Looking for a new furry friend in Minecraft? Here’s a quick guide on how to find cats in Minecraft, across all versions of the game!


Finding cats in the game Minecraft might be difficult, particularly if you are a beginner. However, cats may be found pretty rapidly in all versions of the game. This tutorial will walk you through three methods to help you identify cats, as well as some information on what cats do and how they interact with players.

Cats are little furry critters that naturally appear in villages. They have white and gray striped fur, golden eyes, and pink ears. Cats, unlike wolves, do not need to be domesticated before being engaged with. They would follow players everywhere, even riding on their shoulders at times. Cats help safeguard communities by frightening off harmful monsters such as zombies and spiders with their loud meows.

Step 1: Identify a Cat Spawning Location

Cats are one of the most popular mobs in Minecraft, and they may be found in a variety of biomes. The first step in locating cats is to select a cat spawning place.

Villages are the ideal places to locate cats since this is where they naturally reproduce. Cats are also often seen around beaches, deserts, and rainforests. Cats may stray away from villages and other areas as they roam across their biomes, so it’s crucial to keep an eye out for them.

Cats may meow or hiss mysteriously at adjacent players or creatures as they roam across their environment. ; indicates that the cat has noticed anything nearby that it considers strange or dangerous.

When you’ve found a Cat Spawning Location, you may start hunting for cats.


To discover cats in Minecraft, users must first find the appropriate biome. Biomes are the many places of the game that each have their own distinct characteristics, such as climate, vegetation, and creatures.

Cats can only be found in Desert biomes, therefore users seeking for a cat in their game will have to hunt through Desert biomes. If they do not already have a Desert biome, players may construct one by combining seeds.

Once entering a Desert biome, players should check for Red& Sandstone blocks, which serve as frequent Desert biome markers. Simply explore the neighborhood and keep an eye out for cats from here.


Structures are a vital component of any Minecraft PVP construction. Structures offer protection for players, enable them to hide and ambush their opponents, and may even be used to funnel adversaries into a user’s traps. Structures may also give a strategic benefit, enabling users to obtain an edge over competing players.

When designing these structures, keep in mind how they will effect game flow and how they might be used to your benefit against rival teams. While building walls may seem simple at first look, they may be stacked with other parts such as steps or ladders and have varied forms such as circles or octagons for added intricacy.

Common structures used in PVP constructions include:

  • Walls,
  • Towers, which provide players a greater perspective of their surroundings, allowing them to anticipate impending dangers sooner than they would if they were on ground level, and
  • Bridges, which are often built across risky places to offer people with an easier method to navigate them while avoiding harm from the environment below.

Step 2: Set Up a Cat Trap

To make a cat trap in Minecraft, you’ll need to collect a few certain objects. First, you must locate some raw salmon or raw cod. While out fishing with a fishing rod, raw salmon and cod may be discovered. If you have access to an ocean biome, you may also locate these things on the ground in a variety of locations around the habitat.

Make your way to the next village after acquiring three pieces of raw salmon or cod. Cats may frequently be found in villages and can be tamed and befriended by the player. When you arrive at a settlement, scatter your raw fish pieces on the ground in close proximity so that cats are attracted to them by scent. Once the cats have gathered around your bait, step aside and wait for one of them to climb on top of it; this is when the cat will become domesticated and will follow you everywhere you go.

Find a Suitable Spot

The first step towards discovering cats in Minecraft, regardless of version, is to locate an appropriate location. Cats spawn in villages, thus you may find them practically everywhere in the game, although certain regions are more suited to cat hunting than others.

Cats prefer to concentrate around major villages with a significant number of residents and structures; villages with various farms and tiny residences are ideal areas to begin your search for cats. Keep your eyes out for other creatures as well. Cats are often seen around other mobs such as chickens, pigs, and cows.

It’s time to start looking for cats now that you’ve found a good location:

  • Look for major villages with a significant number of residents and structures.
  • Look for farms and tiny residences.
  • Look for other mobs such as chickens, pigs, and cows.

Create a Trap

One of the phases in discovering cats in Minecraft is to build a trap. To begin, the player must construct an enclosure by putting fence blocks. This must be big enough to accommodate the cat and have at least two spaces for the cat to enter. Once finished, insert one or more pieces of raw chicken and seal any residual holes. The fragrance of raw chicken will then entice the cat, luring it into an enclosure. It may then be picked up and tamed using a fishing rod or a piece of wheat.

Step 3: Wait for a Cat to Spawn

Step 3 for players hunting for cats in Minecraft is to wait for a cat to spawn. A player must establish an atmosphere conducive to the spawning of cats. This may involve providing shelter and food for cats, which can attract them. Cats spawn on grass blocks with light levels of 7 or higher throughout the day. When hunting for a cat to tame, check around villages and other regions with a lot of dwellings and foliage since these are probable sites where cats will spawn naturally.

When a wild cat spawns nearby, you may pick it up by rushing up behind it and hitting the “use” key. Once a wild cat has been captured, it may be domesticated by providing it raw cod or raw salmon, which can swiftly gain the wild cat’s confidence. Players must also ensure that the game difficulty in their Minecraft world is set to Easy or lower so that the tamed cat’s health bar does not deplete fast due to damage from hostile monsters such as zombies or creepers.


To summarize, discovering cats in Minecraft is a rather straightforward task. All you have to do is identify a spawning spot for cats and construct or find a bed for them. After that, you may use raw fish as bait to lure cats and then feed them. If you’re in Creative Mode, you may just use the relevant game command to spawn a cat.

Taking care of cats in Minecraft can be fun and gratifying no matter which strategy you choose. You’ll be the happy owner of your very own gorgeous virtual cat with only a little patience and some delectable fish. Best wishes.


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