Counter-Strike 2 is not just another update of the legendary shooter, but a true revolution in the esports universe. The new game differs from CS: GO much more than many expected – we’re talking about fundamental changes in movement mechanics, spectator advantages, servers, and more. The Counter-Strike community is divided: some eagerly await the future, while others criticize the innovations. However, one thing is clear – a new era is coming, and professional players must adapt to the changes.

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In the face of such massive changes, the main question is – who among the top players will adapt best to CS2? In this new territory, former stars will find themselves side by side with young talents in the race for the title of the greatest esports athlete. Some will be forced to completely rebuild their approach, while others will use their current skills as a springboard. But they will all face an unprecedented challenge – to prove they are worthy of being considered legends of the new era of Counter-Strike. Ahead of them lies a thorny path of adaptation, improvement, and, ultimately, dominance in CS2.

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov

This 18-year-old sharpshooter from G2 Esports, according to many, has all the chances to become the greatest player of the Counter-Strike 2 era. m0NESY is a true phenomenon, joining the elite division of FPL (Faceit Pro League) at the remarkably young age of 14. The combination of boundless determination, hard work (he recently surpassed the 7000 Elo mark), and the opportunity to hone his skills daily in the company of stars like NiKo makes him truly unique.

Despite his young age and relatively short professional career, m0NESY has already made a name for himself. His rapid progress and natural talent have allowed him to reach impressive heights in CS:GO. However, the main trophy still eludes the young sniper, which is likely to only fuel his motivation in pursuit of greatness in CS2. It’s no wonder that many have already dubbed Ilya “mini-Zywoo” in Counter-Strike.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

22-year-old French esports athlete ZywOo must surely be among the favorites of the upcoming CS2 era. This “beast” began his ascent to the top back in 2018 when he joined the legendary Team Vitality, where he continues to compete to this day.

Throughout his brilliant career, Mathieu has twice been awarded the title of “Best Player of the Year” – in 2019 and 2020. Together with his team, he also claimed the ultimate CS:GO trophy – victory at the Major. Currently, Vitality leads the ranking of the best teams according to HLTV.


ZywOo’s versatility, his ability to perform effectively on all maps and against any opponents, set him apart from his competitors. This sniper possesses phenomenal intuition, intimidating accuracy, and, importantly, the cool-headedness of a true champion. The combination of individual mastery and experience performing at the highest level makes ZywOo an extremely dangerous opponent in CS2.

Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev

Any discussion of the greatest Counter-Strike esports athletes would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary s1mple. This 25-year-old Ukrainian sniper has been at the top of the professional scene for many years.

S1mple’s ability to work wonders within the virtual arena is simply mind-blowing. His versatility, ability to excel with all types of weapons, phenomenal positioning, and flawless tactical acumen make him truly unique player. Thanks to these qualities, Alexander is rightfully considered one of the strongest snipers in history.


However, s1mple’s career is likely nearing its end. At 25, he is already a relatively elderly player by esports standards. If Kostylev decides to retire before his young competitors, they will have a chance to compete for the title of the greatest in CS2.

But underestimating s1mple would be a huge mistake. With his skill and experience, if he can adapt to the new game, the Ukrainian could easily stay at the top for many years to come.


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