Hardware restrictions are there to make Windows 11 safer, says Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it is disabling hardware restrictions in Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) to make the operating system more secure.

Microsoft has claimed that hardware restrictions are there to make Windows 11 safer. Read more in detail here: when did windows 10 come out.

A beta version of Windows 11 has already been published. The official version is expected to be released in October of this year. Hardware restrictions, such as the TPM 2.0, will be present in the live version. We’ve previously established that the system requirements for running Windows 11 are very high.


According to Microsoft, the limitation was put in place to protect user safety as well as to prevent any compatibility problems. They sought to improve the efficiency of the equipment. As a result, Microsoft intends to utilize its “telemetry data” to see whether your PC is capable of running Windows 11.

The compatibility issues will be notified by Microsoft through Windows update. Furthermore, Microsoft will prohibit users from changing Group Policy features in order to guarantee that the limitation is not circumvented.

Intel’s 8th processor and AMD’s Zen+ CPUs will both support Windows 11. However, it is too early to rule out the prospect of Intel’s 7th generation CPU not being included in its approved device list. We’ll have to wait a little longer for a definitive comment on this.

Many people across the globe will need to upgrade their hardware to keep up with Windows 11.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bypass Windows 11 requirements?

The best way to bypass Windows 11 requirements is to either disable the updates or uninstall Windows 11.

Will Windows 11 support older PCs?

Yes, Windows 11 will support older PCs.

Will Microsoft change Windows 11 requirements?

Microsoft is constantly changing their requirements for Windows, and they have not announced anything about changing the requirements for Windows 11.

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