Devil May Cry 5’s final mission poses a unique challenge for players. This towering demon is the game’s final boss, and to beat him, you need to be a master of Dante’s style and Vergil’s moves. For those who have played the game—or want to know how to beat the final boss—this guide is for you.

Okay, so you beat the game, and you’re feeling pretty confident about jumping into the next one. As you’re about to fly back to your place and start the next challenge, you get a little surprise: a secret ending. In this case it’s the first battle with the Final Boss, Vergil. This boss is no pushover, and you won’t be able to do anything without the right moves. Luckily, once you’ve beaten this boss, you can see the secret ending on the top right corner. Let’s take a look.

The first boss of Devil May Cry 5 is a tough foe, but one that can be defeated with a bit of experimentation. As the first boss, Vergil is the true test of skill. While Nero is a more straightforward foe that can be defeated with a few skills, Vergil is the opposite. With this guide you will learn how to beat the boss.

Capcom released Devil May Cry 5 on March 8th. The game has rapidly been a critical success since then. However, some players may find it difficult to defeat the game’s final boss. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide on combating the game’s most formidable adversary.

the big picture (Spoilers)

Returning characters Nero and Dante meet paths during a demon hunting bounty assignment in Devil May Cry 5. The two demon hunters are swiftly carried away in a violent quest to rescue the planet after an intense fight with a demon.

The game concludes with an epic fight against old foe Vergil, Dante’s twin brother. Many gamers were surprised by Vergil’s dramatic debut, as the antagonist appeared when his two parts V and Urizen came together to show the villain.

Dante and Nero are subsequently given the job of conquering Vergil in order to save all they know. Taking down Vergil, on the other hand, is no easy job.

Vergil’s Abilities and Moves

Vergil’s skill set is very broad, so you’ll want to acquaint yourself with his techniques before taking him on. Memorizing the abilities of bosses is a big component of defeating them. Check out his skill list below to save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Vergil will bend down and grasp the hilt of his sheathed sword in a charging attack. Vergil will either run forward and slash you with his sword if this occurs. Alternatively, the monster may conjure energy balls to hurl at you.

Daggers: A ring of energy will develop around Vergil. The boss is ready to hurl piercing daggers at you if this occurs.

Vergil will sprint to the map’s center with a multi-slash. The boss will then be surrounded by a circle. This indicates that Vergil is about to unleash a devastating multi-attack.

Vergil will ultimately utilize his devil trigger to transform into his demon form during the fight. While the monster will not increase health, Vergil will get quicker and inflict more damage as a consequence.

Vergil’s Demon Flight Attacks: Vergil will rush to the field’s center first. The boss will then take off in the air. Vergil is ready to launch a barrage of flyby assaults, so this is a warning.

Vergil has a habit of teleporting. The boss will seem to vanish at first. Vergil, on the other hand, will resurface right alongside you and launch a barrage of strikes.

Be careful when Vergil fires out a blue orb. The orb will burst into a flurry of sword blows if it falls on the ground or hits you. This is very harmful.

Vergil will summon a duplicate of himself when his health drops below 50%.

Vergil will conjure blue swords that will track you if you are below 50% health. They’ll attack when they’ve all converged on you.

Suggestions and Strategies

The final boss battle is divided into two halves. As Dante, you must first battle Vergil. Second, you take on Vergil in the role of Nero.

As Dante, battling Vergil

The bad thing about battling Vergil is that most of your assaults will be countered. The good news is that you can take advantage of his own plan.

You may parry strikes with circle (B) when in royal guard while playing Dante. Take advantage of this by being mainly on the defensive throughout the boss battle. Keep a safe space between you and Vergil so you can get a sense of his timing. Then, anytime an exchange occurs, be ready to counter his assaults.

When you manage to strike a blow on Vergil, you may complete a full combo. Launch the monster into the air with back + triangle to make the most of your open window for damage output (Y). Using air combos, juggle Vergil before finishing with a few shots from your ranged weapon.

It’s time to go back on the defense after Vergil has fallen to the ground. Back away from the boss or you’ll be punished with a colossal quantity of damage.

The key to winning this boss battle is to be on the defense. Don’t be a glutton for punishment. Take your time and defend yourself from Vergil’s assaults. When Vergil is trapped in an assault, use your regular devil trigger to increase your damage.

As Nero, I’m battling Vergil.

While it may seem like the fight is finished, you are not yet out of the woods. Vergil, still undefeated, will have to be vanquished once again. Nero will return to the battlefield with a fresh new devil trigger this time.

Throughout the boss battle, the devil trigger will continue to grow, so don’t be scared to use it often. The R2 (RT) button now also has a powerful grappling ability. Once Vergil is stunned, use this strike to grapple the monster for extra damage.

Because Nero is incapable of parrying like Dante, Dante’s approach is suddenly rendered obsolete. Instead, you’ll want to attempt to avoid Vergil’s strikes this time. You may also be a lot more aggressive this time around. In comparison to Dante’s battle with the half-demon, Nero’s new devil trigger and grappling abilities make things a lot easier.

You should be alright if you stay patient and just hit during Vergil’s short periods of weakness. The battle between Nero and Vergil is significantly simpler, leaving Dante and Vergil as the real struggle to prepare for.

This guide is only for people who have beaten the game and aren’t scared to use their knowledge.. Read more about vergil judgement cut gif and let us know what you think.

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