In a recent announcement, Intel revealed their new Ruler SSD that will store 32 terabytes of data. This is the largest capacity SSD on the market and it is expected to be available in 2020.

The Intel’s Ruler SSD Stores 32 Tetrabytes is a new solid state drive by Intel. It can store up to 32 terabytes of data and has a speed of 3.2 gigabytes per second. Read more in detail here: ssd.

(Image courtesy of Intel Corporation/Walden Kirsch)

Hard disk drives will soon follow in the footsteps of floppy disk drives and end their chapter. They will very certainly be phased out of data centers when better solid state drives become available. Intel has recently unveiled the first 12-inch ruler solid state drive, which can hold 32 terabytes. Large corporations that need TB SSDs for cloud and data center operations will be the first to benefit from such an innovation. Companies such as IBM, Tencent, and Microsoft are said to be considering ways to utilize Intel’s ruler SSDs to help their storage systems.

The remarkable characteristics of the new Intel first ruler SSD have replaced the traditional spinning hard disk drive, which often requires fans, requires an expensive cooling system, and has a short lifespan. The ruler SSD is intended to store data up to 32TB in 5% of the space that a traditional hard drive requires, while using a tenth of the power. It’s so cleverly designed that it only needs half the airflow that previous solid state drives used to keep the heat at bay.


The ruler SSDs could be stacked up side by side to store up to a petabyte in a single server slot, according to Intel. For the time being, Intel’s sole potential rival is Samsung. Samsung just launched a 4 terabyte SSD with a 1 terabit chip. Samsung promises its consumers that TB SSDs will be available shortly. What are your thoughts on Intel, SSDs, and HDDs? Simply write your thoughts in the comment section.


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