Now that you know what the game is about and what to expect, how about we take a look at the different types of houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? After all, we want to share this information with as many players as possible, so we’re going to break it down and discuss the details.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is an upcoming 3D Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo Switch. It will be released on September 20, 2019 in North America and on October 4, 2019 in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes place in the kingdom of Ylisse. The official website describes the game as “a cross between Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, where your home is your battlefield. Pick from three different houses with various styles and go on quests with your chosen house to level up your characters.

Welcome back to the series for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In our last blog, we discussed how to choose a house based on your play style. Today, we’ll be looking at the other options that are available to you in the game.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently out, and it’s a powerful game. This Fire Emblem game takes the series in a new direction by allowing you to select your starting home. The choice feels a lot like picking a beginning Pokemon in one of the series’ original games, or picking a home in the Harry Potter universe. Choosing your home is a significant choice that will have a significant effect on your overall gaming experience.

You’ll have to pick carefully since each home has a distinct tactical edge and some additional narrative flare. There are three homes to select from in all. The game may be played under the banners of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, or Golden Deer.

Whatever path you choose, Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers something for everyone. Check out the information given below to see which home is best for you.

The Black Eagles are a team from the United States.


Hresvelg, Edelgard von

Members of the Adrestian Empire make up the Black Eagles, with Edelgard von Hresvelg serving as their house head. Von Hresvelg, being the next in line for the empire’s crown, is not to be taken lightly.

Because they have more magic-based units than any other house, this one is all about magic. Regardless, each house still provides a diverse range of tactical choices. Still, any player wanting to dive into the esoteric depths of Fire Emblem: Three Houses should consider this house.

Because the Black Eagles have fewer Crests than the other houses, they are the weakest in terms of physical defense and cavalry.

The Black Eagles value justice above all else, and they believe that the goals will always justify the methods. It’s also worth noting that the Blue Lions have a vendetta towards this home.

The students of the house may be found in the list below.

Students of the Black Eagles Description
Hubert Hubert is above all devoted to Edelgard von Hresvelg, the house head. This student’s best weapon is a bow, but he can also master the usage of a lance.
Bernadetta Bernadetta is very timid, maybe to an unhealthy degree. With a bow, though, this tremendous crackshot is unrivaled. She’s also very skilled with a lance.
Dorothea Dorothea is the lone commoner among the Black Eagles pupils and is a beautiful vocalist. Regardless, she can wield a blade as well as anybody.
Linhardt Linhardt isn’t always the most responsible, but he is completely committed to knowing all there is to know about Crests.
Ferdinand Ferdinand has a little rivalry with the house leader, who is also a highborn student. Ferdinand will come through for you whether you offer him a sword, an axe, or a bow.
Caspar Caspar is committed to upholding the rule of law across the globe. Caspar usually imposes his principles on the world with an axe in his hand.
Petra Petra has a difficult time integrating into Adrestian culture since she is a foreigner. Petra, on the other hand, is an expert with a sword, bow, and axe.

The Blue Lions are a team from the United Kingdom.


fire_emblem_three_houses_dimitri_artwork Dimitri Blaiddyd, Prince

The Blue Lions are from Faerghus’ Holy Kingdom, and Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd is the house’s head.

This family values gallantry above all else, and they strive to uphold the greatest standards of honor. The Blue Lions are the ideal if you want tough defense and a strong cavalry. With this home, you will only be allowed to employ a single natural bow user and only two magic users.

Members of this house ultimately fail to hold their own at ranged. They may, however, be devastatingly effective up close. Their fiercest opponents are the Black Eagles. Below are some of the house’s most notable pupils.

Students of the Blue Lions Description
Ingrid Because of Ingrid’s great sense of duty and integrity, she has been a lifelong friend of house leader Dimitri Blaiddyd. Ingrid is always a frightening force on the battlefield, whether she’s wielding a sword or a lance.
Mercedes Mercedes, despite her aristocratic status, behaves as if she were a commoner. She is an expert in both logic and religion.
Ashe Ashe was raised like a nobleman. As a consequence, Ashe often aspires to be regarded equally to his aristocratic peers. Both axes and bows are strong in the hands of this pupil.
Sylvain Sylvain is a charming character that is devoted to all of his friends. With lances and axes, he is most effective.
Felix Felix has a competitive mentality that often outstrips even his friends. He knows how to use swords and bows.
Annette Annette is the most knowledgeable of her classmates, but she may be naïve at times. She can still swat an axe and shoot a bow with the best of them.
Dedue Dedue is a one-of-a-kind character, stoic and austere. However, if you get to know him, he can be very kind. He has the ability to use both axes and magic.

The Golden Deer is a kind of deer.


D5qFYVUWsAEFRhJ-1024x1024Claude von Reigan is a German writer.

The Golden Deer is a member of the Leicster Alliance, and Claude von Reigan, the house leader, is in charge of them. The Golden Deer is an anomaly since it has the greatest proportion of commoners.

This house focuses on ranged combat, since they are home to the best archers of all the houses. The Golden Deer are, in general, the most well-rounded of all the houses. As a result, if you’re not sure how you want to play the game and want to try a little bit of everything, this home is a fantastic option.

Take a look at the pupils that live in the home down below.

Students from Golden Deer Description
Lorenz Lorenz comes from a lower-class family and is determined to find a decent bride. Lorenze is most suited to fight with the lance.
Lysithea Lysithea is an accomplished sorceress. She is, nevertheless, a skilled swordswoman.
Marianne Marianne isn’t the most self-assured student in the class. Despite this, she is a skilled swordswoman. If she practices with a lance, she may become very proficient.
Raphael Raphael is a physical adonis who is all about bettering his physique. Those who had the misfortune to come across him on the battlefield will almost certainly get an axe to the face.
Ignatz Ignatz is an artist at heart, despite his knightly training. Ignatz is skilled with both the sword and the bow in combat.
Leonie Leonie is trying to repay the Officer’s School for the enormous amount she owes them, since she was only able to attend the academy because of the assistance of her community. Leonia is a strong fighter on the battlefield, whether she is wielding a lance or a bow.
Hilda Hilda is a deligator rather than a combatant. Despite this, she can still do significant damage with both lances and axes.

With the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses , Nintendo has released the first of its kind for a Nintendo-published strategy game. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will not only introduce a new story to the Fire Emblem universe, but will also see the first time that the game has adopted a simulation-like gameplay, that features an in-depth housing system that allows you to build a character and customize your village.. Read more about fire emblem: three houses choices black eagles and let us know what you think.

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The best house in Fire Emblem three houses is the Hoshido family.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does it matter what house you pick in Fire Emblem?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
No, it does not matter what house you pick.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which house should I choose first in Fire Emblem 3?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
If you are playing on the Nintendo Switch, then I would recommend choosing the house of your favorite character. If you are playing on a different platform, then I would recommend choosing whichever house has the most units.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best house in Fire Emblem three houses?

The best house in Fire Emblem three houses is the Hoshido family.

Does it matter what house you pick in Fire Emblem?

No, it does not matter what house you pick.

Which house should I choose first in Fire Emblem 3?

If you are playing on the Nintendo Switch, then I would recommend choosing the house of your favorite character. If you are playing on a different platform, then I would recommend choosing whichever house has the most units.

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