How would you like to play this game in the world’s best street racing game mode and earn street cred with your friends while doing it?

In GTA V, the newest addition to Rockstar’s bestselling open world action franchise, there are many new challenges you can take on to experience the crazy, action-packed game in a whole new way. One of the most adrenaline-pumping activities involves street racing, and it’s available in both single and multiplayer modes.

The game of GTA 5 Street Racing has changed in some ways. You might not be able to race on the beach as you can in the previous version of the game, but you can still get in as much street racing as you can. This time around, the game of GTA 5 Street Racing is much more exciting and you can race on the streets. You have to be fast to beat your opponents and you have to be careful too because of the police. You can also race on the streets and you can also race on the highways.

This is a brief overview of the GTA 5 street racing hobby and leisure. You must first accomplish the “Shift Work” assignment provided to you by Hao early in the game (found as a green question? mark on the map) in order to enable street racing.

Only Franklin has access to the racing missions, which are accessible from 20:00 to 5:00 (at five separate places indicated by a vehicle with a checkered flag next to it). Tips on how to win the races, as well as descriptions, facts, and more, may be found below.

Some race-day advice

  • If you can’t locate the next racing assignment, Hao will text you when it becomes available.
  • Make use of Franklin’s driving skills to get an advantage in the races.
  • By hitting gas immediately after the game shouts GO, you may receive a significant speed boost at the start of the race. This works in online races as well.
  • Staying close behind an opponent for a speed boost and then swiftly overtaking them is how you draft.
  • It won’t work if you attempt to shoot your way to victory during the race.
  • You may, however, ram cars and cause them to deviate from their intended path.
  • For a perfect score, you must complete all of the street races.

For a perfect score, you must complete all of the street races.

The prize is $450.

$100 entry fee

Laps: 2


This is a basic and fast race. Use drafting to gain ahead, and take use of Franklin’s propensity to cut corners with ease, as stated before. 

GTA 5 Racing Image

City Circut is the second race.

$2250 in prize money

The entry fee is $500.

Laps: 1


This is a difficult race with 60 checkpoints located around the city, including Vinewood, Rockford Hills, Richman, Morningwood, Vespucci, and Little Seoul. Despite the fact that just one lap is needed, this is a lengthy race. However, the payoff is substantial. During the race, look for shortcuts and take use of Franklin’s abilities to navigate tight roads and steep curves. Keep an eye out for traffic around the finish line as well.

3rd Place: Airport

Prize money: $4500

The entry fee is $1000.

Laps: 2


This is simply a friendly sprint around the airport and La Puerta’s Maze Bank Arena. You begin with the street racing gang on Exceptionalists Way, looking north, on the east side of the Los Santos International Airport. There is a difficult bend at the start of the race where you must take the highway exit to the right ramp. By using the left ramp, you may avoid overshooting the curve and being separated from the track.

4th Race: Freeway

$5625 in prize money

The entry fee is $1250.

Laps: 2


This is a brief race that takes place along the Olympic Freeway. As you leave the highway and turn sharp left under the bridge, there is one difficult bend. Here’s where Franklin’s special may come in handy. Also, while leaving the highway, there is a dip that, if you’re driving too fast, may throw you over the railing, so if you’re in a fast vehicle, slow down a little.

Vespucci Canals is the fifth race.

$6750 is the prize.

The entry fee is $1500.

Laps: 2

In the Vespucci beach area, there is a motorbike race. Because this is a bike race, colliding with other riders is not recommended. Franklin’s unique skill will also come in useful throughout this race, since there are several very tight bends to negotiate.


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You cant.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best street racing car in GTA 5?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best street racing car in GTA 5 is the Infernus.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the easiest way to race in GTA 5?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The easiest way to race in GTA 5 is to use a car.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do street races in GTA 5?

You cant.

What is the best street racing car in GTA 5?

The best street racing car in GTA 5 is the Infernus.

What is the easiest way to race in GTA 5?

The easiest way to race in GTA 5 is to use a car.

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