One of the most common problems for gamers is how to increase FPS in PUBG without losing a lot of Visual quality. This guide will show you how to do that, and it’s pretty easy!

The pubg fps boost 2020 is a guide on how to increase FPS in PUBG without losing a lot of Visual quality.


This tutorial isn’t for people who want to get the highest fps by tinkering with the settings at random, but rather for those who don’t want to sacrifice visual quality for speed. In summary, you can obtain a 5-10% boost in performance without sacrificing much visual quality.


Because there is a sizable PUBG community that plays the game on a regular basis, it’s critical to make the game as optimized as possible. According to Steamcharts, the current average concurrent player count is approximately 2,50,000. This isn’t the biggest figure since the game’s debut, and it’s decreasing on a monthly basis, but an average player count of more than 2,50,000 is still a significant amount.

Here are three options to help you get the most out of PUBG, which will allow you to keep the best quality settings while gaining more fps. Everything has been carefully tested and should function in the majority of situations. PC Configuration, Software and Driver Configuration, and In-Game Options are all covered in this tutorial. Follow the instructions and let me know how it went in the comments.

PC Settings

Stop any application or activity that is using too much of your CPU– The CPU bottlenecking caused by its excessive use is one of the most catastrophic reasons of game stuttering. If your CPU’s use percentage in Task Manager is more than 50%, you should take steps to keep it below 20% at the very least. CPUs with just four cores, in particular, need this more than CPUs with six or more cores.

Check the task manager for any programs or tasks that are using a lot of CPU. Before you start the game, put a stop to them. PUBG is considered to be a CPU-intensive game that may use up to 6 cores. While a 4 core CPU would enough, you should free up as many cores as possible from the task manager.

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On – Game Mode is a Windows 10 feature that allows Windows to optimize your PC for the best possible performance. It turns off all Windows update installations so that your CPU may be used to its full potential when gaming. Go to the Gaming Tab and turn it on by pressing Windows+I.

While others argue that it has little impact on gaming, it is essential to take all precaution necessary to get the greatest results. Go to the System Tab and then to the Sleep and Power settings by pressing Windows+I. Select the High-Performance option from the Additional Power Settings menu.

Optional features

Use SSDs- While hard drives are certainly less expensive and allow you to install more games than SSDs, SSDs are many times quicker than HDDs, which can help you in PUBG in a variety of ways. One of the most frustrating aspects of playing PUBG on a hard drive is that the loading screen does not appear until the aircraft is nearly halfway across the map. This may be avoided by utilizing an SSD, which will also speed up the game’s loading time when launched from the desktop.

Defragment your hard drive- If you can’t afford an SSD for any reason, defragmenting your hard drive will help it operate quicker by separating the empty space from the used area. It’s simple: go to This PC, right-click the disk where you installed PUBG, and choose Properties. Select the Optimize and Defragment option under the Tools tab. Select the disk from the menu once again and click Optimize. This may take a long time.

Driver and Software Settings

Ensure you have the most recent GPU drivers installed and that your Nvidia or AMD software settings are set to default. There’s no need to change anything there, otherwise you won’t be able to take full use of the In-Game settings.

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In-Game Settings

This is where the best results are found. If you tweak this correctly, you won’t sacrifice excellent graphics while attaining greater frame rates. I personally tried each option many times and came up with the following setup for each one.


PUBG will automatically adapt to your monitor’s highest resolution, which is the optimal option for the finest visuals. If the game still doesn’t reach over 30 frames per second, try adjusting the graphics settings as described below, and if that doesn’t help, try lowering the resolution.

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Render Scalability

Render Scale should not be touched. On 100, leave it alone. If you raise it to 120, you may see a little change in graphics; however, reducing it to the lowest setting will result in fuzzy objects far away, which may be detrimental to your ability to spot adversaries far away.

Render Scale- 70

70 Render Scale

Render Scale- 120

120 Render Scale


Anti-Aliasing helps to smooth out the edges of things, giving you a more natural appearance. Anti-Aliasing is presently one of the top three GPU-intensive options, in my opinion. Even if you just reduce the AA levels by one setting, you will see an increase in frame rate. I played the game with three different settings: Ultra, High, and Very Low.

AA- very low

AA-extremely low





The game looked great on Medium AA and was comparable to Ultra AA. Going below it significantly degraded the visuals, and seeing sharp things on Very Low was very irritating. If you keep it on Medium, you’ll get the greatest graphics and better performance.


Post processing is merely a method that aids in the correct definition of an item. Setting the PP to extreme in PUBG usually results in excellent quality and heavy shadows around the edges and borders of the objects.

