Judgement by Rockstar Games is a fun game that requires no skill and is perfect for anyone who likes to have fun playing games. You have to judge stray cats in each level, while chasing after a cat with a laser pointer. This game is so fun that you will want to play it again and again and again. And to end the day, the cat in the game is your personal cat, so you can feed it, pet it, play with it and take care of it, just like you would your cat.

While it is common to see stray cats wandering around places like parks and schools, it is only natural to be curious about the ones that decide to go the other direction, in search of food, warmth, or a good place to sleep…

A stray cat will often find itself in an unfortunate situation : finding itself in the middle of a road, trapped in a tree, or perhaps, just at the wrong place at the wrong time. While gameplay of this game may not be the most original idea, it utilizes a nice looking GUI and smooth controls to bring you straight to its core objective: to find stray cats.

We’ll show you how to locate all of the Stray Cats so you may get the Oh Look, A Cat Trophy / Achievement.

Within Judgment, there are a total of 26 stray cats, all of which are MISSABLE. They only appear during certain parts of the game’s narrative, and after you’ve completed that section, the Cat will vanish until your next playing.


#1 STORY ENCOUNTER: Search ‘ Locate Your Drone’ CAT LOCATION: On top of Air Con Unit


This Cat will only emerge if your main goal is to ‘Locate Your Drone.’ To the left, the Cat is perched on top of the Air Conditioning Unit.


‘Find The Security Camera,’ #2 STORY ENCOUNTER CAT LOCATION: To the left of the shop entrance.


The Cat will be on the left side of the Alleyway behind a little red barrier while looking for the Security Camera near Club Amour.


#3 STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Kaito Is Missing’ VENDING MACHINE CAT LOCATION: The Cat is perched on the Vending Machine.


When searching for Kaito outside of KJ Art, look to the left for the Cat on top of the Vending Machine.


#4 STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Find Murase with the drone.’ CAT LOCATION: KJ Art’s Rooftop


When utilizing the Drone to locate Murase, you will see the Cat on the Building’s Roof.




You will be in a chamber where you must switch on the lights while working as a Mechanic in order to locate Murase. Look outside the window and a little to the right to discover this tiny Moggy. 


‘Find The Security Camera,’ #6 STORY ENCOUNTER LOCATION OF THE CAT: Near the tiny Black Chalk Board Sign


If you’re looking for a Security Camera near Kyushu No 1 Sushi, you’ve come to the right place. The Puss Puss may be found at the tiny black sign at the street’s terminus.




#7 STORY ENCOUNTER: ‘Look into where the body was discovered.’ LOCATION OF THE CAT: ON TOP OF THE FENCE


The Cat may be discovered on top of the Fence while you’re searching for the second serial killer.



The video below will show you where all of the other cats are.


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