Are you struggling to survive in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Warzone? Do you feel like everything is stacked against you when you drop into Urzikstan? Are you still waiting for your first victory? Then, you have come to the right place because we have some handy hints and tips to help you navigate your way to the final circles and experience the excitement of winning a Warzone round.

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 isn’t a favorite for the Game of the Year award with the sites featured in the online sportsbook USA, it is incredibly good fun, but it is even more fun if you are winning or challenging for the top finishing places. Unfortunately, Warzone is quite unforgiving if you don’t know what you are doing or approach it incorrectly. Thankfully, the following tips will help you become a Warzone master and, hopefully, rack up some victories.

Find Your Warzone Niche

Warzone typically has several modes available, including solo, duos, trios, and four-person squads, each requiring different skills to succeed. Some players are more naturally suited to being a lone wolf, while others operate better in a team. Play a few rounds in each mode and see which fits your play style the best, then dedicate your time to that mode.

Play as a Team

Those playing Warzone in a duo, trio, or four-player squad must play as a team to become successful. Teamwork makes the dream work, or so they say. Teams that work together have a substantial advantage over incoherent squads, so focus on the team element of the game.

For example, ensure you regularly ping targets, share loot, and drop into the same zone. Stick together throughout the game, calling out on your mic or using the ping system to inform your teammates of your intentions. Don’t engage with an enemy squad without backup. Even a two-on-one scenario will often leave you heading to the Gulag. Play as a team; we cannot stress that enough.

Strategically Choose Your Drops

Urzikstan has dozens of drop zones to choose from, each featuring positives and negatives. High-traffic areas often have hidden caches and better loot but are hotly contested by other players and squads.


Other Points of Interest (POI) have less loot, but that negative is outweighed by the fact you probably won’t stumble across other teams.

Aggressive players who aren’t afraid to visit the Gulag early into a round should consider dropping into one of the more popular POIs where high-value loot is found. If you come out of the initial firefights intact, you give yourself every chance of winning the round.

Some of the best Urzikstan drop zones include Zaravan City, Seaport, Old Town, and the Orlov Military Base. Good luck!

Live to Fight Another Day

You will have to engage with enemy teams at some stage to become a Warzone champion, but that doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to kill every opponent on the map. Choose your battles carefully, only opening fire when you have the drop on your opponents. Remember how earlier we said teamwork is crucial to Warzone success? Teamwork comes into its own when taking on enemy squads.

As a team, try positioning yourself so you have an advantage from the moment the first bullet leaves your gun. You may be able to climb into a roof, shoot through a window, or hide behind some hard cover. Remaining hidden when the shooting starts gives you the upper hand and makes you more likely to survive the fight.

Conversely, don’t be afraid to hide when you see enemies nearby; run away if you have to. Running away is a viable option, especially if you were part of a team, but one or two of your squad are now dead. Try to escape unnoticed if possible, or toss a couple of smoke grenades in the approaching squad’s direction and slide cancel your way to safety while they struggle to see. You can only win a round of Warzone if at least one of your team is alive!

Complete Contracts and Do So Smartly

You will find some squads land in a hot zone and spend the rest of the game running around like headless chickens, hoping to find opponents or avoid conflict.


Completing contracts earns you cash that you can use to purchase UAVs and your favorite loadout. A great tactic is to have one of your squad drop on a scavenger contract while everyone else remains floating down with their parachute open. Those airborne players can then swoop down on the scavenger boxes as they unlock and are revealed on the map; players can travel much faster in the air than they can on the ground.

Don’t Limit Yourself to a Single Weapon

Everyone has a favorite weapon, be that a sniper rifle, SMG, or shotgun. Most players focus on acquiring their favorite gun from caches or purchasing a loadout for their team. While this is a viable strategy, what is your plan if you don’t find your favorite weapon class or can’t afford a loadout?

Getting used to how each gun handles and performs rather than focusing your attention on one specific weapon is advised. You could be the best sniper in the game, yet that counts for nothing in a close-quarters battle when you are not used to fighting with an unfamiliar weapon.


These six hints and tips look basic on the outside, yet they can completely transform how a typical round of Warzone pans out. Although Warzone’s combat is arcade-like, approaching the game like a military sim, with strategy, tactics, and teamwork, helps you stay alive for longer. In addition, teams that work as a unit and ensure each member has good loot and complete contracts will have a much better chance of seeing the Warzone Victory outro than a group of four lone wolves masquerading as a team. See you in Urzikstan!


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