PP- Very LOW

PP- Extremely LOW



Simply change the PP to Very Low and you will see an imperceptible difference in visuals in most places when compared to Ultra. This will not impact the overall graphics but will significantly improve your performance by up to 2%.


In my opinion, the most essential element of a game for better graphics is textures. If you can tweak the textures to the point where you get excellent performance while still getting nice visuals, that’s what you’ll need for PUBG. Textures are available in a variety of levels, from very low to very high.

Textures- Very Low

Very Low Texture

Textures- Medium

Medium Textures

Textures- Ultra

Ultra-smooth textures

From the three pictures above, which illustrate the Textures settings of Very Low, Medium, and Ultra, Medium is the greatest option since it reduces graphics quality less than Ultra. However, lowering your settings to Low or Very Low is the worst-case scenario, since your game will no longer seem like PUBG. Here, it seems to be more like Fortnite.


When anything dramatic is happening in PUBG, such as a firefight, a burning vehicle, or a bomb explosion, effects are usually visible. These events are brief and occur often in the game, but they may significantly decrease your frame rate. The Effects settings have an impact on water quality as well as these occurrences.

Effects-Very Low

Low-intensity effects





As you can see from the images above, nothing is changed except the water quality. So, to obtain a decent overall visual quality and increase performance, utilize the Medium settings.


In a game, foliage influences the vegetation such as grass, shrubs, and trees. The greater the Foliage setting, the more vegetation will appear throughout the landscape. PUBG, on the other hand, does not seem to function well with Foliage.

Foliage- Very Low

Very Low Foliage

Foliage- Ultra


With a 6x or 8x scope, raising or reducing the foliage seems to have no effect on the far-away vegetation or the vegetation close. I’ve watched a few more videos about this on YouTube, and that seems to be the case most of the time. I believe it will have an impact on locations that are extremely far away, such as the Sniper Range, but this is unrealistic. As a result, keep the foliage to a minimum.


Viewing Range

View Distance is similar to Foliage in that it allows you to view things that are too far away to be seen by your vision. In general, this won’t have much of an impact on your gaming, but if set to Very Low, it should improve performance.

View Distance- Very Low

The viewing distance is very short.

View Distance- Ultra

Viewing Distance: Extreme


Keep it turned off.


V-Sync helps synchronize the frame rate to the monitor’s refresh rate. Although you will prevent tearing in the game, which is extremely irritating, you will lose a lot of performance by doing so. To obtain the greatest reaction speed, leave it off.

Blurred Motion

This is a matter of personal preference. If you want Blur in the surroundings when moving your mouse cursor, go ahead and enable it; otherwise, leave it off.


The settings I stated are the best for obtaining the most frames per second without sacrificing a lot of visual quality, but if you still can’t achieve the required frames per second, you should consider upgrading your system. It may be that your GPU is weak, in which case you should get a new GPU, or that your CPU is bottlenecking, in which case you should purchase a new CPU. A solid CPU-GPU combination is essential for optimum performance, and we’ve developed a CPU-GPU combo guide for each resolution. Please have a look at these.

  1. For 1080p gaming, the best CPU-GPU combos are listed below.
  2. For 1440p gaming, the best CPU-GPU combos are listed below.
  3. For 4K gaming, the best CPU-GPU combos are listed below.


The best graphics settings for pubg mobile is a question that has been asked by many people. This article will go over the best settings to increase FPS without losing too much of the visual quality.

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There are a few things you can do to increase your FPS without having to reduce the quality. The first thing is limiting your render distance, so that youre only rendering objects in front of you. This will also help with any graphical glitches that might appear. Another option would be turning off tessellation, which renders polygons as triangles instead.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does lowering graphics quality increase FPS?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Yes, lowering graphics quality will increase your FPS.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I maximize PUBG FPS?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best way to maximize your PUBG FPS is to set your graphics settings to high or ultra. You can also try lowering the resolution of the game, which will also help with performance.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my FPS without losing quality?

There are a few things you can do to increase your FPS without having to reduce the quality. The first thing is limiting your render distance, so that youre only rendering objects in front of you. This will also help with any graphical glitches that might appear. Another option would be turning off tessellation, which renders polygons as triangles instead.

Does lowering graphics quality increase FPS?

Yes, lowering graphics quality will increase your FPS.

How do I maximize PUBG FPS?

The best way to maximize your PUBG FPS is to set your graphics settings to high or ultra. You can also try lowering the resolution of the game, which will also help with performance.

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