure, but we’ve recently discovered a new set of GreedFall puzzles which are even more exciting. According to our resident GreedFall translator, “The Stone and Drum puzzles are nearly identical in content. The only real difference is that the Stone puzzle is much more complex.”. Read more about greedfall puzzle trial of water and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What order should I beat the drums in Greedfall?

The order of the drums is not important.

How do you play drums Greedfall?

Greedfall is a game where you play as a character who has been cursed with greed. You must collect coins to buy upgrades and weapons, but the more you collect, the greedier you become.

How do you activate the stones in Greedfall?

You can find the stones in Greedfall by exploring.

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